In case many of you didn’t know, this would be my 2nd post on London Weight Management (the first was an advertorial HERE). I am aware that many were very doubtful about my first post and that’s understandable. Weight loss, in any kind of post, always raises a lot of questions. So this time, I thought that I’d clear the air in the beginning of my write up.

I have been sponsored 10 sessions, with the inclusion of a coffee which helps raise metabolism, and slimming cream (as shown above). I’m about 1.5 boxes into the coffee and approximately 4 sessions in which means I’m halfway through. My next, and final, post will talk about my weight loss experience – if any. I have discussed with London Weight Management that I will disclose everything honestly, up to the point on whether I have had any apparent results.

And since I am cognizant that many negative reviews float about online regarding London Weight Management’s way of handling customers, I will also throw in some thoughts about how I’ve seen the staff get along with the customers during my initial weeks there. So without further ado, I’ll begin!

My Issues

I’ve written about my thigh issues before (HERE) and they slimmed down after a few sessions at another slimming place, so for that I’m lucky. However, I subsequently returned to my heavy, and unhealthy, meals at work and sat down promptly thereafter… so my thighs kind of ballooned back. Im sure its needless to say that my thighs are quite obviously unproportionate to my body.

Please note, I’m not saying I’m FAT but I do have skinny fats which haunt me as a result of being immobile… and due to my penchant for enjoying salty foods, a lot of the retention has appeared on my upper thighs and buttocks. So while I’m not looking to LOSE WEIGHT, I am definitely hoping to slim my thighs down and get a more proportionate body figure.


I am not going to go too in depth with the treatments as what I did can already be seen from my First Post. I went through a Scrub + Warm Blanket as per usual, and I also went through Electrical Muscle Stimulation.

However, one thing that really stood out to me was how my consultant dealt with my tricky situation. My skin has been very very sensitive lately. Not just my face – my whole body. When I used to do the full body scrub, I would really enjoy it. I enjoyed being in the warm blanket and having sweat pushed out of my body… but now… I itch like crazy. I attribute this to my crazily dry skin. Which means no steam baths either because I get tiny itchy bumps all over my back too..

So, after a bit of pondering, my consultant got me into a room with this machine which not only emanates heat to simulate a sauna without any itching on my body, but also aids in blood circulation due to the vibrations and ultimately helps rejuvenate the skin. It’s an all-in-one, and I really appreciate this because it DOES help me sweat and I still feel very comfortable! Thumbs up! 🙂

My Experience

This is my 2nd time at London Weight Management.. but I can see some changes actually. The first time, my consultant was a lot more direct with me, which I can see people misconstruing as harsh or tactless. This time, my consultant Charmaine at the Takashimaya branch has been really friendly.

When I described my problems with her, she nods as opposed to frowning at my fatty areas. She also doesn’t make me feel inadequate in any way. I must also compliment her for being so flexible with me because I guess most of the treatments were planned to involve the steam room for me but my skin just can’t take it. I think a personal touch does go a long way.

So if you do go down to the Takashimaya branch, do look for Charmaine! She’s really a pleasure to have as a consultant! 🙂

Overall Observations with Customers

From what I’ve seen, I think London Weight Management has improved the way they speak with their customers. I’ll be honest and say that I had ONE unpleasant experience so far but that was over-the-phone rather than face to face.

What happened was that I called in to change my session timing to a half hour earlier, and the person who picked up just said ok and hung up. I was super peeved! They did not take down my name or number and I was thinking… how would they knew who called to change!? So I called back again to ascertain my details, and later passed on feedback about how this annoyed me. I understand I’m sponsored, but paying customers are sure to feel a lot angrier!

After leaving my feedback though, I realized that the same situation never happened again and I was grateful for it. I think, on all accounts, that mistakes are bound to happen but it is the way they’re dealt with that speaks more of a company. So in that aspect, there has definitely been progress.

(P/S: Regarding this matter, I was also informed it was because LWM has a caller ID on their phone. Nonetheless, they rectified the issue quickly and I was impressed at their speed of it as well.)

Besides that, I do see customers getting along quite closely with the staff. Many hold conversations, even about their husbands, lives, jobs, etc. I don’t know how many sessions it took to create such a bond, but it’s still a good sign to see this happening. I was even impressed that they got along like friends! I don’t know many other readers/people who go to LWM now, but if you have any feedback on current day/year experiences, please let me know – be it positive or negative (so it can be rectified)!


Business Locations and Hours

London Weight Management
Ngee Ann City Tower B, #05-21
Singapore 238873

Tel: 6757 1234 (for Takashimaya)
Hotline: 6222 1234 (for general)

Opening Hours :
Monday – Saturday
11am to 9 pm Sunday
11am to 8 pm Public Holidays
11am to 7pm 

For full list of locations, please go here:

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