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Hi lovelies,

March is almost Over!  I’m sorry what?!  I guess that means we’re just a little closer to graduating 😉 woohoo! March has been a relatively busy month for both Sam & I and though it’s been hectic, we’re enjoying all thats been coming our way. I focused mainly on skincare throughout the month of february and march as my skin hasn’t been its best, sad to say 🙁

For that reason, I’ve stuck been stripping the extra steps within my skincare routine to get the bottom of the cause and along the way, I’ve discovered a couple of products that have not caused any harm to my, now sensitive, skin! With that in mind, lets jump right into my favourites!

13Rushes pencil brush

Roseanne featured this in her previous favourites that we did with her, (click to watch it right here )and I was taken aback by its super soft bristles! I don’t own a pencil brush (surprise surprise) and have been a fan of the effortless eye makeup look where you have a matte brown shade run through your crease, lash line both top and bottom, to warm up and bring some depth to your eyes.

The brush itself  is super chic and the pop of gold against the purple makes it girly yet classy! The bristles are extremely soft and makes the application of the product onto the specific areas more precise. Thank you so much to Yuhui from 13rushes for sending the brushes over to us, we will have a full review on them within the weeks to come! so keep your eyes peeled for that 😉

Price: SG$15 

Purity Cleanser

I am revisiting an old favourite of mine and lately my skin has been acting up and have been breaking out (presumably due to hormones) on the side of my right cheek. About two weeks ago I’ve started to strip my entire skincare routine down to the bare essentials.

The purity cleanser from Philosophy is extremely gentle and removes any excess makeup that might still be on my face, cleanses and at the same time doesn’t strip my skin’s moisture! Seeing that I have dry skin on the outside, that’s an important factor that a cleanser should have for me! It has a slight fresh scent, nothing too overpowering and does the most basic job of cleansing my skin without irritating it (especially when it’s incredibly sensitive to several things right now).

I usually lather it up between my palms and massage the product onto my face or! twice a week, I’ll lather it up, apply it to my face and go in with my clarisonic aria for a much deeper cleanse to remove the dirt within my pores! A basic cleanser is an absolute essential for everyone and this just happens to be one of my favourites!

Stockist: Sephora / Philosophy stores
Price: $34

Jurlique Blemish Cream

As I mentioned I’ve been breaking out on the side of my face… and it’s not easy having to “get used” to this sudden change because I’ve never once had breakouts this bad before that has lasted for months! It is rich in calendula, witch hazel, self heal and tea tree oil which will help reduce the appearance of the blemish and sooth any redness that you might be experiencing.

Given my current skin condition, I take this on cotton swap and apply a generous amount over the area’s in which I’ve got pimples right after my shower. This does have a tint to it and little bit of an organic fragrance but nothing overwhelming nor something that could cause irritation to the skin.

$49 is pretty decent for a blemish cream, and I’ve yet to stumble upon anything else that helps reduce the size of my blemish overnight as quickly as this one does!

Stockist: Jurlique Outlets 
Price: SG$ 49 

Shiseido Urban Environment UV protection Cream Plus SPF 50 High Protection

I have been out under the sun quite a lot over the weekends and found that this sunscreen works wonders for days where you need the extra boost of SPF on your face. I purchased this way back in August last year, but have yet to use it because I prefer the consistency of my other shiseido sunscreen (Perfect UV) which is a lot more watery.

This does has the sunscreen feel and it’s a little heavier than my daily sunscreen with a cream texture. I applied two layers of this before heading out to sea (within the span of 3/4 hours) and I came back (after sweating and being in the water) to face that wasn’t tanned! I

‘m pretty impressed! I’ve been through majority of your drugstore sunscreens, coppertone, banana boat, sunplay none have really worked out as well on my face in keeping the sun off like this one!

So if you’re looking for a good face sunscreen from shiseido to take out to the beach, perhaps try this one! Rest assured it doesn’t leave a white cast on your face nor does it leave your skin feeling weighed down or oily.

Stockist: Any shiseido counter (I got mine in Hong Kong,*its a little cheaper over there!)
Price:  SG$65 

Bath and Body works True Blue spa body lotion in “Tahiti, Sweetie”

I’m all about this body lotion right now, it’s probably made a couple of appearances over on our instagram page already! I apply this right after my shower, and with regular body lotions, my skin sucks it right up and right before bed, my skin still lacks the feeling of being properly moisturized. Is it so hard to find a body lotion between not doing its job and over doing its job by being too oily?!

Thankfully, I purchased this in February and have been using it ever since. The lotion smells a little sweet and tropical with a hint of mango but again, isn’t too strong that it will overwhelm your nose. I apply this right after my shower and my legs are smooth even when I wake up in the morning! It sinks right in within 1-2 minutes and the formulation of the lotion is just right where it’s the perfect mix between a cream and a body butter.

I highly recommend checking the True Blue spa line on your next trip to Bath & Body works, ask Sam, I was at that station for ages!

Stockist: Bath & Body works outlet (Marina Bay Sands)
Price: SG$25

Happy April loves!
Until next time!
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