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Do you notice something about this photo? I may look made up but I am not wearing any lipstick at all, only COLORLESS LIP BALM ON TOP! YES THAT’S RIGHT! I embroidered my lips so they’ll always have a pretty shade of pink without me even needing to try! And if you’re wondering what the healing process was, where I did it, whether it hurt… then you’ve come to the right place! Everything you need to know about Lip Embroidery is in this post!

Also, I need to apologize for quite a number of photos in this post if they’re ever slightly so blurry. I took all this before changing my camera, and my Olympus Pen (the very first and old version) was becoming very problematic at this time. I tried sharpening to the best of my ability but still I apologize! 🙁

Perfect Brow House (City Plaza)

As you guys know, Perfect Brow House used to be in Toa Payoh – which was where I went to when I first did my 3D Eyebrow Embroidery. Now though, it has moved to City Plaza (nearest MRT is Paya Lebar) and is housed in a much nicer glamorous set up!

Perfect Brow House (Paya Lebar Square)

There’s also a new place at Paya Lebar Square #02-02 and it looks amazing! It’s very easy to access as well as you can enter the mall through one of the exits at the MRT.

To round up, the two locations are now #02-39 City Plaza, 810 Geylang Road, Singapore 409286 and Paya Lebar Square #02-02, Singapore 409051. You can contact them at 6352 7012 / 9125 2256 / 9631 1058

Do check out their Facebook here:

Introduction to Lip Embroidery

Lip embroidery is like Eyebrow Embroidery. They are both semi-permanent and can last you for up to a few years. For Eyebrows, it’s about 1-2, and for lips it’s about 3-5. Call it by any other name.. at the end of the day it’s still pretty much a tattoo. As you would touch up your own body tattoos, these also require touch ups now and then. They all go on your skin the same way too, with needles (yes, it’s unescapable!) and have a downtime of about a week.

Lip Embroidery is interesting though, because you get to change the shape of your lips (rounder/sharper/thicker/thinner) and get to decide just what color you want them to be as well! If you have dark lips, you can opt to have them lightened into a healthy pink. If you have really pale lips, then you can brighten them into a nice red even. The wonders of possibilities makes this so amazing.

Do note though, that all lips are different (in texture and color) so all results are naturally dependent on that. You and your friend could choose to do the same type of pink, but one of you end up having it looking much more neon and the other much duller.. Do discuss your choices with Kelly to get what you’re really looking for!

Why I Chose to Do Lip Embroidery

I’ve read a lot of places online where people are very judgmental about this whole procedure. Some Caucasians say we Asians “try too hard” or men comment on other blog posts saying, “don’t know why women do these things to themselves” (my boyfriend included).

It doesn’t bother me because this is something I’ve wanted for awhile. Living with pale lips is no joke, especially when all it takes is a morning of forgetting to put on colored lip balm/lipstick for people to ask me if I’m sick or if I didn’t sleep well the night before (photo above urgh!). Some not-so-well-mannered people might even straight up tell me, “Wow you really don’t look good”….. Okay, message received. And to be honest, I’m pretty tired of always having to touch up lipstick and whatnot after meals.. I’m tired of not kissing my boyfriend whenever I’ve just got a new coat of lip product on or accidentally getting it on his shirts.. So yes. Choosing this was something I always knew I would end up doing.

The Process of Lip Embroidery
Note: Before I tell you the process, I must tell you that Kelly did warn me not to do the embroidery first because my lips were SUPER dry and they kept flaking whenever she removed my lipstick.. she was worried this would cause an uneven tone of color, but I was busy for the rest of the month, so I could only do it on this particular day.. So let’s see what happens.

First, I laid down on the bed and Kelly came over to draw my desired lip shape on me. Since my lips were already pretty thick, I didn’t ask for any kind of enhancement to make it bigger or sexier.. I basically asked her to fill in my shape as it was.. For the sides I chose it to be sharper to the corners of my mouth instead of rounder.. this gives the illusion of a smaller mouth shape!

Kelly redrew my line a good 4-5 times before finally settling on the “design”, and she was really particular about the shape, symmetry, etc. Even when I was satisfied, she wasn’t.. so that should tell you something! Kelly is super serious about this job, don’t take it lightly! She then touches up the original pink line drawn, with a black line instead. This way, when she starts the embroidery, the black line is easier to follow and she won’t “lose” the shape.

