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we are back with a review on an upcoming hair product!!! Ahhhh! Isn’t that so exciting! Plus, what could be better for a person who doesn’t condition her hair (okay maybe once a week.. or once in 2 weeks..) than HAIR OIL!?

I know so many people in my condition, who just rather skip the extra 5 minutes in the shower and just hurry out, pat some oil into their hair then hair dry. Personally, I feel that I can do so many things whilst drying my hair, say watching television or reading a book, as opposed to standing sopping wet and waiting for time to pass by. Anyone else out there feel the same way??
Well, then good news to those of you who do, because Tsubaki’s Hair Oil could be the answer to many of your prayers! 🙂 Or if you just simply like shiny, well-maintained, and silky smooth hair, please read on!

Tsubaki’s Hair Oil is deeply penetrative, which means it doesn’t just sit on your hair but is actually absorbed into it to ensure higher protection. It is formulated with a high concentration of selected camellia oil to deeply protect, moisturize and repair hair, ultimately resulting in a luxurious shine.
It claims to instantly penetrate hair upon application without feeling greasy or sticky, and gives a smooth finish! On top of that, it also protects hair from UV damage, heat from hair dryers, or other styling equipment. This means that it also prevents split ends and hair breakage. The smell is elegant and indulgent with floral and green fruity notes.

Plus – just look at how lavish the whole bottle looks! Made of rich wine-colored glass, a lovely shape and easy to use dispenser! Just need to tip out the right amount of hair oil you need and you’re done! The bad thing is that I don’t think it’s too portable, but it isn’t a big issue. Just tip some out (it does so very easily) into a plastic container and you can bring it overseas or anywhere, really, with you!

What Makes It so Special

This hair oil highlights the use of specially selected Camellia Oil. If you don’t know what Camellia is, it is a genus of flowering plants found in the family of Theaceae and can be found in eastern and southern Asia, reaching from the Himalayas to Japan and Indonesia. Throughout East Asia, they’re known for their use in tea. By pressing the seeds, you can also get tea oil and cooking oil. Commonly, Camellia Oil is used to clean and protect the blades of cutting instruments.

However! In Japan, Camellia Oil that is pressed from the seeds of Camellia Japonica, is called Tsubaki Oil and has been traditionally used for hair care. So you see, it’s been passed down for awhile!

This specially selected Camellia oil is produced in the Goto Islands in Nagasaki, which is the perfect location due to its warm climate, fertile soils and other favorable conditions. Only the ripe fruits from the Camellia are handpicked one by one, before they fall to the ground, and then sent for pressing using a traditional and time-consuming method. Only pure Camellia Oil which is obtained from the first pressing of the seeds harvested in the current season is used.

10 Amazing Effects of Selected Camellia Oil

I’ve already mentioned this earlier above, but there’s nothing wrong with some reiteration! 😉

  • Higher shine and glossiness
  • Better resistance to abrasion
  • No greasy after-feel (big plus!)
  • Greater moisturizing properties
  • Better repairing qualities
  • Prevents hair damage 
  • Ensures smoothness of hair
  • Maintains shine even after a long day
  • Effects are not temporary when used
  • Higher protection from UV Rays
Scent of Oil
The scent of this oil is, without a doubt, fragrant! It ISN’T overwhelming like some can be (especially those that just lets off warning bells in our mind because we are so worried about the amount of chemicals in it!), and smells so so luxurious and elegant.
This is due to the rich fruity base notes of Cassis blended with the powdery floral notes of Iris. You don’t have to worry about it engulfing your hair/face and smelling like a perfume shop. Instead, it’s almost like a whiff of perfume that lingers ever so softly. The subtlety in itself is what makes it so beautiful.
Application of Tsubaki Hair Oil

1. Collect all hair and sweep to one side for easier handling
2. (After placing hair oil in palm) Let oil transfer from palm to hair whilst using fingers to comb through bottom half to ensure evenness
3. Finally, use remaining oil left on palm to apply to split ends/hair ends

Above is how I personally apply the hair oil. Though this is done with dry hair, it can be done even when wet too. Normally, I wash my hair, towel dry it, then follow through with the above photos to apply it. 

To prevent irregular application, spread half the appropriate amount (about 20-cent coin size for mid-
length hair) onto the palms and work through the hair. Then, spread the second half onto the palms and focus on areas that require extra application.

For those with fine hair: Refrain from applying large amount inappropriately and unevenly. Start application from the damaged tips and gradually work upwards to the roots to avoid flat hair.

For those with thick voluminous hair: Apply an appropriate amount to wet hair and dry it with a hair dryer. Then, spread a small amount onto the palms and apply on bottom half of the hair to reduce the volume.

Before and After

Here is what my hair ends look like before and after the oil! Like LITERALLY after. I took one after just showering and sleeping with wet hair (some of us are guilty of that right hehe) and one 5 seconds after I combed through with the oil! Talk about saving time when you have a ready made solution for a morning after you had to rush to bed!

And here is what it looks like as a whole. Pretty shocking right!? I’ve never had a hair oil do this for me before. I mean, seriously. I hardly advocate for anything I really believe in but this guys, is real believing!!

Overall Thoughts

I really really like this hair oil! And not because it was given to me! Promise! 🙂 I’m speaking from the standpoint of someone who has used the Macadamia Healing Oil and another one from Orofluido (which I’ve posted about here), and I like this one much better than the other two!
For me, I don’t really need shine or smoothness (though it does that) as I focus more on softness of my hair and how quickly it dries at night. I have really thick hair and sometimes it just takes AGES to dry and drives me crazy!!! Plus, if I were to constantly use the hair dryer, my hair ends would just fry to a crisp.
By using this Tsubaki Hair Oil from mid-section to my ends… my hair dries MIRACULOUSLY faster!! It just seems to drink in the oil and stop being sopping wet! After which, when I use the hair dryer on it, it doesn’t get all frizzy and damaged either; it just gets soft as a cloud and smooth as silk! MAD LOVE. I can also use this on dry hair the morning after, if I rushed off to sleep the night before (as seen above), and it doesn’t get oily or gunky either!!! *SHOCKED FACE*
I used to have oils applied on my dry hair and it would turn immediately sticky and gross me out so much I’d tie my hair up for the rest of the day. But not this!!! It absorbs as quickly into my dry hair as it does into my wet hair and that just blows me away. You ain’t getting nothing but thumbs up from me for this. I’ll even throw in my big toes. 
P/S: For those with sensitive skin to hair products… It seems to work alright on me. It doesn’t break me out even when I sleep messily and my hair is all over my face lol. Yupp!
PSST: Just So You Know!

TSUBAKI Hair Oil is available at $26.90 (for 60ml) exclusively in Watsons from 11 September onwards for purchasing… BUT! Here’s how you can WIN one for yourself!!

All you have to do is follow those 2 simple steps above! You just have to LIKE their Facebook page (link below) and then SHARE the post to your wall and TAG 2 of your friends! That’s all! 🙂

Good luck loves, and have a wonderful weekend!

Tsubaki’s Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/Tsubakisg

Here’s to miraculous products
for us lazy ones!

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