Getting our Glow on from Customized Facials at Castelle de Beaute!

Hello! I’ve got a really exciting post this time, and I say so because I’ve actually gotten my cousin to be with me in one of my blog posts! Woot! 🙂 If you want a little insight, she’s my little cousin, younger than me by 3 years, and I’ve loved her since she was born! That’s 23 years worth of loving haha. She and I have got actually pretty different skin types, which I thought would give extra insight to the types of customized facials offered at Castelle de Beaute.

About Castelle de Beaute

Castelle de Beaute offers customized facials (priced at $228) based on your current skin condition, to help you achieve the desired results for a more radiant and hydrated skin! Castelle carries ATACHE products, an amazing skin care line from Europe which caters for a wide range of skin care solutions such as anti-aging, antioxidant, anti-wrinkles, firming and whitening as well.

They are located at Block 133 Jurong Gateway #01-301, which I must say, it might sound a little out of the way, but it is actually very accessible. It’s just a stone’s throw away from JCUBE, and very near a hawker center. In fact, I was told they’re situated close to a tuition centre, so parents actually drop by for a facial while waiting. 🙂

Sorry for my fat face lol.

Also, gotta say how much my cousin and I loved LOVED the staff! They were so friendly towards us, very patient with our skin types, and gave us constant tips to improve our skin. Plus, the picture just says it all to how fun, cute, and vibrant they all were! They were so up to take a selfie, and so much giggling ensued haha.

Our Facials

My cousin and I, as mentioned, have different skin types. She is more eczema and acne prone and generally leaning to the oily side; whereas my skin is more dry, dehydrated and dull with bigger pores.

As with all typical facials, they begin with a deep cleansing. First with removal of makeup, leading to double cleansing thereafter. All the products used, as mentioned are from ATACHE, which turned out to be suitable even for eczema prone skin. 🙂

We were both going out after, so we decided to opt out of extractions. And since we did that, our therapists were sooooo kind to find another route out for us! 🙂 In the case of my cousin, they decided to use Lymphatic Drainage instead, where the machine massaged her skin whilst getting the nasty gunk out as well! She said it was so good she almost fell asleep.

Here is her face after! I was so amazed because I could totally tell the difference immediately! Her dark rings on the left side (of the photo) had lessened and her skin was so much brighter and toned. I felt so happy for her, lol. Spoken like a proud older sister.

– – 

Since my facial focused on hydration and creating a radiance instead, mine was customized to include an ampoule and a deep massage!

P/S: Before I write further, another thing I want to commend Castelle de Beaute on is how great they were about me having just done by eyebrow embroidery touch up the day before! Most facial places like to whine and complain, or outright reject facial appointments, when you say you’ve just done an eyebrow embroidery. But not them! They simply worked around my eyebrows without a sound.

lol sorry for the weird double chin!

Since I started off with cleansing just like my cousin, I decided to skip that step and go straight into what was customized for me. I got a scrub first to better prepare for the goodness in store for me. I got a scrub, which later led to to an ampoule application to my skin.

The machine you see above is what helped penetrate the ampoule deeper into my skin for better hydration and radiance. I had a massage thereafter with a cream mask as well! 😀 I swear, there was SO much moisture input into my skin I think it went for a long swim hahaha. This was one luxurious facial indeed for me.

I finished up with a hydrating face and neck mask! Admittedly I look quite funny here, but the end result was far from funny. Plus the whole experience was uber relaxing and the mask was just the cherry on top of an amazing cake. I have zero bad things, and only a hundred good things to say with everything from service to products. I was even convinced to buy a mask, LOL, but as my pay hasn’t come in yet… dear old broke me couldn’t purchase it haha.

Overall Thoughts

Here is a selfie we took RIGHT after we left. Just so you know… lol, I’ve already embroidered my eyebrows and eyeliner, plus I’ve got eyelash extensions. Besides my lipstick, I’ve got ZERO makeup on. So believe you me when I say, “I FINALLY HAVE THAT NATURAL INNER FLUSH + GLOW!!!” I was so so so amazed!!! My skin had that “boing boing” feeling and it was so so soft and hydrated – totally in love.

My cousin’s skin was definitely fairer, SUPER matte and fresh. We had dinner after and her skin remained matte throughout too! She said she normally oils up pretty quickly so even this was amazing.

By the way, today is already a few days after and my skin is still extremely soft and dewy. I know this won’t last too long without a monthly maintenance, but for now, I’m so so so glad! 🙂 If you want to have the skin you’ve always dreamed of, you just have to try Castelle de Beaute out.

Here is us with our therapists – once again, thank you all so very much. I would very much like to go back again, despite the huge distance from my house haha.

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Castelle de Beaute has created an amazing offer for all you sweethearts, and this is something I don’t think you should refuse! I myself am totally going to claim one HAHA.

And all you need to do to book is to click the link (in image) above because feeling good is that easy!

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