Burberry Body – An Elegant New Fragrance for Women

I sat down with Burberry Body to talk about their new fragrance, the campaign, and the body behind it.

British luxury brand Burberry recently launched their new fragrance, Burberry Body.   The new scent reflects the attitude and sentiment of the “Burberry Girl,” and is elegant, sensual, timeless, and memorable.  Model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was chosen as the face of Burberry Body, and it’s not hard to understand why.  Burberry’s Chief Creative Officer, Christopher Bailey, said “Rosie is this beautiful, sensual English rose and perfectly captures the spirit of Burberry. She has this perfect balance of sensuality and confidence with humility.”

A gentile and feminine fragrance, it features notes of rose, vanilla, peach, green absenthe, iris, sandalwood, and a hint of amber.  When compared to Burberry’s other fragrances, Burberry Body is slightly more refined.  Packaged in a jewel-like bottle, it’s made out of a heavy crystal and is the first perfume bottle that is designed to be stored on its side.  Similar to the advertising campaign, the tall and lean bottle represents a confident and elegant woman.

“The effortlessly sensual notes of rose and iris combined with woody top notes create this iconic scent which is unmistakably British.
– Christopher Bailey, Burberry Chief Creative Officer

Burberry Body is also available in a body milk, dry oil, and Eau de Parfum Intense, which is a higher concentration of the scent.  Available now in Canada at Holt Renfrew and other select retail stores, Burberry Body is bound to become as classic as the Burberry trench itself.

For a limited time, Burberry is mailing out samples of Burberry Body; sign up to receive one on their Facebook page.  Check back later this week on Van City Pretty for an article on Burberry’s line of cosmetics, Burberry Beauty.

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