It’s been awhile since I last blogged, and I’m so grateful that Sam has been covering quite a lot of the blog work for the past month. So thank you sam .  Everything has just been super hectic lately and I’ve hardly had time to sit down and do one of the things I like to do the most, blog. 
We’ve also been incredibly lucky and blessed to have been acknowledge by various beauty brands so we’ve been caught up with a couple of sponsored reviews, BUT Sam & I felt that it was important for our readers to know, that we don’t only blogged about things that are sponsored, so in todays post you are going to get a glimpse of the existing hot tools that I have with me in my collection!
ps: I couldn’t find the exact price and place to buy these tools locally so I’ve hooked up an online site that offers international shipping on the piece that I’m going to feature.

BaByliss PRO hair dryer

Everyone needs a good hairdryer, especially if you have thick hair like I do. It would just take FOREVER to dry if I hadn’t been picky with the dryers that I use.  (I’m also not that patient with my hair…) This is probably the best present that I ever received over christmas two years ago. I know.. what?! A hair dryer is the best thing you’ve ever gotten? Hey! It’s practical and lets face it, as we grow up, the more practical the gifts, the better they are.

This has a 3 speeds and 3 different temperatures. I usually steer clear from the hottest temperature and settle with the medium heat to dry my hair after it’s air dried a little after my shower. I’d then go in with cool hair to set the “style” and to close the hair cuticles to prevent my hair from frizzing up the next day. Everything’s really sturdy, I don’t feel like it’s heavy nor too light and it takes me less than 10 minutes to dry my hair, and before you say anything, My hair is incredible thick. Drying my hair under 10 minutes? Is pretty darn awesome as it is. Hands down. the best hot tool and the most important one in my collection.

check it out here

GHD V Gold Classic Styler

Hair straighteners are the answer to mornings where I wakeup with incredibly wavy hair. There are days where my natural waves are acceptable but it can tend to look rather messy with my ends pointing in different directions. This is where my GHD V Gold classic styler comes to the rescue!  Set at a standard temperature, this 1″ flat iron probably one of the sleekest and lightest hair straighteners I’ve tried out. It’s even lighter than the amika ones. 
Using it is very simple, plug in, turn on the power and flick the switch. It takes about less than 10 seconds to heat up, to which it will beep. The temperature is just right and doesn’t fry your hair. Personally, the fact that it’s rather light weight, makes the process of having to straighten every single strand of hair section by section for me, a whole lot more bearable. My wrist doesn’t get tired and it just glides really easily in general. 
I’ve been using my old hair straightener for AGES and I’d thought I’d show just how much I abused my previous straightener before I threw it out. Yup – It’s a beat up alright. The grey bits that have formed are apparently due to the material that coats the straightener and I guess in general, it was a sign that I just needed to throw it out. 
check it out here 

BaByliss PRO Curling Tong

Curls… URGH. Don’t even get my started. Having my hair hold curls is probably the worst thing to have it do. EVER. Having the patience to go through the sections of hair is one thing, but its another when you’ve worked up all the effort and the humidity just kills it. My hair is also incredibly stubborn, so unless its second day hair, its about a 75% chance my hair will just fall out of its curls and settle into it’s original state. 
Anyways, about the barrel –  I prefer bigger waves. they’re just a lot more natural and because I’ve got a lot of hair, makes the process a lot quicker. This barrel heats up within the click of the button which you can set it up with 25 different heat settings for styling control and it even has a stand to prop the barrel off the ground so it doesn’t burn anything. 
What I do is I take a section of hair, lift up the clamp, twirl my hair around the barrel and clamp down. Another way is to run your hair through the clamp to the end and roll it back up mid-way, hold for 10 seconds and release the clamp to reveal your big waves. I’ll be honest, its not the most loved hot tool in my collection with the likely hood that it’s because I’ve not gotten the chance to make 100% use of it given my stubborn hair, so I usually steer clear of this hot tool. 

check it out here

I hope you guys have enjoyed this quick post, I’m sorry that I am unable to fill you guys in on the stockist and the price of these hot tools but if I do chance upon it when I’m out and about in Singapore/ Hong Kong, I’ll be sure to insert it into this post! As always, feel free to drop any questions that you might have in the comments and I’ll get back to you ASAP 😉 
What’s your favourite hot tool of the moment?
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