Pure Aromatic Bliss at Der Anthyllis

A while back, I wrote 2 posts for Der Anthyllis here and here; and now I’m happier than ever to come back with a new post!

I’m not sure if many of you are aware, but I’ve been a close friend of Amy, the lovely woman who runs Der Anthyllis, for 5 years now. That, in no way, impairs my ability to be objective about her services, so don’t you worry. When I say that her services are meticulous and fueled by passion, I mean exactly that.

Amy’s abode is humble, just like her. It is no frills, and definitely not your typical facial place. Instead, you can look forward to soothing music, simple decor and a homely bed just waiting for you to rest upon it. I’ve gotta say, that whatever bedsheets she’s using has got me sold – I realize I always somehow drift away to sleep whenever I’m there! haha

I notice that my two posts previously focused on a customized facial for my skin, this post focuses on something more unique – an Aromatherapy Facial! To begin, Amy asked me how my days have been, and I thought that was just out of friendship or for the sake of catching up, but there’s a much deeper meaning. She actually asks this to get a better understanding of your internal state before she assesses your external state. After all, a lot to do with our skin starts from the within. I told her of my troubles at work, and how stressed I’ve been lately and she said she could tell straightaway but didn’t want to assume too lightly.

You see, when you’re stressed, your skin becomes dehydrated which is very obvious to most eyes. However, beyond that, Amy could see AND FEEL other tell tale signs from my skin – which I thought truly came with the skills of a professional. To be very honest.. for awhile I was very scared of going to Amy because she could ALWAYS ALWAYS tell when I’d been tinkering with products lightly and always getting my skin in trouble haha!! But really, this is one formidable skill. I bet many of her other clients will attest to this as well actually.

hello well-rested glowing post-facial skin!

To protect Amy’s business’ privacy, I will not be showing you the facial done step by step. What it did involve though was basic cleansing, a mask, etc.. but the WINNING part was the ahhhhhmazing aromatherapy massage that came with it. She arranged for oils to suit my skin (and mental) condition and let me have a whiff of them as she applied them to my face as well. The purity and scent of such oils have a HUGE impact on the skin and most of us aren’t even aware of it.

Whilst many places will tell you they use oils too, dear Amy actually TRAVELS by herself to procure these oils and to ensure their quality. I swear that there are almost no facial therapists this dedicated nowadays. As she explains her process to me, I am more than dumbfounded sometimes because such passion is truly rare. At the same time, it makes me honored to be under her care.

The photo above may not really show the full extent of Amy’s healing touch since I was facing no real acne at this point of time *thank goodness*, but it’s pretty obvious that my cheeks got that healthy flush back and the dryness of my cheeks was reduced by a huge amount. If you’re looking for more drastic changes like how she treats acne, feel free to check out her magic on her Facebook Page. You’ll also see nothing but heartfelt testimonials from her faithful clients over the years. That’s gotta amount to something!

(U.P. $199)



P/S: My skin was still healthily happy a week after treatment, though I did break out in one or two spots which popped and healed very quickly. I suppose that was more due to purging, but it wasn’t a huge issue. I suggest that those with oilier/acne prone skins opt for her signature facials instead of the aromatherapy one. If you’d like an explanation as to why, simply ring Amy up and she will be in a better position to advise you. 🙂

I almost to never really get to connect with my facial therapists as much as I’d like to the way with Amy, but I believe it’s her nature that allows me to be this open. Do let yourself be open to trying her services out too, and I know you’ll end up going back again.

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