Double the Glow with Astique Clinic’s Dual Yellow Laser

Quite a lot of people knew I was getting married soon, especially with my Engagement Story out on Dayre.. but nobody knew just HOW soon was soon. Well, the answer is, SUPER soon.

So soon, that I’m getting married (well, okay just the ROM) 5 months after my engagement. Yes, that soon! Haha okay I’m using the word “soon” a bit too much. Anyway, with that short of a time frame, I wanted to settle a lot of things before the Medium Day. Big day is next year, so I’ll just see this as a Medium Day lol.

Though I wasn’t planning on doing anything big – I’m actually very against the whole huge wedding shebang style – I still wanted to ensure I look my very best that day. Because not only is the Medium Day the day I am officially and legally married, it is also my 6th anniversary with my beloved.

Thus, I must say, I am SO SO HAPPY I chose to go down to Astique Clinic and do this very special treatment called the Dual Yellow Laser.

I’ve had treatments done with Astique Clinic before (Botox Post Here), and I’ve had the honor of having Dr. Celine ensuring that I come out looking nothing but better and better each time I go. Thus, I knew that deciding to do this laser, which I’ve heard raves about from many place, would be the best if done at Astique Clinic. Some may argue that the treatment is all the same, but I think having a good doctor that one feels extremely comfortable with is more important.

Before I start with my review though, let me get into what Dual Yellow Laser is all about.

The laser is called Dual Yellow because it features both yellow and green light for fast, precise treatments. The laser delivers amazing outcomes such as reduced skin damage, less wrinkles, melasma treatment, acne prevention and even pore minimizing, with as little discomfort as possible. This is due to the many decades of research and development, backed by clinical trials, that has been done to ensure such quality.

Credits to: WhatClinic

Here are some photos I scoured the net for as some evidence of how amazing this laser can be.

And here are some things you can look forward to, should you opt to do a Dual Yellow Laser treatment (the effects are obvious after one treatment but I do think it is best to do at least 2 – 3 times to resolve any skin issues!).

  • An immediate brightening and improvement in skin tone and appearance
  • Good improvements in vascular lesions and thick/dark veins
  • Significant lessening in acne as bacteria beneath the skin is effectively destroyed
  • Lightening of Melasma and a smoother complexion
  • Overall skin tone evening and smoothening
Feel free to look at more results over here: Dual Yellow Results Page

Since I had already been sold on what this laser could do, all I needed was a consultation.

I have very sensitive skin, due to a C02 laser gone bad in 2010 (I did it more times than I should’ve and now I live eternally with extremely sensitive skin that’s prone to allergies at any given point of time urgh). So, naturally, I had to be as informed as possible about how Dual Yellow would affect me and my skin.

I was assured that Dual Yellow had no downtime, meaning that I would leave just as good as or even better than when I arrived. It was to be sooooo minimally invasive that I would have zero redness or marks and could even apply make up on before leaving.

That was extremely comforting for me as certain lasers advice staying away from makeup for skin to “heal” and when I hear that, all I hear is, “this laser is super strong and you are going to regret it.”

Thankfully, this Dual Yellow Laser is NOT THAT AT ALL! (Wish I could insert a heart shape emoji here). I even did this during lunch time and headed back to work after. A colleague commented that she couldn’t even tell I did a laser. Super awesome.

The next thing on the menu was a thorough cleansing to remove whatever makeup I had worn to the clinic. If you, like me, have specific areas that you feel require more cleansing, simply let them know! I wear a lot of undereye concealer – but not so much foundation/bb cream/etc – and I didn’t want remnants of the concealer stuck on my face whilst doing the laser.

So don’t be shy and simply request! This is for your own good after all 🙂 Plus, everyone at Astique is super friendly and willing, so there’s no need to feel intimidated either. I say this because I used to be one of those very quiet ones, but I realized there’s really nothing wrong in speaking up!

