Monthly: Sam’s October Favorites

It’s great to take a breather at the end of the month and get to write one of my all time favorite posts. Normally, we take the effort to break down individual products the best we can so you guys get as much detail as possible – but once in awhile, it’s great to just summarize your favorite points up in 2-3 Paragraphs. It also makes for fun light reading doesn’t it? 😉

This month, I’ve been so blessed. Ash and I have been given so many amazing things, left right and center, that we almost spent nothing on ourselves (skincare and makeup wise, food is another story lol)! So I thought I’d round up the most FAVORITE things I got and share them with you!

1) Lumi Oxy

I’ve so much thanks to give to this device, truly. I seldom get the urge to spend on devices because I never know if it’s more in the head that it’s working, or that it really is; so you can imagine my joy in winning this during a lucky draw, and secondly having it work wonders for me!

This device is introduced as PAT (Personal Aesthetic Technology) that combines Ozone (03) Therapy and NASA’s LED Light Therapy (Blue and Red) to refine, rejuvenate and renew skin! You can choose to use each function individually, paired up, or altogether, and it will help combat the 4 major concerns of Pores, Pimples, Pigmentation and Wrinkles. I used this during my bad facial allergy to calm down the redness and refine the pores, but I wasn’t aware that it was actually helping in blood circulation and increment of collagen in my skin! To an extent where I did a skin analysis, and it said that my Actual Age was 25 *ahem* and my Skin’s Age was 11!!!! *SHOCKED* I cannot even begin to say how happy I was!!!! With this device, I just feel that my skin is promised a brighter and firmer future, and my acne is promised death lol. Hooray!

Stockist: Passion Hair Salon, Superberry.Me, What He Wants, Joie The Makeup Bar, Salon Symphony, HKCPlaza

Price: SGD $358

2) Dr. Young AC Out Spot Stop Serum (SOS)

This one takes the cake for me for spot treatment this month! If you haven’t already read, my post is up here.

But I’ll still do a summary for you. This one basically got rid of acne that I had FESTERING on my forehead for a month. During that time, I tried masks, creams, acne patches, etc, nothing came to fruition. So when I got this in the mail, I immediately slapped it onto those suckers. Lo and behold! In 3 days, they were reduced so dramatically that I was totally shocked and blown away! It also lessened the redness till it was 95% gone by the very next day, and my raised bumps got flattened. Say goodbye to stubborn acne with this beauty!

You can get free samples here:

Stockist: SampleStore, Dr Young Official Website

Price: SGD $37.90

3) Too Cool for School Morocco Ghassoul Pore Solution

I like my Clay Masks a lot. If you didn’t already know, then please refer to this other post I wrote awhile back! 🙂 I just feel that clay masks do the job quickly, effectively, and with zero pain! However, some that I’ve tried before have dried too quickly in their tubs or get too drying for sensitive skin. Some also work mainly for acne, and not pores or blackheads per se. This particular one is a HARDCORE Clay Mask FAVE for me right now because:

  1. It comes out of a nozzle so it’s super hygienic
  2. It comes out as mousse which feels insanely soft
  3. As a result of the above, it spreads across the face like a dream
  4. It doesn’t tug at the skin and doesn’t dry up quickly on the face
  5. In the given time of 10-15 minutes, it was still SOFT
  6. Washes off easily, almost like a cleansing foam
  7. Pores look immediately smaller and blackheads are reduced
I do not know what else to tell you… this is truly a winner in so many aspects and I have fallen in love! To cap it off, I used this on my sensitive skin, towards the end of my facial allergy, and experienced ZERO dryness or trouble.

Stockist: Too Cool for School

Price: SGD $34

4) Shupette Eye Need-Shu Trio in 02

I am simply not a fan of eyeshadows. I have hooded lids which make me look half asleep all the time or worse, with Resting Bitch Face, and even the thickest eyeshadow application will appear as a thin line once I open my peepers. Damn tiny tapered eyelids.

That aside though, this eyeshadow has been such a godsend to my collection. I normally play with neutrals.. meaning browns.. nudes.. blacks.. *Yawn* I am aware of my boring-ness haha. When I received this and saw pink and yellow, I had a bit of a heart attack… until I applied it that is! Though the colors were SO OUT OF MY COMFORT ZONE (had to emphasize), they blended easily and well together to create pretty gradients! The yellow would mesh with the brown to come off slightly bronze and the pink could mesh would the brown to come off coppery! The yellow and pink itself also wasn’t very strong, which means that the two used together still looked more pastel and pretty for nude days! This shows that you can’t judge eyeshadows by their pan indeed.

Stockist: Shu Uemura

Price: SGD $55

5) 13Rushes Limited Edition Birthday Powder Brush

Last but very very definitely not least (oh my have I used this term too often? lol), is 13Rushes’ Limited Edition Birthday Powder Brush!!!! *Ding ding ding*! I now have another addition which will remain in my brush family forever more. I normally receive brushes (be it birthdays, sponsorships, friends, etc) and keep them aside depending on usage. Those that are my MUST HAVES are in a glass holder in my makeup cabinet. This is, undoubtedly, one of them.

I love the luxuriousness of using this brush. It’s like rubbing a baby’s bottom against my face, HAHA, though I cannot say I will ever know how that feels. Sometimes my baby niece sits on my face to irritate me…. and that’s not exactly sweet ahaha. BUT THIS definitely is! It is great for compact and loose powder due to its large dome-shaped brush, as it picks up the powder and spreads it out beautifully. You won’t ever get that blasted patchy look when this brush literally can *engulf* (imagine that but nicely) an entire cheek area so well! 

If you need more reasons to buy, let me shoot it out for you. Affordable, looks gorgeous, performs amazingly, is limited edition, cruelty -free, and recyclable. Your wallet, conscience and face will feel nothing but great!


Price: SGD $34

Got any ideas for X’mas shopping yet? 😉
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