Finding #MyRightMiracle with Bio-Essence’s Miracle Bio Water

I’ve recently started a new job that is actually pretty high stressed; and as such, I’ve often found myself having skin that’s not in the best condition due to long hours in front of the computer and in an air-conditioned room! 🙁 While I’ve sometimes wished to run to the washroom to just splash my face with water, I know that’s near impossible with my makeup on (cue smudged makeup face).

Thus, believe me when I say I found so much joy in Bio-Essence’s Miracle Bio Water that has not only solved my problems of wanting a quick spritz for rejuvenation, but has also given me a great boost in hydration over the day. Before I get into the many benefits of the Bio Water though, let me give a quick introduction.

Miracle Bio Water

First off, I think it’s extremely vital to note that the Miracle Bio Water is extremely low in salt, compared to many in the market, with as little as 2.432mg/l! What does that have to do with anything? Well, we all have natural salt in our bodies and it’s also essential in maintaining a healthy physiological process – but too much of it causes dehydration. And though you wouldn’t guess, many other “waters” out there have huge salt contents that end up drying our skin out instead of hydrating it.

Not the Miracle Bio Water though. In fact, it even comes with an optimal pH value of 6.45, which is the closest to the skin’s natural pH value; this way, it is extremely mild and great even for hypersensitive skin (dermatologically tested!). Each misting leaves the skin soothed, hydrated and softened.

As you can see above, we did a test at the Bio Essence event and my moisture level went up by an average of almost 3% and my skin was cooled down by 2 degrees! It also amazed me how matte my skin felt after, because no one loves oily skin after all haha.

20 Excellent Efficacies

Not actual bottle LOL but I think I did an okay job in decorating… hahaha


  • Fastest cooling, soothing and calming effects
  • Highest hydration with lowest salt content
  • pH-Balanced – hypoallergenic formulation
  • Controls oil effectively
  • Refines pores
  • Brightens skin
  • Firms skin
  • Cools eye to help reduce eye strain
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Use after makeup for long lasting and natural look
  • Moisturizes and nourishes skin
  • Relieves tiredness, energizing
  • Soothes skin after treatment
  • Moisturizes hair 
  • Relieves hair dryness that leads to split ends
  • Refreshes and soothes skin after exercise
  • Soothes and calms skin
  • Under hot sun to moisturize and refresh skin For Babies
  • Ideal skincare for babies
  • Pre-nappy application

I don’t need to give you more reasons to try out the Bio Water I believe haha, 20 has got to be more than enough!

How to Use

To use, simply hold the bottle at a distance not less than 20 cm from targeted area and spray. Pat it dry gently after spraying. You can feel free to use it over make up as well, there’s no need to pat it in if you’re using it that way.

I’ve been really enjoying using it at work, as mentioned earlier, and it’s just so great to have as a pick me up before meetings with clients or even after lunch outdoors when my face starts to get really icky. The 100ml ($12.90) is an especially convenient size to have because you can just pack it into your bag and go off. You can also take it on board flights with you to keep your hydration up since cabin pressure isn’t the best on our skin. I sometimes use it to ensure my pores look smaller and more refined before dates out with my boyfriend! 😉

If you’d like a bigger bottle to put at home or wherever you’re at most often (even your boyfriend’s place?), there is a 300ml ($28.80) option for you too!

The Bio-essence Miracle Bio Water is available in Watsons, Guardian, Unity, NTUC Fairprice, and Departmental stores (CK, OG., John Little, etc.) at 100ml ($12.90), 300ml ($28.80), 100ml Twin Pack ($16.90) and 300ml Twin Pack ($29.90).

Get Your Own Free Sample!

If you want to try this wonder Bio Water out for yourself, simply click HERE to redeem a free 30ml travel sized sample! 🙂

You can also refer to Bio-Essence’s Facebook for more details.

Last but not least, here is a huge rage of Miracle Bio Water products available and were given to me to try after the event! I am a huge fan of the Miracle Bio Water Jelly Makeup Remover and Power Protect Cooling Sunscreen SPF 56 (For Face) because both leave my skin feeling super hydrated without that weird sticky feeling! They’re all formulated without parabens, so rejoice if you’ve got sensitive skin like I do, hooray!

P/S – I promised I’d mention my interns from work in this post haha because they all really like the Miracle Bio Water. We recently had a day of LOTS of moving around and sweating, and by the end of it, we all took turns to cool down with the Miracle Bio Water. I think a few other colleagues joined in after to use it too lol! Yupp, so you’ve heard this not only from me, but the people around me as well.

Thank you Bio-Essence for the awesome products!

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased

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