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I know many people don’t entertain me when I say I’m fat or have problem areas. The most common reactions I get when I mention my fatty issues are in the forms of scoffs, eye rolling and the occasional, “please talk to the hand”.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t change the fact that I am pear shaped; and if people can’t really point out my issues then all I’d have to say is that I’m grateful my fashion choices have somewhat paid off HAHA (psst – stick to lots of flowy midi/maxi skirts/culottes or even shift dresses as seen above). Back to reality though, I do spend a lot of time in front of the mirror pinching the fats on my lower tummy and thighs wishing I could somehow magic them away!

And talk about magic… because that’s when SHOU Slimming Centre approached me and offered to ease some of my weight pain (or should I say weight gain lol?). I’d been hearing many good things about SHOU recently and so I thought I’d give it a try!
But first, here is quick introduction to what SHOU Slimming Centre’s about for those of you who may be unfamiliar:
SHOU Slimming Center revolutionizes body slimming by using safe effective treatments personalized to each person’s body type. They ensure that inches are reduced and stubborn body fat is removed painlessly without the need for needles nor incisions, hence there is no recovery time required. Their treatments are also free from any pills and injections and – the best part being – that you do not need any special diets or meal supplements. Forget crash diets and sweaty workoutsl with their help, your problems will be settled safely and quickly.

For those who have flabby issues instead of fats, like if you’re just looking to tone up your body, SHOU Slimming can help you too!

I got to bring someone along for my first session.. and….. SURPRISE! I asked my old blog partner, Ashley, along for some good ol’ reminiscing haha. What wasn’t good, however, was facing our fatty issues LOL! When asked to divulge our most sensitive problem spots, we both kind of mumbled away until it became whispers. It’s just one thing to be aware of it, and another thing to let another person come face to face with your insecurities. Fortunately, the consultants at SHOU Slimming were very kind and patient. 🙂

From us initially feeling bad about ourselves, we started to open up and discuss what we’d like to improve on, and the consultants’ light-hearted conversations had us laughing easily. They also decided on the courses of action for each of us and set us off to get our heights and weights measured before we started treatment.

As you can refer to the chit above, I HAVE LOTS OF FATS TO LOSE! Especially from my thighs. So the lovely consultant arranged for me to try out their Thermalipo treatment (for a more in-depth understanding, read the GetKlarity post):

The treatment is non-invasive, as you can see above; instead, the machine uses radiofrequency to improve the body shape, skin quality and texture by eliminating fat pockets. Areas that are usually treated with this method are the buttocks, abdomen, thighs, love handles and arms. How this works is by heating up the deepest layers of the skin, which causes the body fat to liquefy, allows blood circulation to increase, encourages the drainage of fatty deposits into the lymphatic system, and promotes the breakdown of fibrous tissue that leads to a reduction in the volume of fat cells which are then carried from the body naturally. Through this, the heating also accelerates collagen fibres and thus restructures and tightens the skin.*

*Typically, 8 to 10 treatments of this is recommended and results are often enhanced when used in conjunction with other body treatments.

My opinion: The whole treatment was indeed painless: painless to the extent that it was extremely relaxing! It felt like my body was getting a well-deserved feel-good massage, because it just felt awesome to know I was getting rid of my unsightly fats at the same time. To be very honest, what I feel I actually lost in the first session was mostly water weight – my thighs were SLIGHTLY more toned, but it wasn’t anything obvious. In fact, the most significant result was in the smoothness of my skin texture and the elasticity as well. Ashley tried out Velashape (for a more in-depth understanding, read the GetKlarity post) for her cellulite concerns and also felt that there was not so much weight loss but the improvement in the firmness of her thighs. Overall, a good first impression! 🙂

Thank you SHOU Slimming Centre for the awesome first experience and I cannot wait to continue for the next one month to see and reveal my awesome results!


To book your appointment and enjoy either of these exclusive promotions, simply download the GetKlarity App available on both the App Store and Google Playstore! Because feeling good is that easy 😉

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