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Happy new year!! in 2014, we have been incredibly blessed to have been introduced to so many different opportunities and we can’t help but feel thankful for everything that has come our way. As we start off the new year, most of us tend to set new years resolutions, but being the beauty crazed junkies we are, we thought we’d share with you a couple of beauty hits and misses from 2014.

We felt that skincare products were a little hard to recommend because everyone’s skin type is different— so! We tried to keep the products very neutral to all skin types and decided to share mainly makeup products! Lets start off with some hits.HITS
1. Lumi-Oxy

Let’s be real here ladies, not all of us have time to squeeze in a weekly facial and so, we’d turn to facial tools much like the Lumi-Oxy! The results, if you’ve not already seen our review 😉 — are almost instant. No kidding. On mornings where I wakeup and feel like my face looks particularly round/bloated I whip this baby out and set the LED Red light on to firm my skin to make my face look sharper. On days where I’ve had an incredibly stressful/busy night and a pimple arises, turning on the LED Blue light to treat my skin reduces the pimple size within a couple of minutes. It’s like a christmas miracle, no one will know what skin dilemma you woke up with, with this quick fix at hand.
Our full Review here
stockist here
price $258

2. 13rushes
THESE BRUSHES. I don’t think we can and will ever stop talking about local brush brand, 13rushes. They have one of the prettiest brush handles and the softest one’s out in the market. They’re always on trend with the latest brush tips to ensure that you’ve got the right tools in your collection. They’re bristles are cruelty free and what I like most is that the quality remains exactly the same after numerous washes—the colour doesn’t fade nor do the bristles shed. You can find all sorts of brushes from cleansing, to face to eyes & lip brushes.
Our full Review here
stockist 3. Benefit Cosmetics Gimme brow
Fuss-free application. That’s one of the ways to my heart with products. The Benefit Gimme brow fills in those sparse areas and keeps stray hairs in place! The short wand is perfect for short strokes to achieve a natural looking finish to make it look like you’ve actually taken the time to map, fill and gel those brows of yours. I never go a day without my brows filled in after being introduced to gimme brows by none other than Jared Bailey, International spokesperson, Global services at Benefit Cosmetics.
Our full Review here
stockist Benefit Store @ West Gate / Benefit counters
price $35

4. NARS contour and blush duo in paloma
It is honestly so hard to believe that I purchased this all the way back in May this year and *poof* in a blink of an eye, it’s already December. How crazy is that?! It felt like only a month or two ago that I raved about this perfect matte contour and highlight kit. I love that this doesn’t show up orangey nor have a chalky finish thats hard to blend out. In fact, it gives the most subtle contour to my face that makes it look like the light is always hitting my face in all the right angles! On my “no-makeup” makeup days, I also like to run this shade through my crease to warm it up and give it a little more definition too. Yay for versatile products 😉 !
stockist any NARS counters (TANGS, Robinsons Hereen, Sephora)
price $68

5. INGLOT concealerI have only hit pan on a product twice since I ventured into makeup about… 3 years ago. I’m proud and a little bit sad that I’ve hit pan on the salmon under eye concealer from INGLOT. Being a graphic designer (okay maybe being addicted to surfing the net) means I’m stuck with dark under eye circles for the rest of my life, until i kick the habit and set a bedtime for myself. I’ve always heard about the wonders of a salmon coloured concealer but never gave in till early this year.It might look thick upon the first swatch but paired with my concealer brush from 13rushes or even blending it out with your hands will ensure a flawless finish that makes you look like you had 8 hours of sleep.
stockist INGLOT, #B1-14 435 Wisma Atria 
price $12 ( for a single cream concealer)

6. La Mer powder
We all want airbrushed looking skin, who wouldn’t want that? Unfortunately, they’ve yet to come up with meitu xiuxiu lens for us to look flawless 24/7. This is by far the most perfect and fine finishing powder that I have ever owned. It’s unscented and although it takes up quite a large space in my makeup collection is one of the products that I cannot go a day without. This is a product we both absolutely adore and without a doubt would recommend this to ANYONE who’s looking for the perfect finishing powder. Simple tip the pot, gather the powder onto your puff and lightly dab away to lock in the cream/ liquid makeup that you’ve just applied.
stockist La Mer Counters, Robinsons Hereen & TANGS
price $123

7. Dior Lash plumping serum
I’ve always been super envious of westerners who have long voluminous lashes, lashes in general just open up your eyes a whole lot more. This is lash serum and primer in one, you can use it as a night treatment before bed and to prep your lashes to give it that extra oomph before layering on your mascara. This is another product that I cannot go a day without. The serum itself is white but dries to a clear finish and doesn’t make your lashes heavy or stiff at all.People often ask beauty crazed junkies like ourselves, if we could only live with 3 products for the rest of our life what would it be? The Dior lash serum and my mascara would top the list. No doubt.
stockist Dior backstage and Dior counters
price $43

8. Maybelline Hypersharp Liner
When it comes to eyeliner, the criterias to meet are simple. It has to be pigmented, (none of that grey, watery finish business), has to stay on all day without smudging and has to have a fine tip that helps achieve a crisp finish. Everyone has their favourite form of liners, gels, liquids, felt – mine would have to be the brush tip applicators. So far, this has been the most pigmented liner, that’s not only affordable but doesn’t smudge given the humid weather here. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been let down by liners that smudge all over my lids for me to end up looking like I attempted a smokey eye for the day. This won’t let you down, I promise.
stockist Watsons / Guardian
price $12.90
Now now, no year is perfect. The next two products have been known to work really well for others but sadly, not for us.

1. Laneige ArtPlay Waterproof LinerThere was so much hype for the Laneige Water art liner, the brush tip seemed almost too good to go wrong and I thought I could handle the liquid liner. Upon application, everything seems perfect. The lines are crisp and of course, shows up intense. However giving it about 10 minutes or so, the liner starts to feel really tacky and starts to smudge all over the place despite having prepped my eyelids. Perhaps it’s because my lids lean slightly towards the oily side, but was definitely one of the products that let me down slightly as I had so much hope that I could finally fall in love with a liquid liner.
stockist Laneige counters
price $32 (est)

2. Heroine Make mascara

Photo Credits:

With the love for long voluminous lashes, comes the love for mascara. I’ve heard so many raves about the Heroine Make mascara not only from friends but even youtubers all the way in LA. This does give my lashes length and slight bit of volume, it’s stays through the weather BUT it makes my lashes incredibly stiff. I have to go through 2 rounds of deep oil cleansing to ensure that the mascara comes off my lashes and even then, I still find that my lashes aren’t completely free of it. I am aware that there’s even a special mascara remover for this product but I am definitely not a fan of having lashes that are stiff. It just becomes very uncomfortable throughout the day and I’ve definitely set this aside after having given it 3 more tries after, only to obtain the same results.
stockist All SASA outlets
price $13.90

That’s pretty much all we’ve got for our beauty round up of 2014! It was definitely hard to shortlist all the beauty products that we tried out over the year in a list of 10. We hope you’ve had an awesome year and of course, if you had some hits and misses of your own, don’t hesitate to leave a comment! We’d like to be aware ( or have unagi — friends reference) when it comes to beauty products in the market.

Have an amazing New Year and here’s to an even better year ahead for all of us!

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