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I’ve always been pretty insecure about my body. I mean, I’m not the best proportioned girl around: I’m pretty skinny on top and slightly chunky on the bottom. In fact, when I buy tops they’re mostly around an XS-S range, but my bottoms always fall somewhere between S-M. Not a flattering body shape at all (psst: once, my boyfriend called me pear shape and I almost had a meltdown).

So when August Society Swimwear asked if I’d like to collaborate with them, I’d admit I felt pretty unsure. Instagram photos in bikinis are as far as I’d go I thought.. but a blog post? Not too sure how I’d feel letting the whole world see my pear-shaped body.

However, as I read through their website, I came across their promise to ensure that their pieces would not only make me feel confident but would also flatter my body shape no matter what it was. It was then that I became pretty excited. After all, I didn’t see the harm in going on a quest to find what could potentially be my perfect bikini!

Hence, I didn’t hesitate to get down to business: I scoured their website to find what I’d like to try on. I loved how everything was so straightforward. The bikinis were broken down into prints and single colors and I could click whatever I was interested in. The photos were detailed, measurements were to a T (I really hate websites with vague measurements for the body) and the descriptions were extremely informative.

I especially loved how these pieces were made with longevity in mind. Yeah, that’s right, I used the word longevity. And they don’t mean it only in the sense of quality materials such as luxury lycra blends which holds up against fading in the wash and piling, but in the aspect that we could finally have bikinis that STAYED IN PLACE as we moved. No more fidgeting in the water to ensure our chests were properly covered or to check if our bikini bottoms slipped off after a cannonball jump. These pieces were made to be so secure that we could finally feel free! What a liberating thought indeed.

This was my original favorite pairing when I bought the pieces online, the Bondi Wrap Top (Cobalt) and the Bora Bora String Bottom (Tribal).

When I first tried this on, I really tried to be as critical about it in all aspects. I mean, I was promised the perfect bikini after all! So I’ll admit, it took a little bit of time to get used to putting on the Bondi Wrap Top. I eventually managed it in 5 minutes after looking at the instructions online, and then I got busy admiring myself after haha (the wrap top finally gave me some semblance of an hourglass figure!).

Oops, forgive me, I digress; anyway, when August Society said they made these pieces with quality in mind, they weren’t kidding. The long-lasting nylon/lycra® spandex material felt amazing to the touch – the pieces were soft and so comfortable to be in. I felt extemely tempted not to get out of this piece, but I forced myself out eventually to complete the shoot haha!

I never actually saw myself liking the color aquamarine, but still I thought I’d try out the Laguna String Top and Boracay Hipster (Reversible Aquamarine). The little knot at the top of the bikinis/bottom of the halter string truly got me squealing. It was so adorable and I thought the runched look of the top added a great texture as well.

This may be weird, but I have such strong opinions about the bottoms! I LOVED LOVED LOVED the material/feel/look! It fitted like a glove and did not give that much-dreaded camel toe look I know us ladies fear of having whenever we first get a bikini! It was so thick and sturdy.. and.. wow I can’t even explain!? The website wasn’t kidding when it described it as “full coverage” and that it would make me feel confident no matter what I did in the water. I really don’t normally feel this way about bikini bottoms (really really!) but this one took the cake.

This combination is made up from the Zanzibar Bandeau (Black) and Bora Bora String Bottom (Heartbreaker). I actually fell in love with the top and would’ve kept it if not for the fact that I have 2 black bikinis already. I thought it was ingenious that it came with a detachable string to change the tube top into a halter! All I had to do was wrap the string in a loop around the middle, and I automatically got a different style. It was also great that the tube tied with such a thick ribbon at the end for extra security.

The String Bottom was a medium rise with string adjustments at the side, akin to the Bora Bora String Bottom (Tribal) in the first set.

Bondi Wrap Top (Cobalt) + Boracay Hipster (Reversible Aquamarine)

This combination unexpectedly my favorite and the one I decided to keep! I know it’s pretty simple, or rather, the simplest out of the lot, but what can I say? I like the minimalism. I like the cute aquamarine stripe on the reversible bottom and I like the design of the top. They’re both unique in their own ways but come together to look stunning! 🙂

I guess that’s something I really appreciate because I never actually asked for these 2 pieces to end up matching them. It was just coincidental that I had the cobalt top on when I decided to change out of my bottoms and I thought, hey this looks really cute too, I should shoot this! And tada! I loved it so much it was the first one to go up on my IG, So yeah, when you purchase your pieces, I think this is something you can look forward to – great pairings out of the blue (haha pun intended!).

Feel like getting a bikini for yourself now? Well, here’s even better news. The whole shopping AND shipping process is a breeze. No more worrying if that XS turned out too small or that M turned out wayyyyy too big. Forget having to make countless trips back and forth to the post office.

August Society is one of the few swimwear companies offering free courier deliveries and returns, so you can actually order a bunch of sizes and styles, try everything on at home then return whatever doesn’t fit FOR FREE within 14 days!

And if you really need another feel-good factor in your decision making process, do know that August Society helps fund water projects in developing countries through their support of charity: water. This means that $5SGD from every swimswuit sold will be donated to help bring clean water to communities in need!

There’s nothing better than knowing you’re buying something good, but also contributing to something great at the same time.

So hesitate no longer because your dream bikini is just waiting for you. Head on over to now and QUOTE ‘SAMANTHAJOY’ FOR 15% OFF!
Disclaimer: This product has been sponsored for my consideration, but all views and opinions discussed here, as always, remain honest and unbiased.
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