Kelly then applied the most interesting kind of anesthetic on me.. through some kind of “lip mask”. I thought it was going to be a cream! Anyway.. it really stang… IT STANG. It was actually quite burning, but probably also because when Kelly lightly removed the original lipstick I was wearing with a cotton pad, my lips started peeling like mad already (damn my dry skin!). So that meant my lips were pretty raw and sensitive and reacted that way.. Perhaps if you’ve better lips, or take better care of them, you wouldn’t be in my position.

The stinging went on for about…. 20 minutes and after that my lips became NUMB. They didn’t even feel like my lips.. which is a good sign. No feeling means no pain after. Kelly left mine on for about 45 minutes to be sure, which I was grateful for.

I chose the color I wanted for my lips whilst I was under “sedation” (lol, I joke). There were so many types of colors apparently.. Watermelon Red.. Coral Red.. Baby Pink.. Bright Pink… Big Red.. etc. You could even opt to mix up the colors accordingly.. but I knew straightaway in my heart… I wanted BIG RED. I am such a fan of red lips, plus pink lips tend to look washed out on me. Kelly agreed it was a better suit for my skin tone, and we started!

Kelly filled in my outside line first with her embroidery needle (which are all sterilized and only used ONCE each time for hygiene and safety reasons).. and if asked to describe what the needle looks like.. well.. It’s weird. It’s like a thick vibrating mechanical pencil with a needle at the end instead of lead.. It looks extremely non-threatening, though the sound of it scared me a little.. But nothing too much of a deal. With the amount of anesthetic she used, everything was pretty easy breezy.

My outside line was done with a single needle.. and filled in with a pink/light red (if you can see above).. She didn’t fill it in with Big Red because she said an outer liner with lighter color would be more natural. This process took quite awhile because she wanted to make sure the color sunk in. I’m going to be honest and admit that at SOME parts where the anesthetic didn’t sink in so well, I DID feel pain – but she immediately topped up more anesthetic whenever that happened so it was fine.

By the time it got to filling in my full lips, the anesthetic had almost fully done its job. This one was a much quicker process because Kelly used “more needles” or a “thicker needle” to fill in the color. I felt NO PAIN in case you’re wondering. It just looked like she was coloring in my lips with a gel pen or something. Pretty interesting. She would keep coloring in, wiping off the excess, then coloring in the same spot again. She did this about 3-5 times over both my lips to make sure the color REALLY sank in. Towards the end, my top lip started hurting (bottom felt ZERO), but Kelly went on to make sure everything was even.

Okay so this is me at the end in all my glory. There’s still some red dye on my lips but I wiped it off effortlessly with a tissue after! My lip embroidery is complete after a good 3.5 hours and I am nothing but satisfied!

Kelly gave me two medications after.. one was a circular container which will be given free after your embroidery is done. The second was a bottle one, which costs $38. I was to finish everything in the container first before moving on to the bottle. The bottle one was to last all the way even after peeling was complete and to help maintain lip smoothness and color! Now all that’s left is to go home, get some rest, and watch my lips go through it’s cocooned process.

P/S: I still went out to Holland V this very night for dinner LOL! I don’t think it’s that big a deal, so don’t worry too much about how you look.

Healing Process
I will be tracking down my days daily for all you guys so everything is much more specific and clearer – this way, it’s also easier to digest and anticipate what might be in for you! I will be writing in point form though, because sentences might be too long to go through.

I write each day AS I EXPERIENCE them, not as an after thought or through memory, so it’s much more accurate. Also, I apologize for difference in lighting. I took them (with my old, somewhat lousy camera 🙁 as explained in the beginning) and edited them the best I could for consistency.

