We’ve all been celebrating SG50, be it through amazing food promotions, shopping discounts, etc. right? But SG50 is so much more than that! It celebrates our country’s 50 years of independence, which is a HUGE deal, considering that we’re such a tiny island. And if there’s one word to describe everything we’ve been through, that word would be STRENGTH.

Thus, in line with National Day Parade (NDP) 2015’s theme of “Majulah Singapore”, this year’s Mobile Column will honor just that: the strength of Singaporeans through their pioneering spirit, their resilience and their vigilance. More than ever in this time of trouble in the world with ever spreading violence, Singaporeans will be called on to show a continued commitment to the Defence and security of Singapore.

The last time the Mobile Column was featured was in NDP 2010, and it displayed the advanced technological capabilities of the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), Singapore Police Force (SPF) and Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

The Mobile Column will feature as “Chapter 3 – Strength” under the NDP 2015 Integrated Show with 177 assets from SAF, SPF, SCDF and approximately 900 personnel. The 2-km long convoy will take about 14 minutes and 30 seconds in the drive-past at the Padang. Two new vehicles this year, the Armored Engineer Vehicle and Protected Response Vehicle from the Singapore Army will be featured, alongside other crowd favorites such as the Leopard 2SG Main Battle Tank, Bionix II Infantry Fighting Vehicle, and Terrex Infantry Carrier Vehicle. Spectators will also get to see naval assets not featured in previous Mobile Columns, such as the 40-tonne Specialised Marine Craft.

As mentioned, since the concept is featured around STRENGTH, the Mobile Column will be displayed in four distinct segments – “Giving Strength to Our Nation”, “Strength in Action”, “Strength for our Home” and “From Strength to Strength”. Multimedia videos showcasing stories of the men and women who have operated these platforms in Singapore and on overseas missions will be featured too.

Elaborating on the concept of the display, Chairman of the Mobile Column Committee, Major Cai Dexian said, “This year’s Mobile Column will tell the story of the growth of Singapore’s defence and security forces to become the strong, respected and capable forces that they are today. This strength is inherent not only in the equipment and vehicles, but also in its people. The stories of these men and women from the SAF, SPF and SCDF will be woven into the Mobile Column to recognise their sacrifices and contributions for our security. We hope that the Mobile Column will provide a thrilling experience to spectators and bring confidence to Singaporeans as we journey forward.”

In order to bring the Mobile Column that much closer to Singaporeans, a section of the Mobile Column will make its way around the Marina Bay area, beginning with The Float @ Marina Bay which is the second ticketed site for NDP 2015. It will then drive past the Marina Bay Sands Hotel and Convention Center and the Marina Bay Financial Center before joining Singaporeans on the Esplanade Bridge for the Pledge Moment at 8:15pm (20:15 hrs) on 9 August. So head over to the Marina Bay area on 9 August if you wish to get a glimpse of these vehicles!

With the passing of Lee Kuan Yew this year, it’s more imperative than ever for us to huddle our strength and show unity throughout. Let’s all show support to NDP 2015 and SG50 all the way!

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