Guerlain’s KissKiss Rose Lip Tinted Lip Balms and Rose Aux Joues Tender Blushers for Fall 2015

A little while back, I attended the Guerlain Fall in Rose Launch with Min (missrusty) and I got introduced to the stunning pieces in for Fall/Winter 2015. Though there were many items such as foundations, oils, etc, the ones that really caught my eye were the new KissKiss Rose Lip tinted lipbalms and the Rose Aux Joues Tender blushers.

This Fall, Guerlain introduced the KissKiss RoseLip which comes in an unexpected, versatile, and ultra-feminine range of lip colors. Inspired by the natural beauty of the rose, the hues vary from charming red all the way to romantic pink. Each formula is enriched with rose oil extract to hydrate and plump lips whilst the balmy texture of it leaves lips with a light delicate look.

These are the colors available above. I’m currently in my ‘nude’ phase so I have to say that the colors that really appealed to me were the Morning Rose and Chic Pink! I am so obsessed with the my lips but better look haha! However, the one that truly stood out above the rest was easily Crazy Bouquet.

I swear – the moment that the makeup artist applied this to the model’s lips, everyone was going, “are you sure that’s a lip balm!? It’s crazy pigmented!” Hmm. Perhaps that’s where the crazy part of the name came in? Because as far as I understand, it doesn’t quite fit the “light delicate look” haha.

Perhaps it’s how I apply it, or the fact that I’ve had lip embroidery done…but the color came out shockingly bright and strong. The good kind of shocking of course… When I asked Min why her swatch came out looking so light, she told me she actually dabbed it on lightly once, tissued over, then dabbed the color on again for greater lasting power. For my result above, I swiped it over twice.

So yeah, a lip balm that has the payoffof a lipstick and texture of a balm really allows one to play around as they see fit. I think that’s a huge pro.

The only two tiny complaints which I have about this lippie is that.. because it is moisturizing, there IS color transfer and it does fade off to have that weird ring around the edges look over time. This is a common problem I’ve experienced across hydrating lipsticks, so it’s nothing too major. It can always be overcome by simply brushing some loose powder over the lips as a final touch, or just by reapplying more lip color on in the center when needed.

Top Row: Morning Rose / Chic Pink / Crazy Bouquet
Bottom Row: Wonder Violette / Peach Party / Pink Me Up

Ahhh, we’ve now reached the Rose Aux Joues Tender blush. I seldom wear blushers now because I tend to rush out to work with only sunblock on, but these colors just got my heart skipping beats when I laid eyes on them.

Guerlain’s new color-revealing blush gives cheeks a rosy glow, as though one has had just spent a day in the fresh air. It’s pink booster pigments capture natural light and enhance the complexion’s natural pink hue in perfect affinity with the skin. It also comes with a light, almost imperceptible, scent which makes it a joy to apply to the skin.

Though the color might look dark in the pan, it actually isn’t so when it is applied. Of course, it is darker than the usual tones so some can even opt to use it as a “contouring shade” of blusher; if you use a lighter hand though, the color comes out just nice. On my hand (zoomed in above) I used a heavier swatch. Despite it being called “violette”, the shade on my skin appeared as a very pretty and warm berry pink. For my cheeks, I used only one swipe of the brush – very lightly at that – and yet the color came out strong! Indeed, this is pigmented so I suggest starting off with a thin application and building it up as you wish.

This blush lasted me a full day out, and when I headed home I still looked (if I might say so myself) pretty damn good! I tend to dislike pinks that are too cool for my slightly tanner skintone, so this shade is perfect. The best part of this is that it can also be used for very fair skins and I think the berry shade might be a little more obvious then. Very versatile and a great blusher to have in the stash.

I completed my look above with the red lip, which I dabbed off slightly because I was afraid that two strong colors might be too much. I was very happy with the result seeing that I looked very healthy and my skin looked brighter! Thank you Guerlain for these gorgeous pieces. xx

Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.

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