Day One:

  • No pain at all, lips still feel very desensitized
  • At most, slightly weird numb feeling.. but no pain
  • Lips about 60-70% swollen, not a very big deal to me though
  • I went out without a surgical mask after the embroidery, so yeah
  • Could eat noodles and meat easily (just made sure to fit everything on the spoon first)
  • Placed ice in a ziplock bag, into a towel, and onto my lips
  • Lips still about 50% swollen after that
  • Applied given medication (in circular container) with a cotton bud using little to no strength
  • Had to be careful not to lick lips or let medicine touch the tongue!
  • Medicine isn’t poisonous, but best not to ingest too much of it…. a little is inevitable
  • Made sure not to let lips touch pillow whilst I slept (this was hard!)
Day Two:

  • Lips still 40-50% swollen when I woke up, zero pain
  • Feels like there’s a tight layer of skin on lips whenever I smile/talk
  • So I apply the lip medication whenever I feel my lips are dry
  • Can eat food without any difficulty at all, just had to fit it straight into my mouth
  • Iced lips for about half an hour during the day using same method as above
  • Swelling down to about 10-20% by evening/night time already
  • Very slight slight peeling of lips on the inside (closer to the teeth area)
  • Peeling did come off with application of medicine using cotton bud
  • Lips still feel slightly numbish, but overall everything is fine
Day Three:
  • Lips woke up looking fine with only 10-20% swelling, good to go work
  • When I woke up, I still had 98% of embroidery on my lips but….
  • A lot of peeling started after I brushed my teeth and my lip skin flaked off easily
  • With just application of medication, a lot more lip skin flaked off
  • Even with the short time frame though, I could already see pretty strong color adherence
  • By evening, everything in the middle had come off, only leaving the edges of my lips
  • As seen above, my lips still look moist and raw and there is no real boundary to be seen between unpeeled and peeled off lips.
  • Applied the medication still because lips still feel tight and supremely dry
  • Lips feel a little sore/strung whenever I press them together
Day Four:

  • Still woke up with about 10% swelling but it went down in an hour
  • As you can see, the moist area has worn off and it’s clearer where the dry unpeeled skin is and peeled lighter skin remains
  • Luckily lips still look fine to go out without any surgical mask
  • Color remaining is pretty strong and healthy but lips are far from smooth and healed
  • Tightness of lips have improved from the day before but a lot of dead skin
  • Lip color on top seems brighter than below.. edges still “lined” with embroidery
  • No more pain on my lips, can eat freely without any issue
  • Finished up medication from the circular container at night time

Day Five:

  • Woke up with no more swelling but lips are DRY DRY DRY
  • My lips keep flaking non stop, I look a little disgusting, but I can deal with it
  • Started using medication from the small bottle instead… way better to use
  • It’s more hygienic, no weird after taste, and my lip skin seems to be coming off faster
  • By late afternoon, half my lips are smooth and more normal, the rest is still parched
  • That means half my lips are still covered with disgusting dry skin and feels tight
  • The bottom half of my lips seems perfectly healed and okay
  • The top half of my lips still has a line of embroidery around it… still slightly bright red
  • It seems to have better color adherence than then my bottom lip… I’m quite worried
  • Shall keep applying the medicine from the bottle
Day Six:

  • Lips are still pretty dry, but feel much better
  • No more flaking of lips but discoloration between top lip and bottom still obvious
  • Right now it looks a lot more like lip liner tattoo than lip embroidery
  • I am a little worried I may have to do a touch up in about a month-3 month’s time
Day Seven:

  • Lips no longer as dry, a light application of lip balm does the trick
  • Both lips are of a closer color now, though the line around is much more obvious
  • I messaged Kelly and she said this was due to my extremely dry lips prior to embroidery
  • She did warn me beforehand, as I will warn all of you now too
  • Make sure your lips are well prepped and moisturized before this procedure
  • If yours are dry like mine, take extra care and perhaps stop wearing lipstick for a week
  • Right now I have to wait out for a month to see how the color plays out
  • This is of one week, and I will check in again after my touch up

After Touch Up

Apparently ZERO people go for touch ups.. besides me… -_- I am always so unfortunate with these things.. sigh. But hey! Check out jus how BEAUTIFUL the color is for my lips now!!! I literally go out all the time without lipstick and only wear makeup for special occasions. Otherwise, this color is enough for people to think I’m just going for that “light, minimal makeup look” with all the perks of minimalism but none of the downsides of looking tired or pale! 🙂

Whilst the pinkness of the 7th Day picture was nice, it was still a little too pale for my liking hehe and I was worried would fake off quicker. I wanted a more raspberry pink, which it is now! Mine actually started peeling after about 2 days, this time faster than the previous but I guess the touch up did the trick anyway! So so so so so happy :D.

