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This is going to be a pretty wordy post – meaning more words than images- because it’s more straightforward: so without further ado, I’d like to introduce 3 things that have been a huge lifesaver to me this year.

Just so you know, I BOUGHT all of these products myself – I was never sponsored for them in the beginning. I read makeupalley and blogs before deciding! 😉


Kicking start with the Atorrege AD+ Acne Spots Treatment, I got this after reading a few blogs.. and I gotta say I was pretty hesitant at first. Like.. why haven’t I heard of this brand before and is it that miraculous? Well YES IT IS.
I’ve been using it bottle after bottle (I think this is the 6th one I’ve finished) for awhile and it’s the only thing that’s kept my chin SANE. When I had my hormonal acne phase, everything I used made my acne angrier. Even when the spots subsided, they only did so for awhile. This magical potion, however, has really kept everything in check. When I had old whiteheads, I always had to wait till they boomed into pimples because the whiteheads were SUPER stubborn and would not come out. The Acne Spots Treatment (though it requires a little patience) does eventually force the whitehead out till you can easily pick it out with no scar, or rub it out when you wash your face!

This is one of my greatest loves, and I shall love it till the day I die.

Price: $59

credits to: me! from my old post haha
I mentioned this here ( awhile back and I feel the need to address it again. First, I must say.. IT’S BEEN DISCONTINUED. LIKE WHY!!!??? I seriously don’t know – I’ve even called the Murad distributor to have only ended up being slammed in the face with a wall of disappointment. There’s been no reason whatsoever and it seems it’s only available on US’s Sephora online? Urgh.
This has been the bomb-diggity for me whenever I’ve head out with a red spot on my chin. Previously I thought that this was only for concealing but after awhile I realized… that with constant usage.. a lot of blackheads and whiteheads have been reduced!! They actually lessened over time without me knowing! I guess it’s due to the salicylic content in the concealer. I’m not over the fact that this is discontinued… if you should ever know how to get one in Singapore, please tell me ASAP. *Cries*
Price: $57

This is my least favorite of the 3 though it’s really been life-saving. It’s a little strong for my sensitive skin.. meaning that when I do use it, my skin can turn red, flaky and a little swollen. It sounds iffy already right?
However, this works like a dream on those blackheads/pimples that are so deep they refuse to be extracted regardless what you do. It’s like… it has the effects of exfoliating everyday in one month… done in a week or so haha! I remember having this annoyingly gross headless pimple near my mouth that wouldn’t go away for 2 weeks.. so I spammed this on night and day. At first my pimple swelled slightly to look like a mosquito bite.. but by the 3rd day it had a head! So I squeezed the pimple and applied this over again.
My skin crusted over with dead skin for 3-4 days.. a little unsightly.. but when the skin peeled off, my face was as good as new! Granted there was a red mark but it eventually went away. I’d have taken that over a stupid headless pimple ANY DAY. It also works for my dreaded chin blackheads that refuse to bug off. A little dot of this with a cotton bud and sooner or later the thing either pops out or scabs over and falls out. A little bit of a tideous process.. but what works.. WORKS.

P/S: My cousin uses this (her skin is more oily and not sensitive) and her acne just subsides without flaking or swelling first. So it might just be me, but she loves this too.

Price: Slightly above $10

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So that’s the end of this post. Hope you’ve enjoyed it. Do leave any questions you might have below and I’ll get to them! xx
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