Weekend Goings

So I’m sick today… sick on a Monday. It’s a total cliché, I know.

Though here’s what you might not know… I’m a total polyclinic-goer. Haha! My friends always make fun of me and say I’m very cheap, or say that they’d rather use the time queueing to be at home sleeping. But I actually find going to the polyclinic very therapeutic HAHA. Ben says I’m a total weirdo, because I even have a polyclinic routine.

I will go register, get my number and depending on the time given.. I will go eat my Ban Mian from Face Ban Mian (LOL at the name), specifically Pork Belly You Mian Dry. It’s so delicious I don’t know why I bother eating at other ban mian stalls actually! I also always always always pair it with Teh O because I am 26 going on 62 hahaha.

If I have 2-3 hours to play with… yeah waiting time can be that long.. I will decide if I should just watch videos on my phone to pass the time or sit down at a cafe and read my book. If it’s cooling enough I will sit at a kopitiam and literally lim kopi. Then I’ll head back to the polyclinic, see the doctor, get my meds then cab home and sleep. Quite relaxing right!? Nothing much for me to complain about. Plus at the end of the day I only pay less than $20 most times. I think once I had to do a Glaucoma eye test and it came up to $30 – which is pretty unbelievable.

Anyway the point of this post was to actually show off my hair and eyelashes! Haha, I know I totally sidestepped. I recently got my hair dyed thanks to Edward, who I’ve been going to since this blog started pretty much (my most popular post with him here). It’s sort of a reddish brown which I really like! I kind of wanted an ombré originally because I hate it when my roots show.. but we’ll cross that bridge when I come to it. I’m actually quite enjoying short hair and wondering if I should go shorter hmmm.

As for my eyelashes… well a new post is coming up soon on my Dayre. I’ll notify you guys about it here when it’s up! 😉 But for now, I’ll give you a hint that the place starts with a C!

Hope you guys aren’t suffering too bad Monday Blues. I myself am off to have my 3rd nap of the day because my throat and head are killing me!

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