I totally judge the #Dontjudgechallenge

I really seldom put down impromptu thoughts on my blog, but I think I might start doing it from now on… because I do want to update more often but when I’m stressed taking the perfect photos I always end up procrastinating…. okay I digress.

I hate the #dontjudgechallenge! HATE. I don’t particularly partake in social media challenges nor do I form opinions about them but this stupid challenge really has got me riled. What the hell is up with the Don’t Judge Challenge!? Obviously these snobbish self-loving boys and girls (at least the ones who got famous winking and duck-facing over) HAVE and ARE judging these people who look like their “Before” selves.

Hello! There are people with acne, people with unibrows, people who just haven’t discovered the best hairstyles and they are totally okay with themselves. WHY do you have to assume that those are the people necessarily being judged!? I judge YOU guys with your horrifically superficial videos that ought to be eliminated from the earth forever.

Don’t be all self-righteous and call it a #dontjudgechallenge when the very fact that there’s a “before” picture is already a judging statement.

Le meilleur #DontJudgeChallenge que je partage.Un grand respectPour plus des videos aimez: Codes de Meufs
Posted by Codes de Meufs on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

On another hand, here’s one that I actually think is pretty worth looking at – someone who’s actually brave enough to say “this is what I look like” and not “hey grrrrrllll please check out my abs in the background whilst I smice my eyes and look like a total douche”.

Okay rant over now, but seriously that stupid challenge needs to die out.

P/S: It turns out, from THIS article, that I’m not the only one who thinks the challenge is a waste of time and brain cells. Oh yes, and on top of that, it’s completely insulting.

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