I got an awesome surprise at my house recently.. and it’s none other than my favorite Fashion Box from Australia! If you guys haven’t heard of it before.. our questions are HOW and WHY!? While we admittedly agree Singapore has pretty awesome box services as well, Her Fashion Box is probably one of our Top 3 Faves! I mean, seriously – the things you see in the picture above CAME as part of the subscription set – forget samples or travel size, these beauties come in only one form: PERFECTION (to quote Chandler Bing).

About Her Fashion Box

We’ve written about Her Fashion Box previously,  so we won’t go too much into detail here. Instead, what I thought I would do is showcase the beauties they sent, alongside the tiny magazine that comes with the box. The magazine not only showcases other to-lust-for items available on their website, but also teaches you how to style and use the items that you receive! How awesome is that!? So let’s get started.

What’s Inside

First, we have this Azure Scarf.. which is truly Azure Blue just as the name suggests! 😉 Don’t we love clever names? I actually have something very similar to this scarf, just that mine is beige because – for a period of time – I enjoyed wearing white top with denim bottoms and I liked having a scarf to add an extra touch. But that was about 2 years ago.. so when I first saw this scarf, I had to rack my brains a little to think of how to wear it differently since my fashion sense has changed a little as well.
Then I opened the magazine and saw this and was like WOW! Look at that pop of color in her hair! Though it’s not the same scarf (hers is darker against her blonde hair), I liked that mine was lighter in shade and would thus be more outstanding against my dark tresses! 🙂 I even had an idea to simply tie it around my ponytail for a cute effect!

To be honest, the first thing that caught my eye when I opened the box was this DROP DEAD Adorable Dahlia Bag! AHHHH! Seriously! So tiny and cute! I definitely would’ve never got a bag this tiny before because I never saw the sense in it.. but now that I own one.. I can’t help but want to take it out immediately! I love how it may be small but wide at the base which means there’s still space for keys, a wallet, some makeup and our phones! Definitely a great pick for those going out on short dates and want to look casual.

Ahhhhh, the ever famous sponge! The magazine teaches you in 7 steps how to use it, as well as 2 steps in how to clean it. You’ve just got to love this kind of thought and consideration!

I sometimes get products given to me as gifts or as hand-me-downs when they don’t suit some of my friends and I just don’t know how to use them. Do I blend it, stroke it, pat it!? Well, when it comes to items from Her Fashion Box – believe me that you will never have that worry. Since I’m heading out today, I will get started on using this already for my undereye concealer 😉 Hooray!

 Now, I’m not a fan of eyeshadows…. Many of you who read this blog will realize there’s almost 0 posts on eyeshadows here. The thing is, I don’t have pretty eyes and my lids are hooded (URGH) so eyeshadows just do not show no matter how I pile it on..

Then I lay my yes on this one and I’m thinking, Wow I really want to use this lol. That blend of pink and purple is just cool enough to mix with the warmth of the orange and the description below even shows how to use it for either a Bold or Smokey effect! Very very cool. I always assumed that smokey bold eyes had to be done with dark tones like midnight blue and black – but how am I wrong. Looks like I really don’t know how to use eyeshadow, though I can’t wait to try this one out!

YESSS! An eyeliner – an essential makeup item of mine, in case you guys haven’t figured by now hehe. I am such a sucker for lining my eyes that I don’t think I would ever go out without it. My typical look is close to a cat eye, like Taylor Swift’s shown above. However, once in awhile, I’d definitely like to try a Grungy look like Alexa Chung or something more sweet and classic like Emma Watson’s! At the price of AUD $5.95, it’s really reassuring to know you can do so much with it. Talk about bang for your buck!

Finally, a really really cute eyelash curler! I have a Shu Uemura one which is all silver sleek and professional – but hey, once in awhile, a cute pink one just makes it so much nicer to look at and use!

Let me let you in on something: though Ash and I collect makeup, we KNOW what it’s like to be overwhemed to an extent where the makeup is all over the place and looks horrible.. Sometimes we look at our makeup counters and feel disgusted with ourselves hahaha. So we have taken the liberty to cleaning out old candle glass containers to put our brushes in, Muji boxes to store our things, and nice shelves here and there to display our everyday favorites. And ever since we got into doing that, we started buying pretty makeup items to brighten up the whole place even ;). Which is where this pink eyelash curler comes in! Now, doing my makeup in the morning feels so much better especially when I have something so pretty to look at!

In fact, ALL the pretty makeup items here have already made my day, much less mornings! If you’d like such a wonderful perk-me-up once a month – you know what to subscribe to!

Overall Thoughts

There’s nothing else to say other than YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY TRY THIS BOX SUBSCRIPTION OUT. Nothing is ever disappointing and EVERYTHING is useful! I’ve had box subscriptions where I pick out one item I actually want and end up giving everything else away…

Not with Her Fashion Box though, never! With the great variety of things, chances are 100% you’ll find so many things to love. The best part is that Her Fashion Box is associated with amazing brands like House of Holland, ORLY, Hallmark, etc, so you can feel assured that your items are always going to be of quality!

For Singaporeans who are considering, this entire box of goodies (which is valued at the prices above, totalling more than AUD$80) will only cost you approximately SGD$47!! Shipping is free WORLDWIDE too so don’t hold back! We promise you won’t regret this!

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