Tips for Taking Care
1) Keep your lips well moisturized and healthy for at least ONE WEEK before the embroidery. This ensures smoother application of color and better absorption of anesthetic.

2) Use a cotton bud to lightly apply the given medication. USE NO FORCE! Be as gentle as possible.
3) Try your best to only eat pork, veggies and fruits to help with healing (Kelly’s advice).
4) If your lips are very swollen, remember to ice it for 30 minutes each time.
5) After your embroidery, try to talk as much as you can to stimulate blood flow and lessen swelling.
6) Do not eat anything piping hot or spicy, try to stick to cooling/warm foods only.
7)  Sleep with a towel on top of your pillow for these few days to prevent color transfer onto your sheets. 
Question and Answer

Q: Does the dye from the red ink stain your teeth?

A: Be prepared for it to take up 2.5 – 3 hours.

Q: Does the dye from the red ink stain your teeth?

A: To make sure the red dye didn’t get onto my teeth or tongue, she put a cotton pad into my mouth “coating” my teeth so it would absorb the color if anything. The only issue was that you’ve got to accept that red dye will end up all over your face somehow, but won’t break you out.

Q: So should I wear dark clothes to go and get my lips done in case of staining everywhere?

A: I would actually suggest that for safety’s sake, though Kelly does put a towel across you to ensure that your clothes don’t get stained as well. Nothing happened to mine, but just in case!

Q: Can I wear lipstick after doing lip embroidery?

A: Yes you may.. I find it so weird when people ask me if I’m sad that I’m stuck with this color forever haha. I can still wear whatever lipstick/lipbalm I want!

Q: Must I really stick to the list of “allowed foods”?

A: I suppose if you REALLY want to break the rule, go ahead. But to be cautious I didn’t till a week later.

Q: Must I really buy the $38 bottle of medication?

A: I think you should, because it does help with the healing process and I found it pretty effective!

Q: Can’t I use my own lip care products after the given medication is given?

A: Sure, just find something really really moisturizing because the tightness of your lips will be INSANE.

Q: My lip skin peeled off and the pink below is way too light! What do I do?

A: Wait for it to darken, it normally does after awhile. If yours ends up like mine, and remains uneven after a month, then a touch up may be in order.

Overall Thoughts

I have zero regrets about this whole thing – why? Because even when my lips were originally uneven before touch up, no one could really tell till they stared at me close up – as close as the pictures. On an everyday basis, people just assumed I had pink lips. And my own boss at work didn’t even realize I did my lip embroidery (she was shocked when I told her I did) as she said she didn’t even see any swelling!

Here it is in yellow lighting 🙂

Also, I cannot explain how amazing it is to never worry about touching up or looking in the mirror to check if I look like the living dead. I literally wear NO lipstick anymore besides on days I have events and want to add some gloss or tint for a stronger effect. This is something I decided for myself, I did not do it for a man or to impress society. So when you do it, get that clear for yourself too because the swelling and issues you face are your own to bear, and the results are your own to reap.

I am nothing NOTHING but contented with what I have now – would I reverse it? Never. But I DO have to touch up in 5 years time I think. No complaints there either.

Price List

Lip Embroidery SGD $688 (normal) + free touch up & scar cream
Lip Embroidery SGD $988 (diamond/gloss) + free touch up & scar cream
Eyebrow Embroidery SGD$228 + free touch up & scar cream 
3D Eyebrow Embroidery SGD$588 + free touch up & scar cream 
Korean Eyebrow Embroidery SGD688 + free touch up & scar cream 
4D Floating Eyebrow Embroidery SGD $988 + free touch up & scar cream 
Eyeliner (by hand) SGD$208 for upper lid SGD$388 for both lids 
Eyeliner (by machine) SGD$388 for upper lid SGD$738 for both lids
Eyelash extension normal SGD38 / strand by strand SGD68
Japan Babydoll eyelash extension normal SGD58 / strand by strand SGD88
DO NOTE: As Kelly is highly sought after, and hence very busy, any services by her will require a top up of $200 from the prices shown above.

Any other services will require a top up of $100. Do not worry about the service and skills of the other staff though, because they are equally able to give you great results too.

As touch ups may vary in price, please do call them first to confirm the amount! 🙂

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