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Shopping online isn’t anything new anymore. In the digital era, it’s all about door to door delivery at a click of a mouse, and ensuring that everything comes ASAP. And speaking as someone who doesn’t fancy shopping in town sometimes (URGH! CROOOOWDDDSSS), the online shopping malls just gleam in comparison.

However, we’ve all heard horror stories haven’t we? Of people who either never get their products, got fake products versus those they were promised, or even those who received BOXES, yes boxes, of the product they ordered but only to find it empty inside.

Recently, this very witty mother (blog as shown above) who shopped online from Singapore just got the nightmare of her life when she opened her boxes.. and aren’t all of us frightened to death of being in that exact same situation!? Well, perhaps you no longer need to worry, and we are here today to show you why.

About ShopVenture

When you first enter this is what you’ll see.

ShopVenture is a review website made for all you online shoppers who want to shop till they drop – but want to know they are getting their money’s worth. I can now wave goodbye to days where I keep googling “Is *insert name here* shop really trustworthy?” lol. Yes, I really did that just so you know.

And as a blogger myself, I know it’s hard to take another blogger’s words for real when it comes to reviews – some are paid to say only the good anyway! But ShopVenture, much like a forum, is 100% real. You get to read reviews from ALL kinds of buyers with ALL kinds of different expectations – and then get to decide for yourself if that is somewhere you want to shop at! Great, isn’t it!?

On top of that, they’ve also been featured here by the Honeycombers – a great achievement for something that just started this year! 🙂

How To Write a Review

Before being able to write a review, you must sign up with an account – so don’t forget!

Above I teach you step by step on how to locate the shop you want to review. When you get to the final step (step 3), you simply click the green button to write your review!

As for me personally, I had quite an awful experience.. as you can see. So hence the 2 stars and the pretty awful review.. If you want to read the review more clearly as opposed to it being a JPEG, simply click here:

So yes, here’s a platform for all of you to rant or gush, I’d be happier for you if it’s gushing though haha, about whatever and whichever online shop you want to review! Isn’t that great? And so so simple to do so as well. However, do be sure to watch your language, if necessary, because all comments will require approval before posting.

Reading Reviews

As for reading reviews, there’s no specific place to go really. You can opt to scroll to the bottom and read reviews on popular shops, or just wherever the black arrows are pointing! You can even search for a specific shop and start from there. The options are countless! 🙂

I think it’s definitely great to go somewhere professionally designed and curated so you can find information that you need quickly and effectively. And since everyone needs an account and reviews are moderated, the likelihood of spam or fake reviews are lessened! It’s good to have somewhere you can trust after all.


Here’s an extra perk to write a review, if you should need one! 😉

Korean Brand Pomme D’Ellie, famous for using exotic eel skin leather and rich vibrant colors when creating bags of contemporary vintage appeal, will be giving away an Ebin Shoulder Tote Cross Bag in Red (RP SGD $440) and it is yours to win!

Eel skin is 150% stronger than regular leather and becomes softer and more supple with use. It is only produced in South Korea.  Pomme D’Ellie’s range of leather goods come in a variety of stunning colors. Tote has shoulder strap and features three inside pockets and a magnetic clasp. A great size for an office bag that can fit your laptop, iPad, organizers, make-up and everything else – and still look stylish. The Ebin is available in a bold on-trend black and white stripe, red, brown, and black.

All you need to do is write a review and #samanthaashley as well! It’s that simple! 🙂

We look forward to reading all your reviews and can’t wait to see who wins too! 🙂

Don’t forget to follow them here on social media as well so you can always keep updated.

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