Event: Bellabox Backstage Beauty 2.0

Hi lovelies,

Hope you all have had a very lovely weekend! So, whilst we were on our little hiatus for the week that we were supposed to be completely focused on our school work, we snuck a little time out of our schedule to attend the Bellabox Backstage Beauty 2.0 event at Oasia Hotel.

We were so kindly invited by Becks to the attend the fun filled evening with several brands that are affiliated with BB. We also got to see familiar faces from the beauty instagram/blogger-sphere! We had so much fun and what else would we do if not share it with you guys right!? But before we get started with the details of the event, here’s just a little bit about Bellabox and what they do!

About Bellabox

” Bellabox was started by a group of young women just like you. We loved buying beauty products and looking good, but were sick of the hassle of going to department stores every time we wanted to try out a new moisturiser, eyeliner or fragrance.

Based on your personal profile, our team at bellabox handpicks the latest, deluxe beauty products and sends them straight to your door each month. bellabox has links with all the top cosmetics companies from London to New York and Paris giving you access to the hottest products to hit the market. ” 

Bellabox is a monthly subscription box that provides ladies of all ages with deluxe samples of beauty products from brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Caudalie, OPI, SK-II,  OCC , Elizabeth Arden and many more! What’s great about Bellabox is that if you like what you’ve received for the month, they’ve saved you the trouble of having to look for it at the stores, by selling them right on their website!  Pretty cool huh 😉 ? 

The event

The event was nicely planned out, we were ushered into this room that was lined with booths from various beauty brands, L’oreal, Nuxe, Dr.Jart + , Covermark , etc and there was so much variety that they had to offer. We could get our nails done, our hair done, be introduced to new products and, of course, create and make memories at the Babooth photo booth. 

Needless to say, Bellabox had also prepped some yummy treats at the entrance, and these were my favourite out of the lot: the salmon sliders! Basically anything with salmon, you can definitely count us in ;)!

Now moving on to the different booths that were set up!


The buzz at the Covermark station was definitely all about their Moisture Veil LX powder! It is a unique compact powder that doesn’t enhance your dry spots, and the best part is that the product oxidizes to give you a more glowy and radiant complexion! Sam and I gave the powder a go on our faces and absolutely loved how lightweight the product felt and how natural the finish (as shown in the swatches above) was!

If you guys are looking to check out a product, we definitely recommend giving the Covermark powder a try! There’s a shade for everyone and had I not just purchase my Shu Uemura Light Bulb BB compact, this would have been the item I’d be trying out.

Jacqueline Burchell

Does the name Jacqueline Burchell ring a bell? Because It should! Jacqueline Burchell is a local nail polish brand that caters to all your hearts desires (nail polish wise at least) and they have one of the worlds largest collection of gel polish in the world today! 
We were lucky enough to get to try both a regular polish and a gel polish. As you can see from the photograph above, I got my nails decked out with this beautiful rosy pink glitter gel nail polish in ”   Just Stunning” from their valentines day collection and it took less than 20 minutes to get both nails sorted out!

If that isn’t express gel nails, I don’t know what is! Sam tried out their texturized nail polishes and you can see her rocking these edgy chic black nails from their jellybeans collection above!


Sam has been a fan of Nuxe (to which we found out was pronounced as NEWXE) for quite sometime now. Nuxe is a skincare brand that caters to a wide variety of problems faced by both men and women. We were introduced to the Nuxe White range that sets out to provide women with transparent and rosy looking skin to give us that natural healthy flush. The Nuxe White range comes with 6 different products, the brightening purifying foam, moisturizing lotion (not shown), intensive whitening dark spot correcting serum, brightening moisturizing emulsion, daily UV protector SPF 30 PA +++  and even a Brightening perfecting sheet mask (not shown). 
We were all in awe that textures of the product, they were all so light and made our skin’s incredibly smooth on the spot! There was a notable floral scent to them, but nothing that remained after 15/20 minutes nor did it irritate our skin. Nuxe was incredibly generous and gifted us with the entire skincare range to go home and try it out for ourselves! So far, we are really liking it but will be doing a full video review on the products over the next couple weeks! So keep your eyes peeled for that 😉

