A week ago, I was given the privilege to experience the Lavender Slimming Treatment at London Weight Management. I know, many of you are probably going, “What!? Sam you’re so tiny as it is!” But the fact is, there are many areas of my body I am dissatisfied with, and I definitely didn’t mind trying this out since it used 100% natural botanical formulations which would be customized according to my body type! 🙂

On top of that, London Weight Management has been around for awhile and trusted by so many Singaporeans, I really couldn’t resist making my way down.

London Weight Management

As mentioned, London Weight Management has been around for a long time! Established in 2000, it has been THE slimming center with more than 14 years of proven track records in providing result-driven slimming solutions for ladies with all kinds of weight issues. What’s more, they were also awarded the Most Effective Slimming Brand in Singapore!

It is well-known for conceptualizing and implementing and extensive range of breakthrough technologies, and its outstanding weight loss expertise remains highly sought-after despite intense competition in the industry. Solely serving ladies, us females can feel extremely safe and in good hands every visit!

In total, they have 10 outlets island-wide (I will mention where they are later!) and I chose to go to the Novena one. 🙂

Introductory Process

I chose to go to the outlet at Novena Square as I was there to run some errands. It’s located on the 3rd floor, and you just have to get off the escalator and walk towards the end. Very simple! It’s very easy to spot.

When I walked in, I was pretty impressed! Everything was very spick and span, it just felt very classy and professional! 🙂 Thereafter, I went through registration and was ushered into a small room (photo above) where I would then talk about my issues* with my consultant.

*Be prepared ladies that you will have to strip down to your underwear in front of your consultant they can analyze your issues better. If you are uncomfortable, perhaps let them know.

After she explained everything I would be doing that day, and how it would help me with my problem areas, I went to the changing room to put down my stuff. I kept my bag and shoes at the locker area. As you can see, it’s all very safe! Simply put your belongings into the cubby, lock it, then use the cord/band to hang the keys around your wrist.

I actually ended up using it to tie my hair 😉 So many uses for it right?

Thereafter, I was given a Kimono to change into (here’s an idea of it for you – gosh my face is really round lol). Then I went out to the weighing scale to take my weight before starting the treatment.

My Issues

So yes, time to expose my problems. I didn’t take photos because I don’t feel too comfortable sharing my body in underwear only, but here is a photo above to illustrate the idea.

I am bottom heavy, and have always been bottom heavy since puberty. Before that I was always a stick – ah, how I miss those days! Anyway, puberty kicked in and decided I should be pear-shaped. Okay, my diet and laziness also determined that lol.

Right now, I face cellulite on my already-sagging butt *cries*, thunder thighs *cries more*, a lot of water retention *cries a river*, and I am ONE KG above my ideal weight *cries an ocean*. This is all contributed due to my day job where I am required to sit down the whole day, and the fact that I love to eat salty and unhealthy food.. without drinking much water. Sigh. If you’re like me, you would know the time to change is NOW.

My body was also measured everywhere so I could see the difference after!

Lavender Slimming Treatment

Step 1: Aroma Steam Bath (10-15 Minutes)

The steam bath opens pores for better product absorption after and also helps soften dead skin cells, calms our bodies down, and improves blood circulation.

I had to skip this step because I was wearing makeup as seen above (remember, if you do go for this, remove your makeup or don’t wear any!) and I didn’t want to sweat.. I had a dinner appointment after and I didn’t bring spare makeup with me. Don’t do this with makeup on EVER because you might clog your pores.

Instead, I opted for a hot shower. I put on a paper panty and only my kimono after. No bra.

Step 2: Lavender Sea Salt Scrub Treatment (30-45 Minutes)

Then I proceeded to have a nice Lavender Sea Salt Scrub down. I laid on the bed without my robe and the assigned therapist scrubbed all over my body, focusing a little more towards my lower portion. After she was done, she wrapped me in an Infrared Warm Blanket to induce sweating.

