DIY Jewellery and Necklace Organizer

Sometimes we take a proactive approach in life; other times we take a reactive approach. One of my favourite DIYs was really more out of necessity than initiative: my accessory collection was out of control – we’re talking Clark Griswold ball of Christmas lights out of control. Years of thrifting and writing about fashion took its toll on my limited dresser space (which happens to be located in my limited apartment space), so I did what anyone does these days when they have a dilemma: I Googled it.

I discovered the design for this accessory shelf online and built it in one afternoon using materials from the hardware store. Thanks to the World Wide Web, 2015 is looking promising – I’m taking control of my unruly jewellery collection (and also the associated fits of anger that I experience when I’m trying to untangle my necklaces at 6am).

What You’ll Need: A piece of 40-inch baseboard, a piece of 40-inch trim, nails, a hammer, upholstery pins, spray paint in the colour of your choice, hooks, interlocking hanging brackets, and sandpaper.

1. With the edges lined up, nail together the baseboard and the trim. Sand any rough patches or splintered parts.
2. Secure the upholstery pins and hooks about an inch apart (or whatever fits your accessories) on your shelf. I used 75 pins and 10 hooks on two rows to accommodate a wide range of necklace sizes and lengths.
3. In a well-ventilated area, apply light coats of spray paint to the entire shelf, allowing drying time between coats.
4. Attach the shelf to the wall using interlocking hanging brackets or shelf-mounting materials of your choice.

Note: I found this shelf design and concept on the blog With a Grateful Prayer and a Thankful HeartCheck it out!

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