Shu Uemura’s skin:Fit Foundation – A Good Fit?

I’ve been using Shu Uemura’s skin:Fit Foundation for some time; I received it at an event a month or so back, and I finally got time to pen my thoughts down.

I’ve never actually been a fan of liquid foundations, mostly due to me disliking too much make up on my face on a daily basis… so when I heard that this foundation was called skin:FIT, I suddenly felt this wave of assurance that my skin will be allowed to breathe. Hence, I was very excited to try it out! 🙂


credits to: Shu Uemura Website

I don’t know about the rest of you, but Singapore’s summer this year has been unbearably cruel for me. I usually have a take a 10-15 minute walk out of my house to the bus stop, and I find that most of my makeup has melted off my face in that amount of time. For those suffering the same woes, I guess you all can truly rejoice now that Shu Uemura has created its newest skin:Fit Cosmetic Water Foundation for a new bare look that can actually last (up to 12 hours!).

The skin:FIT Cosmetic Water Foundation comes with a LIGHTWEIGHT FIT and BREATHABLE COVERAGE as well as an SPF30 PA+++. For the sake of sun-safety, I still suggest a sunscreen underneath, or you can try Shu Uemura’s UVUB mousse POREaser CC as well.

Not too sure if the photo above can show this too clearly, but the foundation is an oil-free bi-phase formula. What does this mean?

There are TWO layers in this liquid foundation, the top clearer half consisting of Cosmetic Water infused with mint extract for a cooling sensation and pomegranate extract which is known for its anti-aging properties. Below is a TRIPLE POWDER COMPLEX made from from Perlite that quickly absorbs and releases water, Airlicium which immediately absorbs oil and a soft-focus powder. Together, these qualities create a sebum and sweat resistant effect as well as a soft focus glow.

There are 7 Shades available in Singapore, mine being 754 Medium Beige.


I love makeup, yes, and I love putting it on as well – but I’m actually quite a noob when it comes to proper application. Most of the time I do what feels right. This one, however, requires more dexterity than usual so I think some people might take awhile to get used to it. In fact, it took me about 3-4 times to fully comprehend the texture and to get it to have an even spread. A mirror under good lighting will of course help 10 times better.

Actually, I think words aren’t really enough to describe how to put this foundation on, so do watch the video below to understand what I mean! 🙂

Tip: The actual application process starts approximately at the 0:53 mark

Here is a close up of the sponge that comes with the skin:FIT foundation so you can see the different sides. The “brush” side helps slide it across the face whilst the sponge taps off excess water so the foundation adheres better to the skin. Since this foundation has a semi-matte finish, the formula tends to dry a little quickly. Do make sure to work around your face in smaller areas so as to have an even coverage. Don’t do your whole face at once, unless you feel confident enough to.

P/S: I asked the Shu Uemura makeup artist, and he mentioned that if you REALLY want to, you can try applying this with a stippling brush if that’s what you’re comfortable with. The sponge, eventually, still needs to be used at the end to tap off the excess water. For convenience sake, you can go with one tool but still feel free to use two anyway!

Foundation Finish

Here’s a close up of the foundation on my face. In case my eyes look weird, it’s because of the double eyelid sticker hahaha. Okay moving on.

The finish is probably what makes up for the slightly tedious application process. It is a little dewy but a lot more matte, so probably at a 1:9 ratio. I like how my skin looks naturally glowy and my pores are hidden rather well. I must say, especially around the nose area, my blackheads seem almost non-existent hooray! Since the coverage is very buildable (despite being originally labelled as a sheer to medium), you can always top up on areas you feel require more attention. It seldom cakes up due to the cosmetic water content and you can still use concealer on top!

With my drier skin type, I’m actually able to leave the house without loose powder when I’m heading to the office. However, the office does have air conditioning; If I knew I would be spending more time outdoors around town, I would definitely opt for a quick powdering especially around the T and U zone. Just so you know, I have a combination skin type and my cheeks tend to be dry; if you have oily skin naturally, then yes loose powder would most likely be a must to ensure longevity.

Overall Thoughts

Priced at SGD$68 (with sponge included), I think it might be on the pricier range for some. Moreover if you consider yourself a makeup noob, I think you can go for a foundation that might be easier to work with first. 🙂

Overall, I do like this foundation a lot but eventually I did not end up using it on a daily basis. My reason for that is that it took a little too much time on my part and I usually want to get my makeup done in 5 minutes. This stretched my makeup application time out slightly to… say.. 10 minutes? Not very long but I’m just the kind of person who’d rather get out the door quickly on workday mornings or spend the time sleeping in instead hehe.

Nonetheless, this is great for dinner dates, events, even wedding dinners! Looking flawless is now easier and Shu Uemura also promises not to bury your skin in that process haha! So to answer the question: is it a good fit? Definitely – just take the time to know it a little better.

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