This just in: gorgeous new lippies from Shu Uemura to hit the stores TOMORROW!

Introducing Shu Uemura’s Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine range! If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you’d know I love my lip colors AND I have a special place in my heart saved just for Shu Uemura’s lipsticks (read Shu Uemura’s Lacque Supreme and Shu Uemura’s Rouge Unlimited Central and Supreme Shine range). They always deliver on color and feel great on my lips.

This time, the one word that really shouts out to me is sheer, especially since I’ve really been enjoying the whole “fresh face with minimal makeup” look.

“Colors are like personalities, they are infinite.” – Shu Uemura

A lightly melting balm stick infused with vibrand hybrid pigment, the Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine creates a vividly glowing and transparent ‘colored/stained glass’ like finish on the lips.

Created with an incredible new technology, Shu Uemura’s 2nd generation hybrid pigment allows one to fuse their original lip color with the product to achieve an original sheer shine. And when they say 2nd generation hybrid pigment, they mean they’ve created two new ones called MANGO and BERRY to add on to the first generation of colors which only include yellow, red, blue and pink.

There are a total of 12 colors available and each of them will be going for $33.

The shiny finish of the lipstick is achieved with candellia extract wax and a combination of shiny oils. Candelila extract wax provides glossy and adhesive properties, therefore contributing to the lasting shine. The emollient shiny oil results in a soft and comfortable texture providing non-sticky and lightweight feel on the lips. The combination of candelila wax and emollient shiny oils provides a shiny effect and its low melting point assists with easy spreadability to create the sheer coverage in comfort.

As for the melting touch on the lips, this is achieved thanks to a combination of macadamia nut paste and the introduction of soft wax in the formula.

(L-R) Top Row: S CR 340 / S CR 350
 (L-R) Borrom Row: S PK 357 / S RD 150
A tip from the makeup artist Yuji Asano himself is to actually use 2 different colors of the Rouge Unlimited Sheer Shine on the upper and lower lips. Due to the sheer texture of the lipsticks, they mix well together and layer for a a most beautiful effect. You can also opt to apply a deeper color on the upper lip and a lighter color to the lower one to naturally enhance light reflection since natural sunlight shines from above the head.

I do think that Tip #1 would be an awesome idea, especially for the 2 shades on the left (S CR 340 and S PK 357). I could almost imagine a very cool gradient idea in fact. I mean, there’s almost nothing greater than getting a myriad of colors out of just 2 lipsticks. In fact, with the moisturizing factor, it could also double as a light cheek stain.

Personally, my favorite colors are the two on the right (S CR 350 / S RD 150). Call me boring, but they’re just “me”! I actually wasn’t expecting to like S CR 350 as much as I did because I thought it looked so ordinary but the reddish pink has got me swooning indeed. In fact, since these two favorite colors of mine are pretty much light and dark versions of each other, I’m very excited to try Yuji Asano’s Tip #2 out!

Color used: S RD 150

These Sheer Shine lipsticks do keep true to the “stained glass” effect and are every bit as pretty as they sound. However, since they are already sheer and so hydrating, don’t keep your expectations too high on the long-lasting budge-free aspect of it. I would imagine that this wouldn’t be the go-to choice for events, but it easily makes the list for casual dates out.

After all, the lip color may not stay 100% intact but it does fade off slowly with a good overall tint left on the lips so girls with pale lips don’t need to begin freaking out. Since it doesn’t leave that lipstick ring around the lip edges, you can still look good for up to 2-3 hours in this and then just do touch up after if you’d like.

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