What do’ya know? It’s already July! Didn’t feel like too long ago where we were celebrating the end of our school year at Lasalle and here we are… 2 months post-school.

This month has really been about discovering staples that would go into my every day makeup routine and pampering sessions because lets face it, we’d all like to get ready a lot quicker in the mornings. Plus! Who doesn’t want to find the perfect products to include at-home pamper regimen after a tiring week at work? Without further ado – here are my top 5 products for the month of June 😉

3CE Cream Blusher in “ Coral Coral” 

I’d never ever thought that I would pick such bright coral cream blush to welcome into my makeup collection. I’ve been using this every single day since I first got it off Luxola to brightens up and brings life to my face (especially on mornings where I look completely zombified).
A very tiny bit goes a long way. The texture is smooth, I don’t find it oily nor greasy when it goes on. You do have to blend almost immediately upon application because it sets pretty quickly.  It’s lasts throughout my day and is definitely build-able product. Granted applying this with a synthetic blush brush like the Real Techniques Blush brush, 13rushes rounded kabuki would help give an airbrushed finished but using your finger tips to blend the product in does the job just as well too! 
stockist –  Luxola 
Price –  SG$22 
3CE  Marble Highlighter in Bling Peach

Highlighters would have never topped the list if I were to name the products that go into my makeup routine. Recently, it has been a staple and is absolutely vital to bringing that subtle healthy glow to to help fake the extra sleep that I obviously lack. The texture isn’t chalky and gives a really natural finish to your #fotd! 
Before you scroll pass this particular section thinking that the product is a completely glitter bomb, it isn’t. The shimmers are incredibly fine and can even be used as an eye shadow base. I apply this to my cheek bones, cupids bow and inner corners of my eyes with a Coastal scents fluffy blending brush.  
stockist –  Luxola
price SG$30 
Innisfree wine jelly peeling scrub

I’ve put off purchasing scrubs because I used to have an obsession with them – ask Sam. Upon a recent trip to the Innisfree store at Ngee Ann City when our dear friend and fellow beauty junkie Cindy (@skinzmakeup) came to town, I purchase this gem. The exfoliating beads are suspended in the grape smelling jelly and an SG$1 size amount would do you the trick! 
I use this twice a week during my pamper evenings so I don’t over scrub my skin and it leaves my skin feeling clean, renewed after an effortless application to the skin. Most importantly it doesn’t strip my skin’s moisture. I’ve used it about 10 times now and It doesn’t appear like I’ve made a dent at all! Who doesn’t love an affordable product that does wonders? 
stockist – Innisfree at Ngee Ann City 
Price- SG$21 

Innisfree Olive Real Cleansing Oil

Don’t get me wrong I love using my Bioderma Micelle Solution to remove my face makeup but when it comes to my eye makeup, it’s a different story. There’s a gotta be a reason why people make it a point to use a cleansing oil before their face wash as part of their double cleanse routine and I finally know why. 
The oil lifts off and dissolves the makeup much like the cleansing sherbet that I adore and have run out of from 3CE. You won’t see a single trace of residue after your routine and makes so much of a difference, perhaps not one that is visible but one that you an feel. Even for stubborn mascara’s, you’ll see and feel that you’re mascara has been completely stripped off your face leaving you with a clean canvas!
To apply I take a generous amount, spread it between my palms and gently massage the oil into my skin to dissolve the makeup. Once the makeup has “melted” off my face, I dampen my finger tips and massage my face to emulsify the oil. The process takes less than a minute depending on the amount of makeup you have on to which I rinse off righter after. There’s nothing like going to bed with clean skin. 
stockist –  Innisfree at Ngee Ann City 
Price –  SG$21 

Bobbi Brown Sand Palette 

I’ve searched long and hard for a palette that encompasses both matte and shimmery neutrals that I could incorporate into my every day makeup routine. This baby right here satisfies my craving for the perfect neutrals palette. 4:4 the perfect ratio of mattes to shimmers, I also find myself using the matte shadows to fill in my brows on mornings where I have more time.

The packaging is also incredibly summery as you can tell from the header image, there’s nothing I don’t like about it. There’s also a mirror on the flip side of the palette so it’s perfect to take on holidays. The shades within the palette are very warm and are more of a subtle wash to compliment the perfect summery glow but it’s definitely buildable.

However, if you’re looking for neutrals that are insanely pigmented for a very bold look upon a single swatch, perhaps the NARSissist palette is what you could look into!

stockist –  Any Bobbi Brown counters

Price –  SG$90

That’s all I’ve got for the monthly sum up! I hope you all have had a lovely June and as we are already in the early stages of July – here’s to an amazing one! For those of you lucky babes on summer break, Enjoy it!

Much Love,
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