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Eyelash Extensions have been all the craze lately – not just in Singapore, but many parts of the world as well. It’s not hard to reason why since they make our eyes so much larger and also cut down our makeup routine times significantly. Since I’ve started, I’ve said goodbye to smudged mascaras and droopy lashes after a long day; needless to say, I’ve totally embraced this new fad!

However, I understand the many worries behind Eyelash Extensions – people have had all their eyelashes drop out permanently, gotten swollen eyelids and, in one the worst case scenarios, conjunctivitis eeps! That’s why it’s very important to get your Eyelash Extensions from a reputable, safe, and reliable place: in fact, I’d like to introduce one such place today and that’s none other than Eye Design by Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons!

About Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons

Located off Somerset at Devonshire Road, this place is not only accessible but, just like its neighbors, it’s simply decorated and ever so chic.

As you walk in, you get welcomed by its high ceilings and clean furnishings. I don’t know about you but it looks a lot like what I envision my dream home to be! And against the wall, there are shelves of products ranging from hair products to eye serums and mascaras.

In fact, the mascara and eye serum is created by EyeDesign, one of the salons within Devonshire Selected Beauty Salons, and they are specially formulated to suit eyelash extensions as well! Eye Design also creates the eyelashes and glue used in the Eyelash Extensions carried out here – ensuring that the lashes are all cut to a perfect length and the glue is extremely safe for eyes.

Can I also just take a moment to say how gorgeous the place is!? It’s so very zen – exactly what you’d imagine Japanese home design to be, and it’s hard not to feel the serenity around. Though many people discount location, I actually find ambience a very important part of the whole procedure; when you’re in a place that makes you feel welcome, you naturally loosen up and feel more relaxed.

Getting Started

I went to Devonshire Selected Beauty Salon with Joelle, a co-founder of GetKlarity of which I am an ambassador of too, and we were just buzzing with excitement especially after setting our gaze on Moe (pronounced Mo-eh), who was to be our Eyelash Extension Technician. She was not only beautiful, but had stunning eyes, and eyelashes, to match!

Rest assured you’re in good hands when it comes to Moe, who also goes by Momo, as she is a certified Eyelash Extension Technician from Japan with more than 7 years in the field. She had her own salon back home in Shibuya fact, and was busy practicing her skills as well as passing them on.

Moe took a good look at our eyeshapes before determining which types of lashes (length of lashes, “design of lashes”, curl of lashes) suited us best. I decided to go for Sexy, since that’s what Moe had. Joelle and I both opted for Lower Lash Extensions as well – we’ve both done the Natural Lash Extension look before and wanted to try something new!

In the event that you don’t quite know what you want, use their eyelash board (which is magnetic, so cool!) and just see what shape suits your eye best. I decided to play around first, clearly hehe. If you’re ever uncomfortable with the length or shape, just discuss it further with Moe or other Eyelash Technicians! 🙂

The Procedure

Joelle went first so I had the honor of watching everything go on! Since we both decided to do lower lashes as well, the procedure was to take about 1 – 1.5 hours. If you require a removal of your previous lashes, perhaps factor another 30 minutes in.

The rooms are all separated through these “screens” which are like strings – I found that really cool actually. Most places are just open where beds are right next to each other, but this gives a feeling of space whilst having privacy as well.

After settling in and getting comfortable in bed, Moe ensures we are warm enough with a blanket over and then starts getting to work. She passes Joelle a mirror and then takes a sample lash from the pack to place against Joelle’s actual eyelashes so she can discern a length that she is comfortable with. Since we had chosen something more dramatic, she recommended longer lengths up to 13mm; and since there was a sort of “gradient” from short to long, Joelle’s went from about 11mm at the start and 13mm towards the ends.

Tape is applied to the skin beneath the lower eye first so that the glue (which is black in color to resemble the eyelashes the closest) does not stain or stick onto the lids. Moe sticks the eyelashes 2mm away from our eyelids as this ensures hygiene and less possible allergies to happen. The skin around our eyes is very sensitive after all, and its great to take as many precautions as possible.

When everything is completed and Moe has ensured every lash is in its rightful place without clumping, she “airs” the lashes to allow the glue to dry quickly. As you can see, the pink contraption blows air above the eyelashes to achieve that. She actually blows a quick puff of air after the the attachment of a few eyelashes each time to quicken the process, and a final round at the end again. That’s it! 🙂 Written down, its a simple job but in reality, it requires a lot of concentration and a great amount of skill, so kudos to Moe really!

Final Results & Review

Joelle has 60-70 top lashes and 20-30 bottom lashes on each eye.

Gotta admit, Joelle and I were a little overwhelmed at first when we saw our lashes haha! We were just not used to looking so glamorous suddenly. Though, after 10 minutes we were both gushing about how much we loved the lashes and how easily we thought the next few weeks would be when we would just get out of bed and look red-carpet ready instantly.

I have 60 top lashes and 30 bottom lashes on each eye.

Currently it’s been about a week for myself and I must say I’m very happy! I don’t take much care of my lashes and sleep as I want to, wash my face as I want to etc., and my lashes are still intact!

Once again, thank you beautiful Moe and Eye Design by Devon Selected Beauty Salons for making us just as beautiful.

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To book, you just have to start chatting with the folks over at GetKlarity by clicking below, because feeling good is THAT easy! 😉

Hope you all have enjoyed this post! xx

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