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Recently, I was invited to Beijing 101 Hair Care Consultants for an interesting session to discuss more about their unique hair treatments. As someone who has always been blessed with a lot of hair (both sides of my family have A TON of hair), it never occurred to me to care much about what I have. Sure, I get white hair once in awhile and I drop quite a lot on a daily basis – but I always joked that I have so much left, that lessening it might be a good thing.

However, after having my own consultation and hearing what Beijing 101 has to say about hair care, I am very ready to take on a less blase position about my crowning glory – and perhaps this post will enlighten you about yours too!

About Beijing 101

Beijing 101 has been around for more than 40 years! Were you aware of that!? Because I definitely wasn’t. In fact, I wasn’t even aware of how clever the name itself was.

The reason it’s called Beijing 101 is because their founder originated from Beijing and they use 101 PREMIUM GRADE Chinese herbs, that are specially grown and harvested under highly regulated conditions, for treating hair and scalp conditions! Chinese herbs treat the root of hair problems and are also gentle on the scalp. And though the general image of Beijing 101 is that they treat hair loss alone, that’s actually not the case. They also deal with oily scalp and hair problems, dandruff issues, and many more. In fact, hair loss alone isn’t such a simple case but I’ll get into that later.

Beijing 101 ensures that their professional hair care consultants are trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine (also known as TCM) and their hair care products are of a prescription range and developed on their own by one of China’s most accredited TCM physicians. They all have the necessary expertise to solve any hair and scalp problems for both men and women. Through detailed hair and scalp analysis, the hair consultants are also able to customize hair treatments for each customer.

Beijing 101’s Hair Care Treatment is the choice of millions all over the world and is currently sold in over 60 countries including USA, England, Japan, etc.

Workshop Session

A few of us bloggers were invited to a cosy session with a hair consultant about their latest treatment technology for hair. The roller has many tiny needles on it which cause little pricks onto the scalp which cause blood vessels and capillaries to develop as a result. This encourages blood flow in the scalp which ultimately aids hair growth since hair fall is often linked to the lack of blood circulation.

What they do is use a roller with a special booster lotion to fully maximize the results. The lotion has ZERO alcohol in it, so that definitely means that you won’t get that stinging sensation. At the same time though, do be prepared that your scalp can get a little red due to the tiny needles.

Of course, with needles means NO SHARING of the roller. Don’t worry because every customer gets one roller to themselves for hygiene purposes. Naturally, some people may not be candidates for this treatment such as those with diabetes or pimples on their scalp as this may worsen their condition rather than improve it.

My consultation

Yikes! I was a little worried and hesitant when it was my turn because I wasn’t expecting anything good. I’ve been experiencing on and off dandruff issues for awhile despite using anti-dandruff shampoo and have also been somewhat suffering from occasional itchy scalp so.. yes, naturally, I expected my consultant to be the bearer of bad news. Lol.

The consultant used a “scanner” of a sort to pinpoint areas of my head that were typically of concern for many others. As you can see above, it really goes right against your head to get a clear image.

So yes, here is a close up of my scalp. It looks disgusting and I apologize, but I’m really the one to blame for letting it get to this stage :(. Apparently, not only is my scalp not getting sufficient blood flow, it is also very oily and that’s what’s causing the my hair roots to look like they’ve been “iced over” with a thick glob of goo.

Most people assume that white hair is dead hair and part of life, but they don’t realize that issues like an oily scalp also contribute to it. In my case, the disgusting blob of oil is blocking my my hair from growing out properly and is also denying my hair root of proper nutrition. Basically, it’s “suffocating: the ends of my hair and that’s what causing it to turn white… I felt a little sad hearing that, But at least I now know what steps to take to get rid of that unhealthy layer over my scalp and how to better take care – first step being to get a good shampoo for an oily scalp and not just for anti-dandruff alone.

And though yes, finding out such things about my hair wasn’t exactly a celebratory affair (lol), I really would like to thank my consultant for being really gracious about it. She was in no way pushy or rude as what I’ve encountered outside before. I don’t believe in and especially dislike it when a lot of people find it fine to package rudeness under the guise of “honesty” to make you feel belittled and cornered into purchasing something. This is definitely something to pride Beijing 101 on, and something I’m sure many of you readers will appreciate too! 🙂

If you think you face problems like I do (dandruff and increasing white hair *cries*), feel free to head down for a consultation and a Herbal Scalp Treatment that can help soothe and eliminate itchiness on scalp as well as deep cleanse within hair follicles to unclog impurities!



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