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Greetings fellow readers!

Facial Cleansing tools: are they compulsory to have within your skincare regimen? I’ve pondered upon that too, and just four months ago, I received the Clarisonic Aria as a christmas present from my mum!

What sets aside the Aria from the other clarisonics (mia’s / plus) is that this has a battery indicator as well as a longer battery life that can last up to 28 uses before charging again.

Clarisonics have become a cult favourite over the past couple of years not only amongst the beauty guru community but even with celebrities such as Courtney Cox!  Reason being that it states to ” Remove 6 times more makeup and twice as much dirt ” as opposed to using your fingers. Now the question is, Is it worth the hype ;)?

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Unfortunately I was unable to save the packaging as I spent christmas with my family in Hong Kong and hence did the unboxing of presents there. However, this is what came within the box:

– Clarisonic Refreshing Gel Cleanser (1oz. trial size )
– Clarisonic Original Brush Head
– Clarisonic Deep pore cleansing brush head
– USB-Enabled pLink Charger ( I accidentally left it out in the photograph ! apologies)
– Drying stand

A lot of people who had acne prone skin / problematic skin did claim that this truly changed their skin for the better, but bare in mind that I don’t have acne prone skin and hence might lead to a different experience that you might possibly go through. I went through several phases before finding a suitable way for the Clarisonic to fit my skin type.

Phase 1: ” Breaking In phase”

I started off with the original brush head at the 1st cleansing speed and I believe its because I was not used to the idea of a brush massaging into the skin, hence It was slightly painful as I carried the first cycle. I didn’t feel a significant difference in terms of the texture of my skin, but I figured it was the whole “breaking into the new product” phase that I was going through ( hence the pain) and true enough it was because I started to see results later on.

Phase 2: ” Too much of a good thing is never good”

After at least 1 – 2 weeks of using the Clarisonic, the size of my pores were less visible and my skin felt flawless. I started using it daily and my skin was now almost immune to the slowest speed that the clarisonic had to offer and hence I bumped it up to the 2nd speed out of the 3. My skin looked great till about a month later, where I started getting dry flakes around my nose. After talking to Sam about it, she said she faced the same problem and hence recommend that I use it at most 2 times a week. Too much exfoliation of the skin can cause the skin to dry out a lot faster as there is then less time to regenerate – hence the skin becomes a lot more sensitive and dry.

Phase 3: ” The solution”

After using it at most twice a week, I felt that my pores started to become less prominent as overtime and it really did help me get through those days where my skin feels groggy and disgusting from a long day being out and about. I also enjoy using them during my “pamper sessions”,  in which I set aside a day to cleanse, exfoliate, mask etc. Its a really good product to have to clear out the dirt that might have gotten into areas that our finger tips can’t reach. Nothing is more satisfying than knowing you’ve got clear skin!

When do I use the Clarisonic:

I normally use it at night in the shower with with purity cleanser after removing majority of my makeup with my bioderma ceraline about twice a week – so as to make sure my skin doesn’t dry out.  Should you guys want a more in depth idea on how I remove my makeup, do let me know in the comments and I will definitely put a video up on our youtube page as soon as I can!

Overall thoughts:

It really does make your face feel a lot cleaner but please don’t expect baby-butt kinda smooth after using it! I enjoy having it being incorporated into my pamper sessions. What’s great about the Clarisonic is that there are other types of brush heads for you to purchase and alternate with to suit your skin type – there’s one for sensitive skin, acne prone skin etc. Its definitely a staple that I’d take with me overseas when I travel to avoid any unwanted breakouts due to the change in background/climate. I believe as long as you use the product in moderation according to your skin type, the results will show.

However, in all honestly, I believe that it might actually be a little more worth it if you were to get the Clarisonic plus – which means that it can be used on the body as well as the face,  That way you’d get the most out of the cleansing tool as the Clarisonic plus ( when used on the body) can help remove dry bumps and even dark areas on the skin.

Stocklist: You can get the Clarisonic online here or even at your local sephora.

Overall Rating : 7.5 / 10 

This post was requested by Natasha 🙂I hope it helped! (♥) Ashley 

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