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What’s up lovelies!

So we’ve recently been tagged by the happy sloths ( Jasmine & Angela ) to do The 7 deadly Beauty Sins Tag , so without further ado – lets get right into it! 
1. Greed: What brand makes up the biggest chunk of your collection? 

Sam: Skincare-wise, definitely Dr Hauschka. That’s a no-brainer haha! Makeup-wise.. I would say it’s a tie between Benefit and Revlon (no thanks to Ashley)! 

Ashley:  Previously I owned a number of neutrogena skincare products and for makeup I’d have to say MAC or revlon. 

2. Wrath: What beauty products do you have a love/hate relationship with? 

Sam: Under eye concealer! Some days it looks so beautiful, smooth, and covers so well. Other days it makes me want to kill myself. I’m sure you guys know what I mean.

Ashley:  I’d have to agree with Sam! Under eye concealer can really be a hit or a miss kind of product – sometimes the same routine can have two different outcomes – it really is quite frustrating. 

3. Gluttony: What are your most delicious beauty products?
Sam: As in taste-wise..? LOL I honestly do not understand this question.. but if I go by taste-wise, I really like Revlons Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie! It tastes like berry, so yummy!

Ashley: I quite like the H&M  peach lip shine that is sadly no longer in stores right now but it does has a slight sweet taste to it! 

4. Sloth: What beauty products to you neglect due to laziness?

Sam: Hahahaha, Ash hates this about me. I completely do not use hair conditioner. I totally reject the idea of waiting in the shower for my hair to “absorb the goodness”. In this manner, I think I am quite guy-ish. To me, showering is a get-in-get-out deal.. Do not know why but I’ve always been this way! (BTW I never get tangles EVER but my hair is very dry…duh haha)

Ashley:  Primers! I Just am quite lazy in having that additional step during the summer because its another product that goes on – although it does help keep everything on your face without having to “melt” off.  

5. Pride: What beauty products give you the most self-confidence?

Sam: Undereye concealer and lipstick! I think a bright eye area and kissable looking lips are most vital! I normally don’t use foundation anyway so I can skip that anytime.

Ashley: Under eye concealer along with a good volumizing & Lengthening mascara. I’m super envious of the eyelashes that westerners tend to have because they’re super thick and just makes their eyes really pop even without having mascara on. I do like to hide my tired eyes and under eye concealer is my quickest fix on mornings where I’ve not gotten enough rest. 

6. Lust: which beauty item is at the top of your wish list? 

Sam: Right now.. I’d say the YSL Touche Eclat in my correct shade LOL. Ash bought me a wrong shade and I’ve been itching to correct it! Haha, but I still use what she got me, since I love her.

Ashley:  Hmm… this is tough, but I’d think it would have to be either be something from Jo Malone under the scent ” Red Rose” ( Heads up, I’m a sucker for anything that smells like roses ) as far as makeup goes, I haven’t really got my eye on anything as of yet! 

7. Envy: what makeup product / look , looks great on others but not on yourself? 

Sam: Eyeshadow. I look ree-don-kyoo-lous (that’s one notch above ridiculous) with eyeshadow. Don’t ask me why, my eyelid crease is gross and ugly and eyeshadows are a fail on me. I never ever bother to play around with them either, so don’t expect tutorials from me in that aspect anytime soon (or ever). It makes me sad to know I can never pull off the Smoky Eye look.

Ashley:  Red lips or any bold lip colour for that matter – I don’t know I just feel that everyone else but me , is able to pull it off without having to look like a clown. I do own one or two bright colours but it’s just never worked out for me and hence I always resort to berry or neutral shades as far as lip colour goes.

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We hope you’re having a lovely week so far!
Samantha & Ashley
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