A Blast of Hydration with a Hydrafacial at South Bridge Aesthetics

The other day when I was out with Min (http://missrusty.net/), I joked with her that I should put “A place for dry humor and sensitive people” into my blog title because it was a play on words about how dry and sensitive my skin can be!!! URGH! And until you have my skin, you totally won’t understand its woes.

Fortunately, I met a doctor at South Bridge Aesthetics who does!

Namely, Dr. Winston Lee – who is also a Medical Director, holds a Masters Degree in Public Health, and has had 10 years of experience, including working in Singapore’s leading public hospitals and stints as a doctor in private practice. Whoo! That was a mouthful haha.

But first things first, I’ve got to give him props for such a beautiful clinic. I’ve almost never been in one that looks.. so.. non clinical (rooms aside)? The backyard looks like something ripped out of the blueprint for a hipster restaurant right!? And the toilet with pretty flowers on the mirror just give such a lovely touch to the place. When I walk in, I immediately feel welcome – which I must say is very very important before you trust your skin/face in the hands of a doctor.

So here’s my skin in all it’s glory. Don’t know what I’m smiling for to be honest because there’s nothing worth smiling about at this point. Before I went for this facial, my face was at one of its lowest its been in awhile. I mean, *touch wood* my hormonal chin acne aside, my face is normally quite alright. It’s dry on most days.. but it was like the desert when I stepped in to meet Dr. Lee. Check out that whopper of a pimple at the side of my nose by the way.

If you can’t see the dryness too well, just right click and open my photo in a new window and zoom in. Then feel free to stare at my forehead lines, open pores all over and the clumpy makeup around my eyes lol. If you want to gross yourself out further, just zoom in on every single blackhead my nose has to offer too haha!

Whilst I was originally supposed to do a Carbon Laser peel, Dr. Lee actually sat down with me to listen about my skin woes in the past and present before deciding a HydraFacial would be way more suitable for me. Though I must say that the Carbon Laser Peel done at South Bridge Aesthetics has been talked about quite a lot (read PrayerfullMum, Shape, and LacedIvory), I also thought I would prefer a HydraFacial.. because as the name suggests.. I need a lot of hydration!

In case you’ve never heard of a HydraFacial before, here’s some insight. It’s known as a no downtime procedure (otherwise known to many as a lunchtime-procedure) which means you’re in and out looking as good as or better than how you entered it. You’re also allowed to touch up if your skin is sensitive/red; makeup can go on with no issues :).

The machine works in a way that seems a little like a microdermabrasion, but instead of harsh particles against your skin, it has spiral tips that go across your face. These spiral tips aid in the exfoliation process AND ALSO help deliver serums (depending on your skin condition) deep into the skin at the same time so skin gets cleansed whilst being hydrated. The best part is that you don’t really need to worry about it being aggressive to the skin despite the tips having to go over and over again in some spots/areas. Due to the serums that are constantly being applied, your skin actually softens and makes it easier for the spiral tips to take out any of the hidden dirt, whiteheads or blackheads.

Here is a video I found online for you to understand better. For those who do get nervous before doing new facials, feel free to watch this too!

Notice the three different spiral tips!

The process uses different spiral tips on the skin for different reasons –

The Blue One: Helps to remove dead skin overall on the face. It gets dirt out of the pores and also sweeps up dead skin cells to help achieve a brighter complexion.

The Green One: Helps remove specific blackheads/whiteheads – like an extraction process would. Especially awesome at removing those very stubborn ones around the nose area. I loved this because it was BY FAR the least painful extraction process ever. It literally “vacuumed” the pores and all I felt was pressure but zero pain.

The White One: Helps to replenish moisture in the skin after the “extraction” process. It infuses antioxidants and hyaluronic acid back to the skin to ensure it will be well hydrated and plumped.

After it all, you’re allowed to check out just how much gunk has been taken out! At first I was like, “oh my goodness my dirt turned the water blue!?!?!” Lol, total bimbo moment.

As it turns out – it’s not about the color as the solution is already that tinge. It’s about how MURKY it is. In this case, I’m actually pretty lucky that the water is quite clear! Even Dr. Lee mentioned that, based on the results, my skin is actually pretty well-maintained except I needed a little more constant exfoliation. But on the whole, really not bad! Woohoo! Very proud of myself heh heh.

Just so you know, different clinics and different doctors do go through their HydraFacial treatments differently. Dr. Lee’s is very straightforward – which means it goes straight from cleansing, HydraFacial treatment, to just finishing up with some moisturizer and antibiotic cream on acne spots and you’re off to go in 30 minutes.

Personally, I quite liked that it was so quick because it meant 2 things – the process was non-invasive and I would not need to wait long for my results, and that I could actually squeeze in facials (if I ever wanted or needed to) into a busy schedule without much issue. For those working hectic jobs, you’d know just how much this point is appreciated.

Due to my sensitive skin (refer to picture above) my face WAS slightly red and spotty, but I didn’t mind as I was heading home already. No one stared at me by the way – something I’m always conscious about after facials – and I felt comfortable. My skin felt good, smooth, and thoroughly cleansed.

One week later – nose pimple is gone!

The very next day, the redness was gone and the humongous pimple near my nose dried up. Can you say HALLELUJIA!? When I went home, I could see the white pus popping out near the head of the pimple already (it was headless just hours before!?) so I squeezed it lol. Please don’t follow in my foot steps, I was just very anxious to get the hideous thing out. Fortunately for me, it totally dried by the next morning and scabbed off in the evening to new skin!!!! I totally believe the HydraFacial had a hand to play in that because my huge pimples DO take awhile to go away. YAY!

Over the course of the next few days, the tiny whiteheads which bugged me along the side of my face started surfacing and dropping out on their own whenever I washed my face too. I’ve not felt my skin THIS smooth in a long while. It was really extraordinary to me. My skin was also a lot more hydrated and healthy: it had less visible lines and pores shrunk!

I can safely say that that is definitely not my last HydraFacial and I WILL go back for more in the future!

If you’ve ever been to a facial before, especially a GOOD one that really promises real results with no pain, you’d know this is a price you’d be silly not to pay! Most HydraFacials out there (spoken as a real customer who’s looked around) can cost up to $300+ even!? So why not pay a lot less and still get so much? 😉

Disclaimer: This treatment has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.

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