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Hey guys,

As many of you know, we’ve been running this blog for about slightly more than a year. During this period of time, we’ve definitely faced many ups, but have also experienced quite a few downs. It’s not easy in the Blogosphere, where everything is so saturated and it gets increasingly difficult to stand out. Sometimes we’ve definitely questioned ourselves on our worth as bloggers, or even as girls, when we just don’t seem to get noticed or no one seems interested in partnering/sponsoring us.

However, 2014 has started off wonderfully for us, and we’ve gotten opportunities way more amazing than we ever imagined! In fact, if you’ve been following us on our Instagram and/or Facebook, you’d notice a recent photoshoot we did the week before, and yes that’s us from it in the photo above! In case you’re wondering how we got there, let us tell you where we started from.

Beginning as Bloggers

A lot of the time, we get questions regarding how and why we chose to be bloggers. This is pretty hard to answer actually, because there was no real reason we wanted to do it.

Ash and I were just that crazy about makeup and enjoyed talking about it so much, we thought to ourselves, “why not just write about it too?” And so we did. It took us about 6 months to go back and forth on the title of our blog; but one day, the name Samantha-Ashley seemed to just hit us, and we decided to start it from there.

Here’s one of our first few photos starting out: it was taken by our Photography Lecture, Benson. We asked for his help one day and he agreed, so we shot this one. It looks a little unprofessional because I was so camera shy and we weren’t really dressed for it.

Forward to a few months later, Luxola agreed to feature us as their Bloggers of the Month and we were THRILLED! We just couldn’t believe it! Almost immediately, we set up a photoshoot with our friend, Andy, we booked the location at Windowsill Pies and got it all done within a week! At this point of time, I had pretty much gotten over my fear of phototaking, so it was much better as you can see haha. However, it was obvious that we still had not really grown. We definitely got a lot more exposure thanks to the lovely ladies down at Luxola, but our hype as BOTM died pretty quickly as not many people had heard of us previously.

Working Together with BRAND’S InnerShine

One very fine (and fortunate) day, however, we were scouted on Instagram by Brands InnerShine! That was pretty crazy because everyone knows Brands – even my mum hahaha. Of course, the older crowd knows them for their Essence of Chicken, but the youth also recognize them for their Beauty Drinks and Collagen Jelly! We were so overwhelmed because it finally meant we had gotten somewhere!

We got to speak to their Digital Marketing Lead and Brand Manager, who proceeded to gift us with boxes of their MCJelly to incorporate them into our everyday lifestyles, whilst capturing those moments on our social media platforms.

Together with Brands InnerShine, we’re currently promoting the platform over on @innershinesg to create a space for regular girls like us shine. It’s so refreshing to know that there are existing brands who do recognize and pay attention to the efforts of us regular girls.

Aspirations as Bloggers

Aside from sharing our passion about beauty related topics and glimpses of our lives, in the long run, Ash and I hope to build a community for young girls who struggle with confidence. If you’ve read my H2H post, you’ll know that I didn’t have it easy growing up; I was made fun of being short, having small eyes, basically just for being unattractive. High School wasn’t easy at all for me, and it wasn’t for Ashley as well. Till today, of course, some of our insecurities remain.

Whilst we are the lucky few who did not resort to cutting ourselves or delving deeply into depression, we know people who have. Their stories, though sometimes unknown to many, are not to be let off lightly or forgotten. We want them to know that we fought to where we are today, and that we did not let the words and actions of bullies hold us down for too long.

After being given this chance with Brands InnerShine, we hope many girls out there will be able to see this too. We may be regular girls and we may just do regular things, but it doesn’t mean we won’t have our time to shine when it comes.

Thank you to Brands

A big shout out to Brands InnerShine once again – thank you for discovering our potential, our blog, and our enthusiasm. This is a step further into our lives as bloggers, and we definitely would not have achieved it without all of you!

Shine on Everyone!
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