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Hi lovelies,

How have you all been? Things have been insanely busy and hectic with both of us handling full time jobs but just know that we’ve not forgotten about our little beauty haven on the net.

This is a long overdue review but I’m sure you’ve heard us raving about these products over on our instagram page and incorporating this into our list of cult beauty favourites. So we thought we owe it to you to due a full blog review on these amazing (local) brushes for you!

First off, here’s what make 13rushes so special –

Established in 2013 in Singapore, 13rushes aspires to bring cruelty-free alternatives to beauty lovers all over the world. We believe looking great doesn’t have to harm the animals. Contrary to popular belief, getting fur off the animals isn’t as pain-free as a haircut.  Every year, millions of animals are trapped and strangled in the wild, electrocuted and skinned in fur farms. Beauty should never come at the expense of the animals, as such all our products are 100% free of animal parts. Hence we promise to NEVER experiment on animals. Fur is really not glamourous.

Plus! the brushes are also hand-crafted even after production to provide you with nothing but the highest quality of brushes that look absolutely perfect.

What makes the brushes special

The bristles are super soft, they’re as high quality as can ever be AND (no joke) are comparable to your high-end brushes that you might find at your beauty counters at Robinsons Orchard. I’m even coming to the conclusion that these brushes are even better!

They don’t tug on my skin, they don’t shed, nor have their colour run upon washing. These brushes are incredibly versatile and will work well be it used with liquid, powder or cream. 
These brushes not only come in a drawstring bag but they they’re also protected by this plastic sleeve to keep the bristles intact. P.S: this also comes in incredibly handy when after washing your brushes to keep the brush in shape for the next use.

The lovely Yu Hui sent us 3 brushes each of our choice to review. A short disclaimer – even though these products were sent to us, the review its 100% true to how it really faired for us and not sugar coated in any other way. 

Face brushes

Starting off with face brushes, 13rushes offers powder, kabuki’s anything you’d like of the highest quality. We selected the Rounded Kabuki, Tapered Kabuki (upon Roseanne‘s recommendation) and the powder brush.

For those who question a girls need for more than 1 brush that does the same function, we’d simply question your need for many cutleries of the same sorts in the kitchen. The answer is simple, you’ll use it for different products, or maybe because one particular brush is designated to a different colour of powder / blush! It’s as simple as that 😉

First off, can we admire the beautiful colour schemes that have been worked into the overall aesthetics of the brushes?! They just look so pretty sitting on my vanity table and I just naturally gravitate towards them every morning.

Rounded Kabuki

The Rounded Kabuki is incredibly soft and dense its is perfect for packing on powder blush or blending away cream blush or for buffing in foundation! 
Here’s a close up of the bristles, we’re not joking when we say its soft and dense, but not super dense to the point where it’s tough or tugs on your skin. As the bristles are relatively packed together, rest assured that the product will be well-buffed into your skin whilst giving a very air-brushed look!
price: SG$ *TBA

Powder brush

This beautiful Powder Brush isn’t too wide, nor are the bristles too sparse to the point where it dust off your makeup rather than set or apply. I owe several other powder brushes and I’m so glad that they’re all in different shapes because they all serve various purposes!

This would fall into the medium size catergory within my collection and is perfect for picking up any setting powders or loose powders for a slightly more concentrated application as opposed to a brush where the bristles are relatively fanned out like the Real Techniques large powder brush.

Again, it’s incredibly dense, this photo of the bristles take from the top view was taken after numerous washes and it holds its shape beautifully.  
price: SG$ *TBA

Tapered Kabuki

I love, love, LOVE  this brush. I know some of you might worry that because the bristles are longer as compared to the Rounded Kabuki, the product that has been picked up might just dust right off. Well, here’s where you’re wrong!  The product is spread out and applied onto your cheeks beautifully and  gives you a very natural, air-brushed finish to make the application of your blush look effortless.

No doubt it also comes down to the application technique with the given tools/product and I just simply swirl / tap my brush into the product (depending on how pigmented it is) and dab it onto my cheeks!

A closeup of the bristles, it is a little more spaced out as compared to the other two brushes that we’ve purchased but there’s nothing I don’t love about it! I also hold no responsibility for you over blending your makeup upon purchasing this brush because it still remains super soft even after numerous washes. 
price: SG$20

Eye brushes

What makeup brush haul would be complete without eye brushes? I can also never say no to a good neutral smokey eye, and the best way to achieve a polished look is with the right tools!

Don’t get me wrong, I do own several eyeshadow brushes – from ecotools, sephora, etc but few make it to my holy grail list and the 13rushes line definitely lies within my favourites. I shan’t bore you all by saying that these brushes are soft in the specific descriptions of the brushes that we’ve received but by telling you how I like to incorporate them into our daily routine.

Angled Mini

I love using this brush either the a basic all over the lid because the angle suits the shape of my lid, where the peak of the angle can reach my inner corners or for applying product within my crease to bring some warmth to my eyes. It’s also great for picking up both powder and cream shadow. 
price: SG$15 

Broad All-over

Sam loves this brush and one thing that’s great about this is that even though it’s an eye brush, don’t only restrict its capability to only putting on eyeshadow. Sam loves using this to apply her under eye concealer to give a flawless finish! Simply dabb the concealer onto your skin and use this brush to blend it evenly into your skin! 
price: SG$15 
When a  make-up artist / top beauty blogger / good friend of yours loves a particular brush from a line, you know you have to get it! Roseanne talked about how amazing this brush was back in our february favourites video that we all did together and I’ve always had my eye out for a good pencil brush to run some eyeshadow on my waterline or to precisely add a darker shade to intensify my makeup look in my crease. And yes, even after several washes, the tip still stays pointy!
price: SG$15 

Overall thoughts

Need I really say more? These brushes are ah-mayy-zing. (amazing) They’re gorgeous to have on your vanity tables, beautiful to whip out to display when your travelling with a brunch of girlfriends on your getaway and insanely worth it for the quality of the brushes that you’ll be receiving.

I promise you wont ever regret purchasing these brushes and even though we were sent these by the lovely Yu Hui, I would, without a doubt, purchase more from them. If investing in skincare tools and products are your thing, they’ve also got their cleansing brush line too! Which I might just try out because the bristles already look as fluffy as a cloud and I can imagine that it would feel like a dream against my skin.

If you do have any questions regarding the brushes, do drop them in the comments and I’ll be more than happy to get back to you asap! Thank you so much 13rushes & Yu Hui for sending over these beautiful brushes, they are honestly heaven sent and I’ve been using them since we got them wayy back in February.

Do send some love and check them out here

Until next time,
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