Thereafter, a cooling and thick layer of gel was applied onto my face in preparation for the laser. Unlike other lasers which occasionally require numbing cream to be applied, this gel is used instead. The laser works ON TOP of the gel (something like IPL, if some of you have gone for the treatment before), and the heat from the laser is counteracted by the coolness of the gel.

In conclusion, you’ll end up feeling almost nothing. I guess you might feel the laser going over your face, but pain wise rates at a ZERO. A big fat ZERO. So yeah, please don’t worry! Moreover, as the doctor moves to different sections of your face, the nurse stands nearby ensuring a top of more gel over the areas that have been previously “lasered” so that a round 2 can commence without any sensation/sensitivity/pain. Awesome right!

As you can see, though, the light is pretty bright so always ensure you’ve got those “goggles” on. They’ll be placed on for you and they feel super comfortable so don’t worry. You won’t feel itchy or annoyed by the goggles – especially since there’s cotton pads laid underneath for hygiene’s sake as well.

The whole thing was done in a few minutes, perhaps 15 – 20, and I was all ready to leave! Truth be told, I even brought some of MY OWN soothing gel/moisturizer to be applied after the whole treatment because I thought their products might not be able to soothe my crazily sensitive skin. Sometimes after treatments, it’s normal for me to break out in itchy spots here and there after all. But you know what? NOTHING. NO REDNESS NO ITCHINESS. NOTHING.

I actually left the clinic as I was. No make up needed at all.

Here is what I looked like before. The photo is unedited… and also very very unflattering. But I guess it’s what you need to see to understand my skin issues.

  • I had an uneven skin tone (forehead darker than rest of face)
  • I had larger pores
  • I had annoying pimple scars (again, note the forehead)
  • I had an upcoming pimple on my chin
  • My nose was bumpy and unflattering

Here’s what I looked like 2 weeks later. THE PHOTO IS UNEDITED, besides being cropped.
The scarring on my forehead had been significantly lightened and my skin was overall more evenly toned. 
However, my face still didn’t look as smooth as I’d have liked it to be so I wouldn’t say this was the best period. Fortunately, because the Dual Yellow Laser can actually continue to improve the skin over MORE weeks… I thought I’d give it till about another 3 – 4 weeks later to see the full effect!

And here is what I look like now. Once again the PHOTO IS UNEDITED, and might I say, is once again in a very unflattering light. Hahaha. But there’s no better way to judge someone’s skin than in horrid lighting, right?
A bit off topic, but I hate it when I look great in a shopping mall.. but I step into their dark fancy toilets and my skin suddenly looks damn rough and gross… but yeah this is pretty much what I mean.
Goodbye gross scar on forehead!!! As you can see, it’s not only lightened, I’ve bid adieu to that horrid thing. Just in time for my ROM. I’ve really actually had scars, with approximately the same kind of darkness, last for months. One irritating one even lasted A YEAR!!! But nope, goodbye scar.
My skin is wayyyyyyyyyy smoother, and I’m only in sunblock here! *Pops confetti* ALSO please direct attention to my once-horridly-bumpy-nose and notice that it’s smoother than a baby’s bottom here.
I do have a zit growing on my chin, but it’s a new one so forgive me, it’s not the laser’s fault. Periods aren’t the kindest times of a girl’s life haha.
Another unedited photo – Sorry for the very strong RBF

There you have it. In a total of 6 weeks, the Dual Yellow Laser has given me skin which I’ve been wanting for awhile!!! But of course, these things take maintenance so I do suggest actually going back a few more times, as per the doctor’s instructions. I highly suggest asking for Dr. Celine if you’re female because she really puts your heart at ease! It’s just so much easier explaining your need to be vain to a female doctor, because you know she empathizes!

Here are the prices, in case you’re interested in trying this out too:

1 session @ $535 nett
6 sessions @ $2407.50 nett
10 ssessions @ $3745 nett

Call Astique Clinic at 6732 3801 / 9857 7892 (24-hr SMS) to find out more! 🙂
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