Advertorial: Volume Magic Rebonding Process

Hey babes,

As many of you know, my Volume Magic post is the most popular one here on our blog! 🙂 I suppose that’s obvious though, because it’s rated number one on our Popular Posts down at our sidebar on the right hehe.

I would like to assume it’s so often read because my hair turned out really nice from the rebonding (lol, thick skins get you everywhere right?) and people want to know how/where to get theirs done! If your reasons are otherwise, please don’t share them with me lol. Kidding kidding, do leave your comments/questions below as usual! 😉

On a more serious note, this is the video version of my previous post so you guys can SEE IT IN ACTION!!!! *Deng Deng Deng*. I hope this clarifies any doubts you might have about the treatment and allows you to better understand what you’re in for during this 3-4 hour ride (yes it’s that long!).

If you like this video, it’s because Ash has done amazing editing work – I myself am completely useless in the video department and didn’t even film this on my own! It wouldn’t have happened without the help of the great team down at Dusol Beauty :’). Sorry if the voices aren’t very clear or the background is muffled.. our camera is afterall a camera and not some high tech filming device *insett emoticon with guilty face and sweat droplet*.

We hope you enjoy this and cannot wait to bring more of such videos and VLOGS to you!

Woo! Here’s to great hair everyone!
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