Thank you all for the support you gave to both of us 🙂

Hey guys, so this has been kind of overdue. I hope all of you forgive the sudden turn of events, but we have been trying to slowly transition it over the past few months to what I have to say now…. will now be which means I am officially a Solo Blogger. 🙂

I think I’ve informed a few close friends and sponsors, but many of them have come to the same conclusion that I owe everyone an explanation or a post at least on the change. It’s nothing too drastic, really, as I expect many people to expect haha. It just means you’ll see more of me and less of Ashley (who knows, she might make a guest appearance one day!). This might be a bad thing for some: I know many who love her videos, as do I, and will be sad to see her gone.

In case you’re wondering why, it’s very simple. Ashley is currently very busy with her job, and has hence, with a heavy heart, made the decision to go since she does not have the time to commit anymore. However, I still cannot bear to leave this blog and thus will be continuing it on my own. I strive to keep the blog posts up to its usual quality to the best of my efforts, as Ash and I always did.

Thank you all who have stood by us throughout the 2 years that existed and for those who still stand by me as I do this alone. All help and support is appreciated.

2015 is a year for new beginnings so let’s stand by for that! 🙂

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