Sponsored Review: LJH Cellabel MC Vital CC Cream

Good morning darlings!

A few months back, I was sponsored by HKC Plaza with this LJH Cellabel MC Vital CC Cream. At first, I was a bit hesitant because I never really used base makeup…

I’ve always been a sunblock/sunscreen kinda gal – but my current skincare bSoul – mentions that I should not use any purely sun protective products during this point of time (explanations in a future bSoul post), so I thought, why not?

That, plus I’ve been seeing raves of this all over the internet, especially over on fellow Beauty Bloggers’ websites! Thus, I took the plunge! And here is what I have to say about it!


LJH stands for LeeJiHam and is known as a “Vital Turnaround CC Cream”. You may be wondering why, so here are a few reasons this CC cream is promoted for its amazing qualities:

  • CC Cream does not separate from skin and adheres very closely
  • It feels as light and soft as air when it’s on the face
  • It has a certified triple action formula which has whitening, anti-aging, and UVA/B-blocking effects
  • Claims to contain 800x more Vitamin C than apples
  • Contains acacia collagen which provide hydration to skin
  • Helps troubled skin and relieves the issue with elder fruit extract
  • Contains Centella Asiatica which helps with scar treatment
  • 7-free Prescription formula which is great for sensitive skin 

Basically, it is a Makeup, Sun screen and Vitamin C Essence all in one, which is great for those who are great fans of multi-tasking products.


The packaging is of squeeze tube, though it does come with a nozzle.. I kind of find this redundant because I could’ve squeezed out more (should the product be finishing) on my own than depending on the nozzle. In fact, I haven’t reached the halfway mark and am already experiencing some issues so.. yeah, not a big fan.

It does look good though, and I suppose safety wise you can feel assured it won’t just pop open and spill all over inside your bag!

Color and Texture

This is the part I find most exciting to talk about. The color!!! Well, technically, there is NO color seeing as it comes out white, but it does transform to suit your own! 🙂 Of course, this isn’t new technology – I believe quite a few brands, including the ever famous Body Shop, has already incorporated this technique into their makeup, but it’s still pretty exciting nonetheless!

What I love watching is how it blends into the skin as though there’s nothing there because it’s so easy to spread out and, as it does, you get to watch it transform into another color in front of your very eyes!

The texture is really quite light, but the coverage is not bad! When I use my brush to apply this on my face, my brush gets rather heavily stained (you can see the 13Rushes Flat Top Sculpting Brush below), as opposed to my other BB-creams, so yeah this can be a pretty strong concoction! At the same time, it feels really comfortable on the skin and I don’t feel like there’s something LYING on top or really irritating it, so yes, thumbs up! 🙂

As a side note though, this smells very strongly to me of sunblock : Which might be due to the high SPF… if you’re one who is averse to that smell, I guess you should take note!


I’ve applied this both with my fingers, a buffing brush, as well as a foundation brush.

Originally, I thought the application with my fingers was fine – but I eventually realized the result wasn’t as smooth as when I used my 13Rushes Rounded Kabuki Brush or my 13Rushes Flat Top Sculpting Brush… I felt that, when applied with a brush, the CC cream looked more even and adhered to the skin much better. This ultimately meant I could use less product and have it go a much longer way.

So what I do each time is squeeze out a tiny amount, literally a pea size or half a fingernail but gauge it on the size of your face, dot it all over my skin, and then go over with my brush to spread.

I did try tapping my brush directly onto the product and then placing it on my skin, but the brush ended up “eating” more of the product than my face! Hence, I will still advise using the former method.

Before and After

Here is a Before/After photo, and as you can see, my skin tone is evened out! And hey! My face, for once, isn’t a lighter shade than my neck (shadows aside)! The color correction is really pretty awesome, and my skin is smoother! 🙂 I can’t say my pores are entirely gone or lessened, because if you zoom in you can still see them.. but on the whole it’s still a pretty good product! 

If you’ve got pretty good skin and you just want some evenness in your skin tone, then I suppose this would be a good call for you! I don’t have much acne besides a tiny breakout across my forehead (due to an allergy to something *cries*); on the whole my skin issues aren’t anything serious, so I can’t speak for those really looking for high coverage. On a final note, this lasts me a good 6-8 hours and doesn’t oxidise, which is a real plus!

Overall Thoughts

I do like this CC Cream very much, but I wouldn’t say it does GREAT in the hydrating department. Just enough perhaps, for my skin to not feel dry and gross when I’m in aircon all day.. but my pores do still get obvious after awhile (maybe due to my own oil).. Who knows?

As with all base makeup, it performs as well as your skin behaves. Which means – on days that my skin behaves well, this CC cream enhances it and makes my skin look positively radiant and even. On days that my skin is a little more dry and troubled.. this doesn’t really hide it that well. I mean, I can kind of accept it though I wish it would be a little more forgiving. I suppose if I piled it on more it would, but I’d rather not.

It performs fine with my sensitive skin and DOESNT break me out at all! When I do remove it properly (I do make sure I do a thorough job when it comes to cleansing), it’s fine and gives me zero issues – so that’s something I truly appreciate! However.. scar healing-wise, not so much. I don’t see it really IMPROVING my skin.. it improves how my skin LOOKS but not how it is.

On the whole, I think this is something much better suited for skin which ranges from very good to only SLIGHTLY troubled.. more than that, I feel this may not hide the issues as well! At the end of the day it all boils down to what you’re looking for.

Recommended for:
– Anyone with normal to combination/oily skin.
– Anyone looking for a CC cream that keeps your skin semi-matte

– Anyone looking for a REAL color-correcting cream with good color matching
– Anyone looking for a CC cream that doesn’t harm/affect sensitive skin

HKC Plaza (Click to Redirect)
Price: SG$48

Discount for Readers

If you’d like to try out this CC Cream for yourself, then great news!

All you have to do is enter “SB01000JAD” as your 10% Discount Code when you check out! 🙂

Overall Rating: 7.5 / 10

Any CC Creams you’d like to ask us to try?
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