Apparently, the use of these 2 together (Scrub and Blanket) is equivalent to a set of 360 sit ups or a 4km walk!!! Amazing! What it does is:

  • Reduce water retention in the body
  • Increase our body’s metabolic rate to quicken fat-burning
  • Remove dead skin cells to give way to more radiant skin
  • Increase the body’s ability to absorb subsequent weight loss products
I definitely felt myself SWEATING IT UP! It was weird because I could literally feel sweat LEAKING out of my body like I had been under the sun for hours; but since the room was in aircon and my face was not covered, I felt relatively cool! Haha. It was surreal that my whole body was sweating but my head was intact!
When I was done, I actually felt around and my THIGHS felt so much tighter!!!! I think all the water weight got sucked out! Haha. It was really amazing! I normally get that after exercising for a week straight – and now I got it in under an hour! VERY COOL.
Depending on individual body metabolic function, one can even lose up to 2kg in excess water, wastes and fat.

Step 3: Electrical Muscle Stimulation

After the scrub, I went for another quick shower. Depending on how sweaty you are, you can even opt to wash your hair. They have shower gel and shampoo available for you. 🙂

Then I headed for this bed, which admittedly might look intimidating but don’t feel scared!! All that happened was that I was laid down at first and had trimming ampoules massaged into my body. Later, I was strapped in (okay this sounds scary lol but it isn’t!), and I had electro-muscle stimulators attached to my problem areas such as thighs and what not. The power was then turned on and the strength of the stimulator at each portion was customized to my comfort level. What it felt like in general was that I was on a… massage chair hahaha. All I felt were medium vibrations which were very similar to sitting on an OSIM chair.. that was about it.

This treatment helps our body build lean muscle mass and quicken the body’s fat-burning as well! People can expect slimmer arms, thighs and tummies! 🙂

As for me., I definitely felt more toned. My body didn’t feel SLIMMER but it was tighter and just felt healthier for some reason!


After everything was done, I went to weigh myself and I lost…….. 100g! Plus I lost half a cm in diameter around my thighs! 🙂 It might not sound like a lot, but if you go put 100g of water in a cup, you’d realize that’s still a significant amount.

I’m not picky, after all I did feel somewhat lighter so it was still a good experience. Naturally it takes a few more sessions if I want my perfect body shape but I’m still pretty satisfied. This was all achieved without the need for pills, injections, exercise or a crash diet! Talk about a dream come true for a lazy sloth like me, haha! I was also given this yummy meal replacement of oats + strawberries after the session to try out and it was really good for something that is associated with helping weight loss! I normally assume they’re all icky, but this went down well and helped with my disgestion.

But no, seriously, if you’re just a very busy person (say, working mum) and exercise is just not something you’re able to do after a long working day, then try this out! There are NO side effects and you’re guaranteed a 8-22cm loss around the body per session instantly.

P/S: Can I say I feel so much more confident about taking OOTD’s now? Haha, I just wanted to show off that picture above! 😉

Treatment Recommended For

This slimming treatment can be used to treat all kinds of problems! Be it overall weight gain, genetic obesity, post-natal weight gain, flabby arms, bugling tummy, heavy thighs, celluite, and water retention. Whatever you face, tell them so they can help you. 🙂

If you would like to experience this for yourself, the Lavender Slimming Treatment is FREE exclusively for first-time female customers who are troubled by their body, simply fill in your particulars HERE to enjoy this promotion or call 6222 1234 to book an appointment. Don’t forget to mention my name/blog to them!

Business Locations and Hours

  • Ngee Ann City Tower A (#05-21)
  • Tiong Bahru Plaza  (#01-15/16)
  • Novena Square (#02-02)
  • Singapore Post Centre (#01-01A)
  • Jubilee Square (#02-01/03/13/14)
  • Yew Tee Point (#01-16)
  • The Clementi Mall  (#05-08/09)
  • NEX (#B1-71/72)
  • Tampines One  (#05-01)
  • Woodlands Civic Centre (#04-06)

Business Hours:
Monday – Saturday: 11am to 9 pm
Sunday: 11am to 8 pm
Public Holidays: 11am to 7pm
HOTLINE: 6222 1234

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