Smooth, Tame Tresses with GlamPalm Styler!

disclaimer: comb is not included in the set

For awhile, I’ve not been a fan of hair styling devices. I actually do own a curling wand, but I stopped using it after awhile because my hair kept getting fried. Eeeps! I actually did use hair protecting sprays and oils once or twice but those didn’t work too well either. Eventually, I opted for sanity and softer hair by doing a Volume Magic Rebonding at Dusol Beauty and told myself never to burn my hair again.

However, I’ve been hearing things (GOOD THINGS) about GlamPalm, and most of them revolve around how using it actually gives them softer hair!? That was pretty hard to believe. I was also taken aback when these reviews also stated how the device could be used on hair directly without any protectant in between. So when I got sponsored the GlamPalm GP313 (mid size), I was both ecstatic and highly curious.

About Glam Palm

Using only the best technology and features, GlamPalm ensures maximum results with minimum effort! It doesn’t even matter what type of hair you have, be it fragile, colored, coarse, or unruly – GlamPalm allows you to control the type of heat you require specifically.

In fact, it comes with 11 Heat Settings ranging from 100 degrees Celsius all the way to 200 , so you are always free to decide what is best for the hairstyle you want. For fine hair, you can go with 150-160 degrees, but thicker hair can go up to 180-200!

It comes with Healing Stone Technology which means it has special ceramic plates which are infused with their exclusive Healing Stone mineral so it does not damage the cuticle layer of hair even with everyday use. This special ceramic coating also ensures smooth sliding which prevents hair from being pulled out. Everyone can feel safe using it on a daily basis without the need of a heat protectant! Other amazing features include the 3D Swivel Pivot Cord, Light Touch Grip, Tilt and Cushion Plates as well as a Rapid Heat Up.

My GlamPalm Set

I love my Glam Palm set because it comes with a gorgeous clutch, and 2 clips (as seen more clearly in the cover picture!). The clutch is also pretty sturdy, which means it totally wins on the portability scale! Check out how it has those elastic loops for you to put your own comb and clips through, totally great design. Thumbs up.

STILL…. To me, the BEST PART is that the 3-pin plug can be changed out for a 2 pin plug with the simple use of a screw driver so you can use it in many countries so easily! It’s really amazing how meticulous the thought process was when this was created.

How I Use It

I normally like the curled in look where my hair is pretty straight all over and curls in nicely at the ends because it’s easiest and the fastest to do haha! Plus my hair can be a little unruly at times because it’s layered so those around my shoulder length tends to curl out instead.

1) So what I do is (I have super thick hair) clip up the top parts of my hair first, then section the lower bottom into two parts after.

2) I switch my GlamPalm up to about 180 degrees and then proceed to put it through my hair. You will know it’s time when the light stops blinking and remains blue.

3) Then I put it through a section and curl in the end focusing on it for 5 seconds.

4) I then proceed to do the rest of my hair the same way. Once I’m totally done, I’ll look again in the mirror and see if I missed any (some remain curled out) and then just go through those areas one more time. I have pretty thick hair so this takes me about 10 minutes! The heat is really good and at a right temperature so it’s really fast for me to do this and go.

Overall Thoughts

I think the first time using this can be pretty tricky because it’s all about getting that temperature and curl of your hair right. Start from the lowest and see how it works out for you before proceeding to higher temperatures. This means that the first time you do try this out (if you’re not a hair tong aficionado), try to allocate more time for yourself and not squeeze in just 5 minutes of your day.

Some reviews stated that people with frizzy hair slept in their styled hair overnight and had straight tame hair the next morning. I didn’t do this personally but I did find that my hair stayed styled the whole day no matter what the humidity was, and it DID stay quite soft and bouncy without the need for heat protectants! I really did enjoy having such glamorous hair and it’s great for those who find their hair losing shape after half a day – GlamPalm ensures your mane remains crown worthy as ever, so don’t even begin fretting about that.


They’re currently having a promotion of $20 off (going from SGD$285 to $265), but if you quote SA15″ you can get ANOTHER $15 off! Woot! 😀 Simply head over to GlamPalm to purchase yours now. Remember, some other hair devices may be cheap and accessible but at the end of the day, quality always comes first.

All units ordered over the weekend will be shipped out on Monday. For orders before Friday, next day delivery is offered for purchases made after 11am. For orders on Friday, same-day delivery is offered as long as the purchase is made before 11am.

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.

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