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Hey lovelies,

if you didn’t already know, Ash and I are on Vanity Trove; so if you guys have an account, please feel free to follow us! 🙂 If you don’t know what that is, we’ll break it down for you! It’s just a platform, much like Facebook, but for us beauty/lifestyle/style lovers! So if you’re into OOTDs, LOTDs, MUOTDs, just hop on the train and join in the fun!

Now, the reason why I brought that up is because we got sponsored these very amazing Loveybelle brushes from our kind and pretty friend, Vinna, who we met on Vanity Trove! She actually sent this to us awhile aback, before Chinese New Year, but we were so busy trying out the different brushes on occasions and were able to draw a better opinion of each of them, which we are then able to create a video of at the end of our favorite Loveybelle brushes!

About the Brand

Loveybelle was established by Carol, a working mum who had years of experience in the beauty line. After graduating from her major in makeup and cosmetics, Carol started off her careeer working as a consultant in a local beauty company whilst freelancing as a makeup artist.

Another co-founder is Vinna, a working mum who freelances as a makeup artist as well. Vinna studied Beauty and Cosmetics whilst overseas and took that knowledge back with her to Singapore.

Using their years of experience with women from all walks of life, they stringently handpicked all of the products in the store, ensuring that their customers receive affordable products of great value.

Overview of Brushes

Above (in the cover photo) is what we received in the mail each! We both got our own Eclipse Range Set of Brushes, which basically is a set of 12 brushes for the whole face encased in a pretty black faux leather casing which can be closed with a zip. The case is about 20 x 13cm long, which is easy to bring about for travel, and weighs less than a compact camera! Very convenient! 🙂

We’ll be giving a brief summary of the brushes below – what they’re specifically used for and what hair type they are of! In case you are wondering, the whole set of 12 brushes only cost $138 which comes up to slightly more than $10 each, what a steal!

All information is credited to: Loveybelle Official Website

Face Brushes

From left: Buffer Brush, Tapered Brush, Angled Foundation Brush, Loose Powder Brush, Angled Blusher Brush, Duo Brush for Face

Buffer Brush: Made of Taklon hair, and is great for use with liquid, cream and even powder application of foundation.

Tapered Brush: Made of Natural and Synthetic Hair and is shaped to apply loose & pressed powder application of Blusher or Bronzer. It’s a great tool for contouring the Trace of a “E” shape  & Trace of a “C” shape highlighting.

Angled Foundation Brush: Made of High Quality Synthetic Hair, and is used for soft & natural application of liquid & cream foundation. It is for quick application & blending of contouring using cream of liquid foundation.

Loose Powder Brush: Made of Taklon Hair and is used for the soft application of loose powder.

Angled Blusher Brush: Made of Taklon Hair picks up powder well; it also allows for blusher and contouring. Really amazing for cream products as well.

Duo Brush for Face: Duo headed for compactness. Brush comes with two different brush head for foundation application and the other for concealer application.

Eye Brushes

From left: Tapered Eye Blending Brush, Small Contour Brush, Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Brush, Flat Eyeshadow Brush, Dual Eyeshadow and Socket Eyeshadow Brush

Tapered Eye Blending Brush: Made of Natural Hair; it is a fluffy and soft blending brush with a round tip to easily blending the crease of the eye and contour side of nose.

Small Contour Brush: Made of Taklon Hair, and is for shading of eyes and highlighting, whilst creating a smouldering eye effect.

Eyeliner/Eyeshadow Brush: Made of High Quality Synthetic Hair. It can be used for cream, gel or liquid application of eyeliners and eyeshadows, and even application of Eyebrow powder.

Flat Eyeshadow Brush: Made of Natural Hair, and is used for the application of eyeshadow over the lids.

Dual Eyeshadow and Socket Eyeshadow Brush: Made of Natural Hair. The flat eyeshadow tip is for application over whole lid and the fluffy tip is for eyeshadow along eyelid.

Lipliner Brush

Lipliner Brush: Made of High Quality Synthetic Hair. Used for the lining of lips and application of lipstick.

Brush Guards

We were also sent a set of Brush Guards which cost $15. They are extremely useful for keeping your brushes in shape especially after washing and drying them. The best part is that they come in small and large sizes for your respective brushes! I think this is especially useful when you take the brushes overseas and don’t want to end up squishing them in your luggage.

I read a useful tip from our beautiful friend, Kathleen, who recommends cutting the guards in half so you get twice the usage from them! Very very clever right!? *off to do it now too*

Overall Opinion

We have both truly enjoyed these brushes and have incorporated them into our daily lives as well – as you would be able to see if you are following us on Instagram 🙂 Ashley and I have our own favorites, as you would be able to watch below in the video, and we use them all the time!

Since Vinna is our own personal close friend, we got to talk to her about her brushes and we love how she constantly asks us how we feel about them. It feels very sincere, and I feel she would be this way even if we were just her customers. Whenever we do face any problems, due to using the brushes wrongly, she more than willingly shares useful tips on how to use them better or what areas of the face they work better on.

I love Loveybelle not only for their products but as a brand too – they are extremely unpretentious and their prices are more than reasonable. I say all this probably because I know Vinna to be a very sweet woman as well, and I can see her dedication in her work.

We will be honest and mention that we don’t use the WHOLE range for everyday because Ash and I just aren’t the types to wear eyeshadow on a daily basis nor do we often draw our brows (Ash uses Gimme Brow by Benefit Cosmetics) and mine are already embroidered on. However, what we know is that the ones that we have grown to love and use have become irreplaceable. I think that’s a sign of a good brush – because there will always be better ones, but you just keep some close to you all the time.

Video on Favorites

Discount for Readers

Our readers will get to enjoy these beautiful brushes too with a storewide 10% off if you quote “SAMNASH” (there’s an “N” in between!). Do take this chance to try out some of our favorite brushes and let us know what you guys think as well!

Thank you Vinna!
We love these brushes to death!
Sam & Ash

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