I’m no foundie-lover actually. I’m an extremely lazy kind of person – if you noticed, this blog has been largely about ways to look good as effortlessly as possible lol (hence the eyelash extensions and lip embroidery). I’m all about getting ready in less than 10 minutes and heading out of the house, so when I got this foundation I was a little…. unsure. I haven’t used heavy liquid foundations since 5 years ago perhaps. But with all the hype going around this, I knew I had to dive in.


photo credits: Elizabeth Arden Singapore

Elizabeth Arden’s Flawless Finish Perfectly Satin 24HR Liquid Foundation with a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen of SPF15 boasts advanced shine control ingredients that are time released to absorb oil throughout the day for non-stop complexion perfection. It is also climate-resistant which means its formula can withstand humidity, heat, and moisture (perfect for us here in Singapore!)

photo credits: Elizabeth Arden Singapore

It is lightweight, velvety and comes with medium to full coverage. It blends effortlessly into the skin, perfecting tone for naturally flawless coverage that claims to stay put for 24 hours with minimal to no transferring or rubbing off. Since it is infused with time-release shine-control technology and environmentally adaptable micro-algae extract, the foundation is intuitive and recognizes skin’s oil levels so as to control excess sebum ALL AT THE SAME TIME without clogging pores at all!

The additional benefits of Vitamin E ensure that skin remains protected, looks healthier, smoother and softer. The Broad Spectrum SPF15 shields the skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Packaging and Swatches

The packaging is extremely luxurious. It comes in a glass bottle which has pretty good weight to it and has a lovely gold colored pump. As with all pumps, it’s great because it’s hygienic but not so great when the product is starting to finish and you can’t get those final drops you’d desperately like to reach. The glass bottle also kinda scares me in a way that I can’t take it out to the gym or holidays much… so my recommendation is to transfer a good amount into a smaller plastic container.

I have a small face and 1 pump is MORE than enough for me (from what I tested at the recent Elizabeth Arden event). 1 pump would be sufficient for most, though you could probably add half a pump more if you’d like to really blend all the way down to your neck, and for fuller coverage.

Here are the swatches I did for FOUR colors (the one in the bottle is 02 Cream Nude, which I did not open). As you can see, 01 and 03 are lighter colors whilst 04 and 05 would be better for those who are more tanned.

01 is good for those who are currently using MAC’s NC15 as it is very very light. I do think fairer skin girls who have problems getting a good foundation match would really appreciate this. I think I’m an average skin tone (NC25 or so) and 03 Soft Shell suits me amazingly. This product doesn’t oxidize much, so getting the right tone right off the bat would be most important. I know some who purchase lighter tones with oxidation in mind, but try to refrain from that with this foundation.

Anyway, they do have foundation-matching technology at their counters to get the best shade for you, so don’t be shy and just try it out! 🙂

Personal Usage

My shade is 03 Soft Shell. As you can see, it blends really beautifully into my skin above. It doesn’t rest into my fine lines and looks extremely natural. I really like that it dries seamlessly as well without any nasty patches or dry spots.

My skin has recently been experiencing quite abit of dryness though, I don’t know if you can see but my nose is peeling slightly. Due to this sudden drought on my skin, I decided to apply the foundation (from the center of my face working outwards) with a Beauty Blender since there would be more moisture on the sponge and the spreading out would be much easier. Perhaps with oilier skins, you can use your favorite brush, but with drier skins like mine, fingers or sponges would be more ideal.

Personally, I LOVED the finish of the foundation though I cannot say I will use it too often since I am much more a everyday-sunblock-and-lipbalm-only kind of girl. I used this for a dinner out and went to work in the day. It lasted me (without ANY powder) a good 15 hours. It could’ve lasted more, just that I was home already and decided to remove it.

The oil control was superb especially for my forehead area and it covered my pores by a good 70-80%. If my skin was a little more moisturized, the finish would’ve been a lot more flawless. The color really didn’t oxidize, and if it did I would gauge it at a MAX of 5% which is infinitesimal. Basically, my skin remained matte the whole day (though the dryness softened over time with slight secretion of oil), and despite being in this state, it never felt tight or dry. This is definitely a superb product and I could totally see myself using it for DnDs, weddings, and huge events. For those who want a day-to-night foundation with great coverage and minimal fuss, then this is for you.

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Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.

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