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Want to know a fun fact? Sam and I wanted to enrol ourselves into fashion communication when we had the option to back in our first year of Lasalle. What stopped us? Our lack of ability to sew hahaha. Although embroidery is something that Sam does find therapeutic right now, me? yeah… not so much. 
So you can imagine that having not come from a fashion background, an invite to a fashion show would have been quite a surprise to us. Not to mention getting a chance to also interview the Lead makeup artist for one of the biggest fashion events in Singapore Lan, who flew all the way from London. All this, we never would have thought could happen and thanks to The Body Shop, we got to see what goes on at a fashion show and pick up some of beauty’s top-tips from the master herself.


To all our International Readers out there, Digital Fashion Week is Asia’s highest profile designer showcase. It takes place once a year in Singapore and Bangkok in October/November, and is the only fashion event that promotes the best young fashion designers through events and digital platforms in Asia.

The theme for Digital Fashion Week Singapore 2014 is “European Exchange”. The world’s oldest supermodel Carmen Dell’Orefice will be gracing the event by walking the runway donning apparel by Singaporean designer Max Tan. International guest designers Cristiano Burani and Fyodor Golan will also be showcasing their latest collections, hot off the runways of the Milan and London Fashion Weeks.  

p.s: if you’d like to catch up with Digital Fashion Week,  the DFW Team has Highlights throughout the show from Day 1 till 4 so you don’t miss a thing!

Day 1  » Day 2 » Day 3 » Day 4

Who is Lan
Known for not only her signature smokey eye, Lan (Lan Nguyen) is no stranger to the world of makeup. Born in Ireland, she pursued an education in Fashion at CSM in London but tells us that she later discovered her passion for makeup through working at a photography studio. From that day onwards, she progressed to working with some of the top names in the fashion and beauty industry, namely, Vanity Fair, Russian Vogue, Elle UK, Gracia and many more.

Most importantly, she took home the title of being the youngest winner of the Golden Mask Award in 2013 for Make-up Art and at the Professional National Makeup Awards in 2011 for best studio shoot and overall winner. Pretty accomplished eh? Might I also mention that she was the Lead makeup artist for London Fashion Week and is the current editor of Phoenix Magazine?

I’m sure you can imagine just how hectic her schedule must have been when she was in town, but I had the honour of being her model at Body Shop workshop and we got to see her work backstage on the 3rd day of Digital Fashion Week Singapore.

To find out more about Lan and to see her amazing portfolio click here

Backstage with Lan

Having met with Lan the previous day, we got to pick up a couple tips that she gave the VIP members of The Body Shop whilst being her model for the demonstration. We managed to steal some time with her in between the morning of the third day of the shows to ask her some burning questions.

*The questions and answers have been condensed for the sake of concision for the blog post*

S&AHey Lan, it’s great to get to talk to you! Very amazing seeing as you’re such a big makeup artist and so popular! I’ve even watched music videos with your very own makeup handiwork on the singers themselves!

L:  Hi, very nice to meet you! Yes, those were very exciting projects indeed. I not only do those, but also do wedding photos, and all the other typical types of makeup application actually, it’s just that people rather see the more extravagant ones on your portfolio.

S&ADefinitely! Was so blown away by them. Did you always want to be a Makeup Artist?

L:  I never actually knew being a makeup artist was a job at first, haha! When I first started out, as many do, it was more of a hobby. And when I found out people do this for a living, I thought, hey! I want to do that too!

A: As a makeup artist, you must have many makeup tricks up your sleeve! I would like to ask, especially, that yesterday you applied an amazing coat of mascara to the top of my lashes yesterday for the night look, why didn’t you apply any at the bottom?

L:  Well I’d like to draw the attention above the eyes because longer lashes can cast a shadow on the bottom as well and I feel that mascara on the top lashes really helps to give our eyes that lift.
S&A: We noticed that you bend your mascara wands, is there a particular reason for that?
L:  Yeah, it allows me to get the product out a lot better and at an angle the product also apply better to the lashes. It’s become a habit. 
SI definitely have no patience for fake eyelashes on special occasions, much less everyday, haha! What would you recommend for someone as lazy as me? Would you say eyelash extensions are the way to go?

L:  I’ve done those before and really like them. Besides the hassle of having to take particularly good care of them, you can look amazing all the time with so little effort. The biggest problem though, is that once you do it, you have to do it all the time – it’s addictive!

SI heard horror stories of eyelash extensions eventually causing the user’s own eyelashes to fall out as well!

