Event: Clozette Ambassador tea party

It’s been absolutely AGES since we do a last event coverage, if you’d like to see more of that you can always head to our instagram but this event was something really dear to us and it certainly deserved a post of its own! 
We were invited to a Alice in wonderland themed party at the Mu Parlour at Holland Village to spend some quality time with the Clozette family. We’ve been a Clozette Ambassador since early this year and it’s been nothing but amazing to be part of such a cheerful and close knit family where you get to see all your friends at the Clozette get-togethers. 
Mu parlour 
The Mu Parlour is a nice quiet spot to have all day breakfasts, with a side of truffle fries up for grabs on the menu too!  It’s also famous for their no.11 burger and although we didn’t order that, they put out a lovely assortment of finger food for us to enjoy whilst catching up with the clozette family! 
Food. Let’s talk food. There was a selection of sweet and savoury treats that the MU Parlour whipped up for us hungry ambassadors, amongst the savoury dishes, here’s what caught my eye and landed on my plate! The cheesy chicken satay with capsicums were both our favourites amongst them all… hehe 
Spending time with the Clozette family
Sam having a chat with June

What happens when you put a group full of girls together in a room with similar interest? We bond over all things beauty, fashion and even coming to realise that some of us (mostly me) could do with a little more colour in our wardrobe thanks to the pastel dress code!
Sam, Wenhui, Ashley, Christy, Celine & Shufeng

Christy, Celine, Wenhui & myself
Familiar faces? here’s some of the gorgeous babes we met from the VT community! It was so good to finally see them again after so long! Like our Clozette pins and DIY breast cancer awareness ribbons?   Keep your eyes on Clozette page in October to find out more. 

We also filmed a short session for something special that Clozette is putting together of all the Clozette Ambassadors and here is Christy and Wenhui doing their thang. 
Feel the love between these two? I know I do… Sam Won the lucky draw and got the Lumi-oxy LED light skin therapy device! Thank you Clozette P.S:  Little insight to this photo, Sam & Wenhui were chanting their numbers and it just so happened that Sam’s number was called!  Hence the happy faces in the photograph.

Clozette Ambassadors

From left to right: Sam, Myself, Wenhui, Jody, Shufeng, Cheryl, Celine Roxanne, Vinna, Kathleen, June and EnnaFront: (sporting matching leg poses I might addChrsity & FennUnfortunately not everyone could make it to the event but here are some of the Clozette Ambassadors! Of course, there’s no way we could forget the handwork that goes into the team that built the lovely community, the Clozette team!

Thank you Clozette for putting together such sweet and thoughtful goodie bag for us to take home and also having such amazing lucky draw prizes for us to take home! We both look forward to another Clozette get together with these lovely people and if you haven’t already done so, be sure to check us out on Clozette right here!

Until next time babes!

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