Dr. Jart+

There’s been so much buzz about Dr.Jart+ in the blogosphere for their BB creams and it is, in fact marketed as a skincare brand, set out to provide its customers with beautiful skin. We were introduced to their pore medic line, V7 and Ceramidn collection that caters to various needs in the market. Through the entire event, we were caught up with these two products in particular :

First off , we have the Dr. Jart + Beauty bounce balm. There are so many up coming bounce / cushion balms in the market today which have obviously all adapted the same mechanisms, what’s different about this one , is that it is marketed as the first moisturizing beauty bounce balm to provide a natural finish without having to have a cakey or oily appeal.

The sponge that the compact comes with is relatively thin and smooth to help distribute the product across your face evenly. We also noticed that there wasn’t a noticeable fragrance that came with the product so it’s completely safe for those with sensitive skin.

Their Ceramidin line aids those who have extremely dry skin with cases like eczema. The Ceramidin cream in particular, is known to be a heavier treatment and was recommended to only be used on extremely dry spots. It not only provides moisture but also boosts the skins natural ability to retain moisture. I tried this on my elbows, which are extremely dry and even when I got home 4 hours upon application, my elbows were still as moisturized as ever!

So if you do need an intensive cream to hydrate your dry spots without prescriptions, give this a try! I am personally considering purchasing this for my dry knee caps and elbows.

HIC Juice

I am a sucker for anything healthy, I love juices (especially when I don’t have to go through the hassle of making them on busy days) and I’ve heard bloggers like Yina, go on their juice cleanse! HIC juice provides raw, organic & cold pressed juice in Singapore and it is certified an effective cleansing and healthy dieting method!  Juice is a perfect alternative if you guys don’t want to “chew” your greens, you can simply drink them up to provide you with the same benefits!  HIC juice offers a 1, 3 and 5 day cleanse program if you guys are interested. 
There were three juices to try out , “Glow” which set out to help give us a beautiful complexion which consisted of carrots, celery, cucumbers and apples. “Hydration” to help keep your body and skin hydrated in the midst of the Singapore heat, which consisted of kale, cucumbers, coconut water and apples. Last we have the “Weight loss” cleansing juice which consisted of lemons, apple, cayenne pepper and ionized water to help clear out the toxins in your body. 
I was absolutely in love with the hydrating juice, it was so refreshing and cooling, perfect for the insanely hot weather! If only we had the money to afford more of these juices, I would look forward to waking up every day and consuming them! 

L’oreal Paris

L’oreal also set up a hair booth that evening, although we personally didn’t get to try it out, they had their Everstrong, EverSleek, Everstyle, EverCreme and EverPure line out for us to try! If you guys are looking for an alcohol-free or sulphate-free hair care line, you could check out their Ever line the next time you’re at your supermarket / Watsons!

Familiar faces 

What’s a good event without awesome company? We got to bump into our amazing friends at the event and even got to make new ones too.

Babooth set up a very lovely and interactive photo booth for all of us to make lovely memories, here’s us with the lovely Fenny, the birthday girl on the night of the event! They also had super cute props for us to spice up our photo with too.

We also got to FINALLY meet Cassandra after being blown away by her beautiful nail designs that you can see up on her clozette page right here ! She was so sweet and down to earth, it was so lovely to have finally met her!

From left to right: Fifi, Amanda, Vinna, us, Fenny and Cassandra (Credits to Fi for the photo! *kisses*)

We didn’t manage to get a photograph with all the bloggers that were there but it was so great to have spent the evening chatting and catching up with such beautiful people. A huge thank you goes out to Becks for inviting us and of course, the bellabox team for hosting such an amazing event!

Thank you Bellabox!
We had such a lovely time!
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