Oh my goodness guys I’ve been totally MIA. Can I just say how sorry I am? I really mean it.

I just got a job as an editor (JOB OF MY DREAMS!) and I’ve been so so swamped you won’t even believe. I try to blog as much as I can here, and hopefully with the best quality photos because I know you guys deserve the best… but I truly haven’t gotten enough breathing space to get that all done.

However, if you guys have missed me (I don’t know if any of you do?), please follow me on Dayre because I WRITE THERE EVERY DAY.

YES. I WRITE ON DAYRE EVERY SINGLE DAY. I’ve been in love with it, it’s been simpler and I can get so much more done!

In fact, for the photo above, it’s about my facial treatments done at Carragheen recently and you can check out my post here:

Please please either follow me on Dayre or at least head over there whenever you feel this blog is dying okay! I swear I’m trying to make the best efforts I can to handle both blog and real life.

So yeah, here’s my dayre again:


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