Hainan Dreaming for a Wedding

I recently attended my best friend’s wedding at the Ritz Carlton Resorts, Sanya, Hainan! If you follow me on Dayre, you’d have seen I’ve posted a few pictures there already! But of course, you’ll get a better view of everything here! πŸ˜‰

Sanya is actually known as home to many high end hotels and resorts in Hainan such as Holiday Inn Resorts, St Regis, MGM Grand, etc. It’s also all along the same stretch of beach, so you’re actually able to visit different hotels and dine at different restaurants if you wish.

Right, so The Ritz Carlton in general is majestic. We all know that for a fact already. Even the Ritz Carlton Singapore is pretty darn grand. But… I gotta say that the Ritz Carlton Sanya kind of went on another level.

See that top picture above (where the building is half covered by a tree)? That’s just the LOBBY AREA. And the lawn beneath is so huge that you could hold buffet dinners on it. In fact, one night my boyfriend and I bought some lighted toy airplanes(?) and flung them around the lawn and that was pretty vigorous exercise lol. Yes I’m aware we are well in our late 20’s… but never too late to be young at heart! haha.

The beach view is also amazeballs.. clearly! haha. There are fuh-reaking cabanas along the beach for you to literally chill out all day long and enjoy the view. I kept telling my boyfriend, “wow the life of the rich and famous is truly different huh!”
And before you retaliate with, “but YOU are staying at the Ritz Carlton too!”, I’d like to say that my friend paid for everything – so please invest in good friends LOL! Okay I’m kidding, but it’s still quite true.
Here’s a picture I just felt I HAD TO take, because the view is stunning! Please don’t mention my chubby cheeks… because it’s all my boyfriend’s been telling me hahaha. *insert crying laughing emoji*
Eventually my boyfriend and I did get in a cabana of our own to try out! Just that ours wasn’t by the beach, just very simply by the pool. Yes there are literally cabanas all over the place haha.
We lazed there for half a day actually. It’s hard to swim or do much when the temperature is way above Singapore’s – you just get that very sticky lethargic feeling y’know? But on the day of the wedding, we got our wits about (since we left them laying around on a holiday ha ha), and appeared nothing but presentable in the hot summer heat.
First off, I’d like to say the entire place looked like something plucked out of a Pinterest Wonderland. From spectacular decor to the yummiest snacks…. I just stood around speechless most of the time. Though the heat was totally seeping through my dress, I almost had no time to notice.
Just in case you’re wondering, here’s what I wore! I took this picture with my best friend’s (the groom) sisters. I actually knew them way long ago in high school but we never spoke till now. It’s pretty funny what life throws at you sometimes!Β 
Here’s my best friend! I never got to raise a toast to him, mostly because I was very shy in front of the 99% of people I didn’t know, but I kind of wish I did. 11 years of friendship means a lot to me, and though we aren’t around for each other very much – being in different countries which are both very far apart – I still appreciate everything from the time we were 15 till now.
The thing I remember most about our friendship was our diehard obsession with One Tree Hill lol! Do not know what was up with us, maybe just emo days haha. But still, a connection I don’t regret.
Okay, emotional speech over, moving on.
My boyfriend, on the other hand, was more busy with his popsicle than with the day’s events hahaha. He probably does NOT appreciate this picture being here lol.
I still squeezed in a photo with him at the end of the day though.. so not all’s lost!
I actually took WAY more photos than these but they revolve more around my friend’s wedding like the tea ceremony in his villa, which I felt was a little more private, so I didn’t throw them in. I hope you guys enjoyed reading this post and seeing how awesome Sanya, Hainan can actually be! πŸ™‚ I know many people don’t think much of China, but hey it does have its own beauty right!
I may never afford to have my wedding in Β Ritz Carlton Resorts, but it was definitely great to attend one there anyway. πŸ˜‰
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