Glowing in love with Chelsea Clinic’s Ultra Radiance Treatment

Last month, I was facing a huge huge issue of dull skin after my trip back from Phuket. Though I think I took decent enough care, there was no denying the amount of Sun damage done. URGH! So when I got the chance to head down to Chelsea Clinic to try out their Ultra Radiance treatment (only available at their China Square outlet), I was more than happy to.

The Ultra Radiant Treatment is effective in treating pigmentation, wrinkles, enlarged pores, dull and uneven skin tones. It also helps to stimulate cells in the dermis to produce new collagen which plumps ip and smoothens out the complexion. 🙂

P/S: This post is slightly belated, I apologize, but I did write two pretty early posts about the after effects up on my Dayre (@samanthajoy) and you can read them here and here.

The Process

Before showing you how it all kick starts, here is a quick view of my skin. It’s towards the drier side with obvious pores and some scarring especially on my chin. Definitely not radiant at all.

sorry,  my morning face with puffy eyes is pretty gross lol

I was apprehensive that my sensitive skin that’s somewhat prone to eczema wouldn’t take too kindly to the whole procedure so I had a talk with the gorgeous Doctor Kellyn to find out more. I feel bad that half the time I was admiring her more than listening LOL but she was really so pretty! I think she could model if she wasn’t a doctor.

Okay okay I digress, anyway! She reassured me that everything would be fine – and if I had itchy spots (which I am prone to getting as well) – I could always return for some cream to apply.

The Ultra Radiance treatment isn’t simply one treatment – which I guess is good for those who want some bang for their buck. It actually consists of a microdermabrasion, followed by Intense Pulse Light treatment followed by a Q Switch laser and finished with a hydrating mask.

So let’s start! I began with microdermabrasion which is meant to suck out the whiteheads and blackheads from the skin. By “suck out”, I mean that the probe had a strong vacuum sensation that draw impurities to the surface and thus made them easier to clean out.

Since I was worried that my overdramatic (ha ha) skin might overreact, the microdermabrasion device was first tested on my hand so I could determine if the pressure was okay! 🙂 It was so sweet that they considered that for me, I really appreciated it.

The pain level was zero – I would give it below zero if I could. It was so comfortable I took it as a massage haha. Most of the microdermabrasion focused on my nose’s blackheads and the whiteheads on my chin. In the photo above, you can see my nose is still okay but my chin is much redder in comparison – that went away later though.

Next up was the IPL Photo Rejuvenation and the Q Switch Laser. They were both used with the same machine but just gave off different lights when used. They also serve different functions.

The IPL Photo Rejuvenation helps tighten pores and reduce pigment and is also what creates the glow! Since it is an IPL all the same, it also helps reduce and stunt hair growth on the face! Double awesome. Dr. Kellyn went around my peach fuzz for me hehe, so goodbye disgusting moustache.

She followed up with the Q Switch laser which reduces the number of pores and tones the skin for that firm lifted look!

Both lasers were painless, especially with the cooling gel placed on my skin beforehand. It’s very much like a normal IPL sensation.. more warmth and light than pain. Dr. Kellyn was very attentive though and kept asking if I was comfortable, which I was! Don’t be detered by your fear of pain for this treatment, if you are, because the pain rating is really zero.

I was then led to a room to have a power mask applied. The mask is said to smooth the skin and hydrate it after the treatment – this is especially vital for sensitive/dry skin like mine. Most issues of the skin often occur due to dryness and dehydration, so having this as a final step was heaven for me!

When you’re all done, you’ll be brought to a powder room to reapply your makeup before you leave. It’s safe to apply makeup right after the treatment – I asked! 😉 But if you should feel that you don’t need to, then simply touch up your hair and you can head out.

This is me right after the entire treatment, sans makeup, and you can see that there’s no redness (besides the scarring on my chin). So you don’t need to worry about going out looking all swollen and marked all over your face! The glow is also pretty obvious at this point!

Though my pores didn’t shrink significantly to the point of disappearing, they did tighten a little if you noticed my nose – but I guess that’s the whole point of a treatment, sometimes you do need to go back a few more times. Over the week, the glow became pretty phenomenal. I was kind of shocked at how apparent it was because I thought it’d be subtle. I can see why people keep returning for this treatment. It’s nice to head out of the house with just sunblock and have people asking what highlighter you’re using on your cheeks!

If you haven’t already clicked my 2 Dayre links above, do click them here and here again because you’ll really see what I mean.

So here’s my advice: for those who want a consistent glow, you can opt to do this process every 2-4 weeks or 1 week before a big event. However, this only applies to those who have tried the Ultra Radiant treatment before and have not had any bad side effects to the procedure.

If it’s your first time, do try it months before any major event to be sure first! 🙂

Price List:
$288 Nett for first time patients
$350 Ala cart
$1800 for package of 6

Question and Answers

18 Cross Street, #02-33, China Square Central 6532 7385

Here are some questions I compiled on my own side based on some concerns I think might generally arise. Feel free to add to the questions in the comment section and I’ll get back to you!

1) How soon can I exfoliate my skin after?
The microdermabrasion (1st step) in itself is an exfoliating procedure, hence further exfoliation can be done again 1-2 weeks later.

2) How long should I wait before doing a facial after this?
Anytime after a week is good!

3) If my skin becomes dry after the Ultra Radiant treatment, what can I do?
If you find your skin to be dry after the procedure, application of an oil free moisturiser twice a day can be useful. A hydrating mask such as Laneige’s overnight mask can also be used daily.

4) What’s the best way to take care of skin after the procedure?
It is best to use sunblock after the procedure as the skin tends to be a little more delicate, it’s also best to keep out of direct sun for a week. Besides that, the usual skincare steps of washing, toning and moisturizing should be fine.

I hope this post has helped you guys understand what goes behind the Ultra Radiant Treatment better! 🙂 Do try it out at least once, I think it’s definitely worth that shot.

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