L:  Yes it definitely happens, and sometimes its unfortunate because some may use glue which isn’t as good or safe and it ends up hurting the eyes as well. Personally, I create my own eyelash extensions with fake individual lashes and they can last for a week.

S&ANO WAY! How do you do that!?

L:  Have you heard of DUO eyelash glue? It’s truly amazing. I carefully stick the lashes on in place with the glue, and I take care of my eyes the same way I do with eyelash extensions (not getting in direct contact with water when I shower, washing around my eyes when I cleanse my face) and they can stay for up to a week!

SDoes this hurt your eyes in the long run?

L:  Not at all. I’ve done it a few times and I’m perfectly fine. Of course, getting the technique down pat is the way to go first. I suggest getting the hang of it for one-offs before going in for the long haul.

S: And if you do that, are you not able to wear eye makeup, in case you remove it and the glue comes off too?

L:  No, when I say the glue is good it’s really good, haha! Just simply wipe close to but not directly on the glue when you remove your eye makeup such as eyeshadow. You could probably skip on the eyeliner since the lashes give quite a bit of definition already.

*At this point of time Lan is called off for another shoot*

S&AThank you so much for your time Lan and definitely hope to see you and talk to you again soon!

L:  No problem, it was lovely meeting you girls!

Backstage Mayhem

I know there are several fans of The Body Shop’s body and skincare range out there but have you checked out their wide array of makeup??

As we got a tour backstage, it was like the movies or fashion documentaries where each station had the classic dresser lights, female and male models alike were getting their touch ups. Models awaiting backstage for their run throughs, I even spotted Jordan from America’s Next Top Model! Man is she tall, then again – everyone is from my height hahaha.

The Powder Room

Karen also gave us a tour of the powder room, where guests can chill out, have a drink, and of course, take photos to remember behind the DFW backdrop. 

We got to try out The Body shop’s wide selection of nail colours at their booth in the powder room too!  Sam and I always tend to steer towards Gelish because it’s fast and there’s no dry time. We aren’t easily won over by people who tell us that their nail polishes dry within seconds and we were proven wrong when we tested out their Color crush nail polishes here!
Sam oh so lovingly applied a shade that matched my clutch and by the time we went over to take a photo with the DFW backdrop it had dried completely! Sam also mentioned that the brushes that come with the polishes were extremely wide so the application was a complete ease!

It was only 12 in the afternoon, but hey, it was an event and a little vodka in our system couldn’t hurt us! We got to try these elegant looking drinks put out by Reyka Vodka with baby’s breath to make it look even more enticing. 

Beauty comes from deep within and our skin is a reflection of our internal condition. We got to try out the Kinohimitsu tonics that are made from all natural-based extracts that aim to help boost the overall well-being and complexion. Read more about them over here

what’s an event without an event selfie? Here we are!

Runway picks

Although we didn’t get to catch the shows as we were tied up with numerous events that weekend, we did get to hear about the key shows and decided to share them right here! How could we not start with the beautiful Carmen Dell’Orefice, the worlds oldest working supermodel and still as elegant as ever. She’s seen here rocking local designer, Max Tan‘s many layers of coats.

Showing some love to our college; featuring pieces from Lasalle College of the Arts.

And of course some pieces from one of the most talked about shows of this years DFW, Mashup. Ps, I am loving the hint of orange on the lid of the models, it softens the look but is balanced out with the smokey black on the water line that brings this intenseness to dress up the look. 
I’m not someone who has a lot of colour in my wardrobe but seeing colour flood the runaway with pieces that are wearable to consumers definitely catch my eye. Karen, from the body shop, told us that this was one of THE shows to catch of the entire event. Pauline Ning, another local designer, had a great mix of colour to provide a transition between day to night throughout her show, I’ve pulled some of the pieces that caught my attention below to show you guys 🙂

The make up for the Pauline Ning show was absolutely electrifying. I love the bright pops of orange on the lips and eyes, they pulled together the various looks so effortlessly. Never would I have thought that orange would be wearable until I saw the work of Lan. Amazing.

Photographs, c/o Digital Fashion Week, If you guys would like to see more photographs that were taken of the collections on the runway itself, do head on over to their facebook page here  to show some love! 
Before I sign off, We’d like to thank The Body Shop Singapore, and Karen, for inviting us to get to witness such an amazing event, bringing together fashion and beauty under a single roof. We also have them to thank for being able to pick up some awesome makeup and beauty tips from a truly talented makeup artist and mummy-to-be, Lan.  Thank you Body Shop Singapore!

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