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about a month ago, we were approached by Amore Silver to test out their range of jewelry and to write what we felt about them as well! While this was the first time so far we’ve ever been approached to review jewelry, we were very excited, especially when we saw the very cute and dainty range they had to offer!

Just look at the picture above, how cute are the pieces? I know I’ve posted the owl on Instagram before, to get quite a few replies on how adorable it looks, and I gotta say I can’t deny that! I had my eye set on it the moment we looked through the website! 🙂 But enough of me for now, let’s introduce Amore Silver to you guys!

About Amore Silver

Amore Silver was started in Jan 2014, and our aim is to provide quality, unique and affordable designs. We pride ourselves on customer service, which is why we have a 14 days no questions asked refund policy. We will refund the full amount including the registered mail cost once we receive our product(s) in original condition. Our products are manufactured in Thailand. The name Amore Silver, translated from Italian, means “for the love of silver”. Our designs usually do not have too much ‘bling’ like other pieces which are commonly offered in the market with cubic zirconia. We are going for more subtle style.”

The Website

The website is very easy to navigate – foolproof almost. As you can see, the labels for each category above is really crisp and to the point, you can’t get lost. You can also choose to sign up and create an account (top of page) for easier purchasing, should you be a return customer!

Here you can see just how clear their photos are! It’s really simple. Choose the product you like, click on it, then hit the “Add to Cart button” and check out when you’re done! 🙂 Don’t you love it when everything’s so easy to understand!?

They do accept Credit Cards as well as Paypal, so choose the option you’re most comfortable with and then proceed! If you should have any questions or doubts, just email or whatsapp them (details all available on their site), and they will get back to you ASAP! No worries at all guys, totally trustworthy! 🙂

Products Chosen

From the header picture right above, you’ll see that we chose the N04 (Wing Necklace – $29.70) and N07 (Owl Necklace – $45.20 / Sold Out) for necklaces! As for earrings, we went ahead with E16 ($27.50) and E12 ($31.90)!

Here I am with the necklaces on! Aren’t they so adorable!? I love the Wing Necklace for girly days, paired with a plain white top, a nice pastel scarf, some lightly ripped boyfriend jeans and light brown sandals! Wouldn’t that be just nice for clear skies and windy days at a nice cafe? 🙂

As for the owl necklace, it’d be so perfect with any simple dress or quirky patterned top with tights! Plus the size is just right and visible, so no one misses out its cute-to-death details! I personally wore it out with a black loose spaghetti strap, some white high waisted shorts, fuchsia tasseled shoes, and my grey Balenciaga motorcycle bag for simple town-shopping days!

Yes, the earrings do look similar, but we have rather simple tastes and prefer to have them match anything and everything easily! Personally, they do have their own styles to each of them. The one above is more classy and sweet, which goes well with floral dresses and anything flowy and dainty! The one below has a little bit more of an edge, which I imagine would look great with tight black denim jeans and loose tank tops! Throw in a studded bag and you’re ready to rock it out! 🙂

Polishing Cloth

We were also sent a Polish Cloth, which we thought was very sweet of Amore Silver, because it means that they thought of taking care of us even AFTER the usage of jewelry! It was very considerate and we truly appreciated the gesture! 🙂 You can buy it off the site for just $9.90, an extremely reasonable price indeed!

Overall Thoughts

I believe there is everything for someone at Amore Silver, even someone like me who is used to chunky jewelry and huge bling hahaha! I especially loved the earrings because I thought them to look really great and just so easy to match with all my clothes! Be it a earring fan or a necklace fan, I think Amore Silver will have gotten you spoilt for choice! So do check it out now!

Thank you for the beautiful jewelry,
we will be sure to wear it all the time! xx

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