Friends with Benefit – An Exclusive look at Benefit Cosmetics Headquarters

A Photo tour of the Benefit Cosmetics Headquarters in Toronto, Ontario. Product photos, behind the scenes, and photo diary.

When it comes to beauty, a big, beautiful smile can be the best natural beauty product that you put on everyday: it immediately lights up your face; can make you look younger; and most importantly, can make you feel beautiful from the inside out.

No one knows this better than the cheeky, fun-loving beauty brand, Benefit Cosmetics.  A company with a corporate culture that embraces laughter, fun, and creativity, working for Benefit Cosmetics is every Benebabe’s dream job.

During a recent trip to Toronto, I was made an honorary member of the Benefit glamily, and got a behind the scenes look at their Canadian office – where the people work as hard as their products do.  From Benefit’s pink boardroom to their mock store shelves, Benefit headquarters is a beautiful thing.

I’ve arrived.

Simone Introducing me to They’re Real! Mascara (I didn’t have the heart to tell her that I already use it everyday).

BADgals Only.

My Kind of Boardroom.

Charter of Beauty Rights.

Seeing Double.

Mock Store Shelves Full of Benefit Product – Keep Your Hands in Your Pockets At All Times.

Meetings Aren’t So Bad in the Benefit Boardroom.


Eyeshadow and Lip Glosses Galore.

The Benefit Product Closet: What Dreams Are Made Of.

Dream On – Part Two of the Benefit Product Closet.

Hello, Flawless.

Beautiful Advice.

Tear Sheets for Inspiration, Motivation, and Celebration.

Thinking Pink in This Fun Office.

The Benefit Dream Team and I.  Left to Right: Jenny, Rema, Kendra, Ruth, and Branden.

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