If you’ve known me long enough – be it as a reader, an Instagram follower, a friend, a family member, you’ll know I love my clay masks. My sister in law constantly sees me around the house with some spots of grey/black all over my face and my baby niece always asks, “What ter that?” when she points to them haha.

What can I say? Clay Masks are the new pimple cream, and sometimes they just make life so much easier! I like knowing that I could put a thin layer all over my skin for some fast-acting purification as well as tiny dollops all over as blemish cream! if you’re looking for that two-in-one miracle product, I say you go with Clay Masks.
Of course, with the market being SATURATED with Clay Masks, how do we know what’s really good? Let me share my top 3 with you so you may make a more informed decision! 🙂 
Shiseido: The Skincare Purifying Mask
I mentioned this mask earlier in my March Favorites. It is basically a “creamy, rinse-off facial mask formulated with Marine Mineral Clay to absorb dulling surface sebum and impurities” so that your skin is left “visibly refined and refreshed”. It “contains a unique combination of highly-porous Marine Mineral Clay, kaolin, and powder ingredients” and aids in minimizing the appearance of pores!

The texture is almost mousse like, and smells slightly of sunblock (to me, I don’t know why). It is a dream to put on and feels very silky on the skin.

I purchased this because Linda (Silverkis) was raving about it so I just had to buy it (that and it’s quickly going to be discontinued). From the first time I used it, my skin really did look brighter and smoother! I was so impressed! But the truth is that you probably cannot use it more than 1-2 times a week as an all-over mask because it can be drying; so instead, if you’ve got problem spots, just dab it on whenever and you can even leave it overnight. In the morning, you’ll find those pesky pimples miraculously gone or lessened by at least half! 🙂
This is my new HG, in case you’re wondering, because I use it for spot treatment at least 3-5 times a week. I find I almost no longer need to worry about my pimples because I’m reassured they’d be gone in 1-2 days with this godsend! 
As an All Over Mask: 3.5/5
As Spot Treatment: 5/5
Removal of Blackheads: 2/5
Kiehls Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Mud Mask
This mask is a little bit like the lochness monster: Everyone’s heard awesome things about it but can’t seem to find it at any Kiehls store! Apparently it’s sold out EVERYWHERE and sent some people into a right old frenzy. I purchased mine last year in August and since then I’ve never seen it again.
Makeup Alley rates it a whopping 4.0, which we all know is high by their standards. That, plus the fact that it rates as one of the Top 10 Customer Favorites just lets you know its good! Kiehls’ website claims that the Rare Amazonian White Clay “helps purify and detoxify the skin” whilst minimizing the appearance of enlarged pores. At the same time, the addition of oatmeal and aloe vera would ensure that skin is soothed, hydrated and protected.

Whilst I did use this for spot treatment before I purchased my Shiseido, I found that it was actually better as an all over mask. Texture wise this feels a little “harder” than the Shiseido, not so mousse-like, and a little more resistance in spreading, so do remember to apply it on slightly DAMP skin and only put a thin layer or it will dry your face out. All you have to do is give it 10 minutes once a week (twice if your skin is being naughty) and you’ll find your skin really squeaky clean! Hydration-wise, it’s not really there for me but my face is always left clear and happy. I suppose this would be better for oilier skin types because it causes skin to be quite matte thereafter, and drier skin types may have a problem with that.
As an All Over Mask: 4/5
As Spot Treatment: 3.5
Removal of Blackheads: 2/5
Origins Active Charcoal Mask
I got this mask during an X’mas sale last year and I’ve got zero regrets. You’re probably wondering, “You have 2 other clay masks already, how does this outdo them!?” Well, 1 word: BLACKHEADS.
Just as the two other masks excel in their own ways, so does this one. I don’t particularly fancy it as an all over mask due to my dry skin, but I love it for areas where I face trouble spots and/or blackheads. My nose is very very stubborn when it comes to blackheads, and sometimes I just don’t want to resort to those pore packs. Continued usage and “pulling” eventually makes my strawberry nose even more distinctive, and to me, enough is enough!

I only only use this all over when I feel my skin is oilier or feels less dry because it does create a nice subtle glow with a firming effect after use – some people have even called this a dupe for the GlamGlow masks! The bad thing is that it is way more drying than the Kiehls and Shiseido, so you might want to use it sparingly. Works amazingly for troubled skin – probably a little too harsh for skin that just needs a little maintenance, so do discern for yourself!
As an All Over Mask: 3/5
As Spot Treatment: 4/5
Removal of Blackheads: 4.5/5
Hope this has been helpful
to all of you!
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