Behind the Scenes at Holt Renfrew Vancouver – Fall Fashion, Giant Palm Trees, and Movie Madness

I’ve always wondered who creates the famous Holt Renfrew window displays, where the ideas come from, and where they get giant palm trees, neon pink crustaceans, and oversized birds.  The store with the iconic magenta bags gave me an all access pass while they were prepping their second phase of fall windows; not only did I find the answers to my questions, I snapped some photos.

The windows are changed approximately every 6 weeks, and it takes the creative team about 5 days to construct the  displays.  The creative process is extensive, and the overarching theme comes from corporate headquarters.  Each store has creative flexibility within the theme, and brainstorming sessions are essential.  Window displays usually feature a range of designers at a variety of prices, which means there is something for everyone.

The Holt Renfew workshop is a artists dream come true.  With everything from giant sheep to a wall full of spraypaint, there is plenty of inspiration at the Holt Renfrew workshop.  Believe it or not, it’s attached to the store, which means access to current trends, merchandise, and new product is just a few steps away on the sales floor.   Props come from a variety of places, including movie prop houses, and are reused as much as possible.  Who knew the magenta logo was also green?

The new fall windows that feature iconic movie characters and fall trends will be unveiled this weekend.  As always, they will be featured in our I Heart Holts section, complete with pictures and commentary.   Judging by the behind the scenes bustle and this sneak peek, it’s going to be a star-studded event.

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