Go60’s Most Advanced Hydrating Facial Treatment On the Go!

If you’ve been walking past Go60 countless of times at the Esplanade Xchange but never really found a reason to go check it out or try their services, here’s something to motivate your first step in!

Their latest Most Advanced Hydrating Facial Treatment is a well welcome service to those who, like me, suffer from problematic dry skin. It is an intensive hydrating facial incorporating the Seven-step Manual Lymphatic Draining (MLD) Spanish technique that helps to remove toxins and keeps the cells healthy. As the lymph system is part of the body’s natural defence system, giving it a proper massage ensures that the lymph system delivers nutrients to the cells as well as carry away cellular waste, bacteria and toxins.

The massage also reduces facial puffiness, hence alleviating looks of fatigue or swelling. With that added tender loving care, your stress levels naturally relieve and you will feel invigorated and younger! πŸ™‚

Inside the treatment room

That’s why, when I got the invite to go down and try the treatment, I was very super excited! πŸ˜€

My skin normally goes through weird cycles where it’s awesome for a week and then dry like the Sahara Desert the next and it’s just so frustrating! Since it was so coincidental that the date of my facial fell on that desert-dry week, I was inclined to breathe a sigh of relief.

Thus, I made sure I arrived early to the store (haha kiasu me!) and quickly got comfortable in their simple and clean treatment room.

I felt a little comforted to know that they were using their own house brand products, because it just gives that added touch of personalization which I really like! Above shown is their toner and milk cleanser.

A typical Hydrating Facial Treatment goes as such:

  • Essential Cleanse
  • Enzyme Peel
  • Essential Toning Lotion Spray
  • Essential Serum
  • Seven-step Spanish Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) technique
  • Customized Mask
  • Essential Moisturizer and UV Defence Mist Spray
In the 2nd photo above, I’m seen with the final step, the customized mask. πŸ™‚ The facial was actually done in a very dark room – if you refer to the picture with the candle in it – and it all felt super relaxing. I can actually imagine heading down for a facial after work and just dozing all that stress and pent up URGH-ness away haha!Β 
Though to be completely honest, if you’re expecting a full on HARDCORE massage like what you get at massage places, then be ready that it will not be like that. Yes there will be oil used, but sparingly so that you won’t get that greasy feel, and even those with oily skins can benefit from this massage without breaking out. I must admit that I was actually hoping for one of those intense facial massages where all my pressure points would be pressed in firmly and then got slightly underwhelmed that it was more of very gentle pressure hahaha.
Perhaps I just got the idea of it all wrong, but it doesn’t mean that the massage – in its own manner – did not feel good. I think it’s all about managing expectations. The therapist was thorough enough to go from my chest to my neck, shoulders, and finally face. She lightly massaged, whilst constantly letting me breathe in the faint but calming smell of the oil. Definitely pleasant but, like I said, don’t go in expecting some major rub down haha.
At the end of it all, I woke up feeling refreshed, especially from the final mask which felt so good on my skin. I also did not get any allergic reaction, which I’m so grateful for because my skin reacts very easily to new products.. so YAY! For those with sensitive skin, this has the all clear from me.

My skin felt supple and well-rested – balanced, for a better word. I went home barefaced as shown above (if anything it should be the eyelashes that make me look made up), and felt really good about myself! The next day, I could survive on minimal makeup and still feel radiant.

Since this facial is only $60, which I feel is pretty darn affordable especially for something located in the city hall area, I think it would definitely serve as a good quick pick-me-up for those who work around the CBD.

And even if you’re not too keen on the same treatment I did, you can always try out others from their whole range such as the Go Radiant Facial, Go Age-less Facial, Go Hydrate Facial, Go Oil-free Facial, Go Spot-free facial, and Go Bye-Bye Panda Eyes, etc. They also have massages and slimming services available too! There’s a treatment for everyone I’m sure.

Check out more about Go60 here too:
Website: http://www.go60.sg
Instagram: @Go60_SG or check out hashtag #go60

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